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Forsaken VSS


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Organization: SPI
Domain: Cape Town (Online at rpgpost.com)
Genre: Werewolf the Forsaken

Storyteller: Wing.
VSS Publication: 2015/04/18



Physical: 4

The hunt forms an integral part of Forsaken. While some hunts can be philosophical in nature, they would prove to be the exception rather than the rule.

Mental: 3

The Spirit is a psychoreactive cognitive realm.

Social: 4

Werewolves are pack animals, even inter-pack disputes are more often not solved through words, threats, bribes or just knowing the right person, Spirit, werewolf, vampire or just having the right leverage.

Action: 4

Words don't always cut it and werewolevs aren't your only opponents. Also, some people just won't listen. Hell, sometimes you won't listen. And that's fine.

Character Development: 4

Renown is more than just a means to get new Gifts, better pools and a better Honorary Spirt Rank; it is a quasi-objective measure of character development; or how well your Cahalith can bullshit the Lunes.

Darkness: 3

Hosts are monsters that will tear apart families, violent social strife grips the streets of Cape Hope, the Pure may have gone but there's no guarantee they haven't left members of their pack that even the most fastidious Blood talon would miss.

Manners: 2

South Africans are fond of swearing. There are no words on the "reserved list". "See you next tuesday" is casually said, although more frequently in the Afrikaans. According to many western sensibilties this is a symptom of bad manners; I (as ST and a person) am inclined to disagree, but I could think of nowhere else to raise the matter with the players.


Mystery: 3

If Forsaken isn't a little bit mysterious, it's being run wrong.

Pacing: 3

Werewolves are not good at patience.



Each of the above operates on a scale of 1-5 . 1 means that the element in question will rarely be present, 3 meaning it will regularly be present, and 5 meaning it will always be present.

Mood: seige mentality


  • reclaiming territory
  • shadow courts
  • paying inherited debts






For a hundred years, and a hundred years before, the Pure have held Cape Hope. Pacts with Eldritch Spirits and even Hosts, if you believe the rumors, helped cement their rule. A permissive attitude towards Spirits entering the gurihal[1] ensured relatively peaceful coexistence with the less powerful denizens of the hisil. The tendrils of the Ivory Claws spread into the most ostensibly incorruptible bureaucracies, the Fire Touched riled the general populace into rioutous frenzy, and no street gang was free of the influence of the Predator Kings.




The turning of the milenium brought about more than just a change in the calendar. Whether through a cosmic shift or because of the ephemeral nature of the Shadow, the Eldritch Spirits backing the Pure could be found no more. The shift in power was not immediate, but it allowed a Forsaken pack lead by Thomas Ironhammer to seize a sizeable territory from one of the older Pure packs.




Taking the territory was easy, holding it was less so. The large pack that Ironhammer had gathered began infighting and eventually split into two and split two smaller territories off their old territory, yielding some to the Pure.




The fighting between the Pure and Forsaken packs tuns to bloody warfare and the two all but wipe each other out in glorious strife.

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