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Original Sin [Demon: The Descent VSS]

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Demon: The Descent Cape Town

Original Sin






Organization: SPI
Domain: Cape Town (Online at rpgpost.com)
Genre: Demon: The Descent
VST: Samuel Holland (PM me on the forums to get ahold of me)
VSS Publication: 20/4/2015



Physical: 2

Demons can be incredible weapons. Incredible weapons that are made of very rare and valuable materials. Perhaps you deserve your freedom. But the God-Machine wants its Divinium back.

Mental: 3

Everything happens for a reason. Demons know this well: they engineered it that way. However, sometimes they forget that even the gravity holding them to the ground was computed by the God-Machine and that's when it strikes.

Social: 3

The God-Machine has many operatives in the Mortal World. A sociable Demon can always get the best of his adversary's agents by out politicking them. Rather than fighting them directly.

Action: 2

How will you escape when the Angels eventually discover your secret bunker? Will you stay and fight? What about your wife on the other side of town or little Johnny at school?

Character Development: 5

Of all the supernatural varieties Demons often develop the most. They often blame it on the emotions that flood their hardware when they fall. They weren't designed to feel or to hope... But it does feel nice. It feels, human. Others theorize that the personal development a Angel goes through is merely self-realization. A re-understanding of themselves that allows them to see who they really were before the God-Machine manufactured them.

Darkness: 4

The World of Darkness is a terrifying place. Especially for the hunted former Angels of the God-Machine. The Unchained must now fortify themselves as they face the horrors of the mortal world all while avoiding capture by the still loyal Angels.


Stealth: 5

Your adversary is immensely powerful and has eyes everywhere. One wrong move and you'll end up burned or worse. So hide from the Angels and develop your cover. After all, it's all you have to stop the enemy from finding you.


Espionage: 4

With the enemy hunting your every move. Attacking the enemy without careful planning is suicide. So if you want to survive longer than your fall you'll need to make your operations as clandestine as possible. Gather your intelligence, plan your attack and ensure the mortals and the enemy's agents don't find you. If you live, you might even do some good.

Drama: 3

Demons and Humans have one thing in common, both are nothing if not melodramatic. Everything happens for a reason. Albeit that reason may not be as exciting as some people may believe. A wise Demon knows how to manipulate this and allows his competitors and the mortals to bicker while she sneaks away with the reward.

Intrigue: 3

Another Demon revels in knowing why everything happens. While the first Demon encourages the conflict and runs away while the victims are too busy trying to get vengeance. It is not unheard of for another Demon to actually look into what 'really' happened. Only for both Demons to return to their Ring and share in the bounty.


Danger: 5

The enemy are at the gates, everyone is under threat, how can you survive the night? Demons should get used to the threat of danger, the possibility of violence arising from multiple sources with little-no warning. Your assets, loved ones, holdings or other interests will often be under threat of something bad happening – and bad things WILL happen if you just sit there and do nothing! It is entirely up to the Demon to diffuse any situation and nullify a threat before it escalates out of control.


Horror: 3

Even the most mundane of things can become truly horrifying. The supernatural intrudes into the mundane and makes the lines between fantasy and reality blur. Horror singles you out, makes it personal. You might be able to cheat reality, but can you trust your own perception of it? The aftermath of any supernatural encounter may have either psychological or supernatural consequences for potentially any Demon. The Unchained in question may never know which is which…


Compromise: 4

You can't win every fight. So figure out what you're willing to lose instead.


Manners: 2

You'll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This is especially true with a collection of angst-y, paranoid Demons with one goal: Survive.  

Mystery: 4

There are things that happen in this mortal world that even the God-Machine hasn't prepared you for. A wise Demon knows that everything happens for a reason and that they can only exploit it if they understand what is happening.


Pacing: Variable

Demon has no set pacing. One day you might be relaxing with your Cover's Husband and Child. The next you and your Ring are Burned and are trying to escape death or, worse, deconstruction.


Each of the above operates on a scale of 1-5 . 1 means that the element in question will rarely be present, 3 meaning it will regularly be present, and 5 meaning it will always be present.


Mood: A terrifying mess between Post Traumatic Stress and a hope for a better, free, future.


  • The duality between the dark and dreadful mortal world to that of the sterile perfect heaven.
  • The price of freedom.
  • The consequences of power.
  • What is a soul worth?
  • How many lives are worth ending for your own? Especially seeing as you're a creature that was never meant to exist in the first place.







  • No Approval: No need to consult me. I'll Approve it.
  • Low Approval: Have a chat with me and I'll have a look at the idea. - I'm fairly Reasonable.




Demons of all Incarnations require no approval unless specified in the Addenda. As such Analysts are still a High Approval, but will be approved at low.

  • Approved Analyst Incarnation Demons with the false belief of being either a Messenger or Psychopomp: No Approval larger than that required to be an Analyst.
  • Approved Analyst Incarnation Demons with the correct belief that they are part of a separate incarnation: Low Approval on top of the High Approval.
  • This is to represent the canon, albeit false, belief that their are only four incarnations which represent the four embeds required to activate the Cipher.


All Agendas are Low Approval.

  • This is not to discourage them from the game. But represents the relationship between player and storyteller to maintain them.


Demonic form should be built by the player and sent to the Storyteller with a short description ~100-200 words on what your character was created to do.

  • As per the SPI Addenda the following Processor is not approved: Eliminator Cannon.
  • The above is to not only to comply with the Addenda. But also so I have an idea what you character is and can do.



  • Low Notification.



  • High Approval, as per the SPI Addenda.
  • Assuming the proposed PC is actually an Antinomian, from Player/ST discussion, it WILL be approved at Low.



  • Not Approved.



Going Loud:

  • Low Approval.
  • Mid Notification required if you do not have another cover.
  • Mid Approval required if you do not have another cover and wish to continue playing the PC. - This is due to the Addenda.





  • No Approval Required if PC Demonic Parent.
  • Low Approval else wise.



  • No Approval if both Demonic Parents are PCs.
  • Low Approval else wise.
  • This does not over-ride the High Approval required due to the Addenda.



  • No Approval if PC Offspring Parent.
  • Low Approval else wise.



  • Low Approval.





Ciphers and Interlocks are designed by the VST with Player input.







  • Attributes at 1 Dot or less: Low Approval.
  • Attributes at 4 Dots or more: Low Notification.
  • Attributes at 5 Dots or more: Low Approval.
  • Else wise: No Approval.


  • Skills at 4 Dots or more: Low Notification.
  • Skills at 5 Dots or more: Low approval.
  • Characters with less than 7 Skills: Not Approved.
  • Characters with less than 8 Skills: Low Approval.
  • Else wise: No Approval.


  • Merits at 5 Dots or more: Low Approval.
  • Allies/Retainers/Contacts... Etc.: Low Approval so that the VST can work with the player to build NPCs that accurately represent what the player wants for their XP.
  • Else wise: No Approval.





All PCs start chronicle without access to the 30 starting Experience at No Approval. This can be appealed at Low Approval for character concepts that represent the following categories from Demon: The Descent.

  • Established Presence: 5xp
  • Respected Veteran: 10xp
  • Unchained Role Model: 15xp
  • Elder Demon: 25xp
  • Champion of Hell: 35xp (Modified to 30xp)


Restricted XP will be released at a rate of 3xp per month (on top of whatever is earned) and will be allowed to be spent as a 'Free Action'.


Why have I done this? There are a few reasons:

  1. Firstly, I believe that 30xp is enough to warrant end game material in 2nd Edition and I want to see this chronicle last for years to come.
  2. Secondly: Character Development. I believe that allowing characters to grow will encourage good and fun story-arches.
  3. Thirdly, I encourage all players to apply for the Low Approval to play one of these "Advanced Character Types", if they think it necessary for their concept. I'm not unreasonable. I just believe 30xp is a little much for a starting character. - I am happy to discuss this.
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A Brief History For The Fallen

I will expand upon these over the next few weeks with a dedicated history thread.

As such, I will be writing out the expanded Lore in order of popular demand. Let me

know what you would like to read about first!



The year was 1971. The air was fresh, Jimmy Fouche was still president and the city was at peace. The God Machine designed, programmed, it this way and allocated a constellation of four very important angels to protect the software and they stood there diligently. You could see them from the top of buildings. They stood there as star above the sky pointing in the four directions of the compass surround the moon.


Oyadina North, the leader and Sword of the God Machine. Lachina South 'Aunty Nancy' Nancy the Engineer. Helegba East the shield to protect the moon and Xango Westhor, the social specialist.


It was a good system an effective system until May 21 - The First Night of Falling.




Since that long and fearful night of '71 the four custodians of the land ran. They traveled around the world to try find inner peace. However, they were hunted by there previous master for years on end. It had been at least 16 years since any member of the star system spoke to one another. They had, individually, seen the world. For North to South, East to West. But, the only place that felt like home was Cape Town. The constellation regathered on that night of the 12th of August 1988. They came together with the realization that unless they worked together, none of them would be complete. None of them would be safe and they could never be free. Much like a compass they were all fashion from the same stone and, as such, were useless apart.


That evening the Ring known as the Constellation was formed.




The 90s were a difficult time for The Constellation. They faced adversity from many foes. - The God Machine had reestablished control of the city with their absence and Cape Town was its fortress. The Demons tried to establish a presence and little by little they succeeded causing several Angels designed to hunt down ring to fall and join the cause.


It was the dark day of August the 5th, 1995, that the ring formally recognized that to expand, and to continue the fight against the God Machine, The Constellation had to become an agency.


As such the, 10 demons smiled as they signed the paperwork to form the first temporal agency of Cape Town. - The Constellation was growing.




As Y2K approached The Constellation had a plan that could put the God Machine back on the back foot for years to come. It was simple and, in fact, was inspired by human error. They snuck into compound X, a precious stronghold for the God Machine as well as a vital piece of infrastructure for the important data files associated with the city. The Agency worked together, editing the God Machines files so that rather than moving onto January the first the software would error and record it to be the 0th of January 1990. This was the Second Night of Falling as the God Machine's tools and infrastructure drastically malfunctioned due to this virus.


The Third Night of Falling was the God Machine's own fault. On the 6th January the remaining Angels created a code that would realign the dates to the mortal world thus saving all future pieces assets. The sudden date and time change awesome caused some angels to fall.



By year 2007, The Constellation temporal Agency declared Cape Town to be an Angel free city. - A sanctuary for Demon kind.




Increased reports of missing persons and domestic violence.



Reports of God Machine infrastucture being formed on the outskirts of the city. Particularly Ceres, Paarl and Pringle Bay.



On the 21st of December the Demons of Cape Town were sombre. This day is now known as 'The Day the Angels Returned'. Helegba was kidnapped by the God Machine and taken back to enemy infrastructure at Stellenbosch.


Then, on Christmas Eve, the original Ring of Demons that formed The Constellation went to save East. They succeeded and Oyadina successfully Angel Jacks into an enemy cover 'Amelia Jones'.



Oyadina uses a lot of her influence to manipulate the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design to name Cape Town the World Design Capital.



Intel suggests that the God Machine is trying to reclaim Cape Town. - Increased sightings of enemy intelligence in the city.




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