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[OpNet] Force noire


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I have seen a galaxy die, and a star reborn. I have whitnessed the slaughter of a race, and was present at the coming forth of an even greater people. Now I am where yet another grave parting of ways lies ahead, and it is my privilege and my duty to see to the correct choice.

Those of you who are afraid : Rejoice !

Those of you who would hide : Stand forth !

Those of you who prey among the virgin soul : Beware !

Those of you who would hunt down and kill me for what I am : Look once again !

For I, and all that are like me, we are what you all can become. In every human being there is a tiny spark, ready to grow into an everlasting, brightly shining flame of such brilliance and strength that would blind him who would dare to look upon it in jealousy and envy. It is the selfless deed that frees the mind, the couragous feat that opens the portal to your destiny, the heartfelt empathy of a virgin soul that will reap the celestial reward of enlightenment beyond our mortal boundaries.

Those of you who would venture towards this bright future, this brave new world, let me be your guide on your path. Let not the selfish accusations born of fear, the vile insults born from blind hatred stay you from your destiny. We are one people, we are one race, as God has made us after his image, so will we shape us after him.

Carpe diem.

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