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Vampire: The Requiem Character Relations and Building

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As noted a couple days ago, my character concept is:


Hotel owner.


Yes, a hotel owner.  Specifically a Carthian Ventrue hotel owner... who maintains said hotel for guest who might not find themselves terribly, er, comfortable elsewhere.  Guests who prefer to keep things discrete.  Guests who may make odd requests of the kitchen, or require rush service from the laundry, or the special services of our unique boutique.  Guests who might have an unfortunate propensity to eat people, or sprout fur in odd places, or are otherwise don't feel quite a home at the Sheraton.


I am Hans Dekker, and safe shelter for all the oppressed creatures of the world can be found at the Hotel Saint Jude!  Bwahahaha-- er, um, may I show you to your room?

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That's an awesome concept Jess :)

If you were looking for ties, how long has your Requiem being going on?

I'm hoping to start a House if you're interested. (I won't be expecting my line to take on the derangement of my blood... unless they want to!)

I also hope to play a character that has a dark, non-zany, interpretation of the Madness that haunts those of the Malkovian bloodline...

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