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In Memoriam Of Those Whom Have Fallen

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Hello everybody,


This thread is to gauge interest in Demon: The Descent. Currently I am working on a VSS to fit in with SPI's Cape Town domain and will be writing the required History soon.



As such, I am looking to see who is interested and what sort of characters are you interested in playing





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How about I make another thread were those whom want to define the setting can place ideas and how their characters have interacted with the setting (allowing those whom want to have a back-history that effects the setting do so). In then fill the gaps and write the history part of the VSS based on these details and anyone whom wants to make a character inside the defined setting can do so as soon as I've done so?


Can I suggest that this forum be upon to suggestions until Midnight on Thursday morning GMT so that I can get the history finished by Friday afternoon so other players can start building PCs according to the setting?

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