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Something Wicked

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Something Wicked


System: Free Form/Home Brew (Detailed below)

Genre: Epic/Dark Sword & Sorcery/High Fantasy/ Adult Content/Extreme Violence

ST: Nina

Description: This is a Directed Collaborative Storytelling Game I will create, run the setting and provide an overarching plot that is part Meta game. There is a Homebrewed game system I will detail further that we will use . It is a simple minimalist system that will only be used for character creation and when there is a conflicted encounter that can go in more than one way. I am interested in Telling the Story.

The tone of the game will be dark and morally ambiguous, there is no Pure Good and there Is no Pure Evil. It is a mixing of Fantasy Genres think of it as if Tolkien, REH, Moorcock, and Desade (no I am not saying I am as good as them just that they are a major inspiration, well except for Desade) all got together over dinner and decided to write a shared world.


I would like 5 -6 players I have 3 lined up already so I am looking for 2-3 additional. Please do not post here in this thread. Read the material provided, Comeup with a concept and PM ME. If your concept fits I will PM you and we will work together to mold your character.


The Player Characters will be the center pieces of the story it is a high powered game and I expect the characters to be fully thought out and realized.

WARNING: This game will contain Mature Adult Content. There will be extreme often graphic violence, sex, language, etc. READERS BEWARE

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SETTING: The ancient Empire of the elves is in decay and it's borders are receding, Challenged by old foes thought vanquished and new threats both mortal and magical. The elves themselves after untold millennia of rule are fading while they are immortal and cannot die by age alone vast numbers of them have fallen to the curse of Ennui. Their salvation is the uneasy alliance they have forged with an upstart but vigorous and vital race...Man. But the humans have plans of their own and those plans do not include the elves.

Alvlund is the great Continent of magic and beauty, dark places and sorcery, intrigue and war. Will you Join with the Elves and usher in a new epoch of Magical glory? Will you hasten the demise of the Elves and the rise of Man? Or will you carve a bloody path to riches and glory and perhaps a crown of your own?


Races: These are the Races of the World there are probably others so feel free to design additional just keep in mind the dark S&S feel.

Elves – The Elves of this world are a tall, often standing over 7 foot, regal race of humanoids. Since the beginning of time they have been the rulers of all that they survey, but now their light fades. After thousands of years the elves are losing ground with an extremely low birth rate and the curse of Ennui taking a greater and greater toll. Elves are Immortal. They will not die except through violent means. However their eons long lives come with a price as an elf ages he begins to feel disconnected with the world. What once filled her with wonder now creates indifference, this is the curse of Ennui. Once an elf succumbs she does not die but instead becomes Still as her mind and spirit turn inward and she become trapped in the memories of the past. To avoid Ennui an elf must have a goal to drive him forward the older the elf the greater the goal.


Elves are masters of magic being the formost sorcerers and wizards of this wold. All elves have Sorcery at a minimum level of Elite***** and often know other forms of splellcasting as well. Elves cannot learn Psionics.


To reflect the vast age an elf can be they are allowed to have and begin play with a greater number of skills and abilities however their skill ranks are capped with the number of Elite and Epic skills and powers they may possess ever.


Dwarfs – In their Tongue they call themselves the Okpradoss which means People of the Forge. Humans call them dwarfs because their proportions make them resemble the stunted humans called dwarfs. The Elfs call them Torak, which is not an Elf word and no one seems to know what it means except – dwarf. Dwarfs are a people of Flesh and Blood and Stone. Their gifts are in crafting, creating and the working of the things the world has given them. They cast no spells they summon no demons or angels, instead they create. Anything a Dwarf builds is magical. The longer he takes to build it the more of himself he puts into it the more powerful it becomes. Even the Elfs covet Dwarf built things and a human who posses one could become a king.


Dwarfs are a sturdy powerful race standing anywhere from 4 foot to 8 or 9 foot the average is 5 to 5 ½ feet. Dwarfs born taller than 9 feet are Giants and not a playable race. Physically they are Humanoid their shoulders width will be roughly half of their height and their legs are always shorter than their arms the majority of their height is in their long powerful torsos. Incredible muscular all Dwarfs have a Strength and Stamina trait of Elite *****, and general have no other recorded traits.


There are no Female Dwarfs. To beget Progeny a dwarf must impregnate a female of any other species. Once impregnated the female Turns to stone and after a random amount of time 1 year or more the stone will shatter and a fully developed dwarf will emerge. Dwarfs often trade goods for female slaves for the purpose of procreation. A dwarf is not immortal like and elf but does have a long life span compared to humans. They normally live to about 500 to 1000 years depending on the number of Progeny they have produced and how much of them selves they have committed to Crafting.


Dwarfs make their homes in Mountain cities all along the eastern ranges stretching from the far north to the southern shores. They do not live under ground within mountains instead carving the mountains into a cities of marvelous stone and metal fortresses. The greatest of which is Navdarr Carved into the slopes of the greatest Volcano on the continent, Mt. Hwoar along the southern coast.



Man - The race of Man hails from a distant shore and has only arrived in Alvlund about 800 years ago. Those first humans arrived from their unknown land and made landfall in the southern areas of Alvlund in small numbers. By Elven standard these first Men were primitive and weak and were discounted as another simple race to be dominated eventually when they found the time to do so. This was the elves mistake for the Humans multiplied rapidly not only by birthrate which far out striped that of the elves but also by continued immigration that by the time the elves took notice a few thousand had become Millions. But more importantly the elves discovered that man and elf could produce offspring together. Now the elves sought alliances with the varied Princes of man to bolster their dwindling number and those same Princes sought Elven patrons for their own purposes.


Humans are capable of learning any of the normal spellcasting Powers but rarely to a level higher than elite*****, however they do have a power no other race of Avelund has displayed the powers of the mind called psionics. Humans may have Psionics of any level and Half-Elves may have Psionics to the Elite level.



Other races.


Therian's – Animals uplifted to humanoid form through sorcery in ancient times as a slave race to the elves. They rebelled against their masters and were thought put down but now pockets if them have crossed over the southern mountains and begun raiding human settlements.


The Demon Blooded – These Humanoid creatures were created by a greater demon in an attempt to make vessels for his demon army. His attempt failed and these hapless creatures were eventually subjugated by the Elevs. Although now it is possible to find free demon blooded living in enclaves removed from most others. They look like demons but have no demon powers although they can learn witchcraft and sorcery. Demon Blooded can never learn to summon Demons but they can make unskilled supplications.


Naga – The naga are a dead race that existed in the far far past. At least that's what the elves say. Some time in the dim history the Elves and the great serpents lived if not to together at least as neighbors. In that time the elves were aligned with the Empyrean and the Naga as the serpents were called were aligned with the Malfean. When the elves sundered the connections which allowed the empyrean and malfean to freely access the mortal ream the naga went to war with them. This war lasted mellinium and ended with the the extinction of the Naga or so it was thought. Some few survived and fled to a far away land where they found a new race the race of man. These primitive beast like humanoids were ripe for manipulation. Using sorcery the Naga made a second race of men with their own feature these snake men could disguise them selves as pur men and remain hidden and pass on their abilities to future generations in this manner the naga in the form of the Snake folk have returned to Alvlund with the intent to seek thier vengeance upon elvenkind. Naga and Snake Folk should not be used as players




In this game we have the following cosmology. There is not pantheons of deities instead what we have instead are a duality system with no defined deities the break down is a s follow.


There are three realms.


The mortal realm in which all play takes place the world exists solely here all races which are mortal reside on the Mortal Realm. The continant of Alvlund is located here. The Mortal realm is a flat world.


Above and below the mortal realm exist two mirroed realms the Empyrean above and the Malfean Below.


The Empyrean realm is occupied by Fiery Angelic beings called Assarras (angelic is a descriptive term they are not angels.)


the Malfean is home to dark shadowy Demons.


Both of these realms are further divided into Nine realms each ruled by a greater being representative of its type. Greater Being cannot be summond nor can they enter the mortal realm with impunity.


Both realms also host an infinite amount of lesser beings which can be summoned to the mortal realm through the use of the summoning power.


Neither realm is good or evil but more akin to order and chaos.



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in a nut shell this game uses a very simple dice system


characters are defined by traits, powers, and skills and abilities.


Each of these has of the following ranks: The first discriptor is used for skills and learnable abilities the second for inate trats


*Untrained/Feeble (1)/**Apprentice/Below Average (2)/***Journeyman/Average (3)/****Adept/Above Average (4)/*****Elite(5) /******Epic (6)


each of the ranks correspond to a number of d6 used when using the trait as well as the number you need to roll equal to or less than to gain a success on your roll

yes the more skill ed the greater your chance with epic level traits having an unmodified 100% SUCCESS RATE.


It isn't balance it isn't play tested it doesn't matter. Its only purpose is to help you define your characters and to help you decide which way to go if you have questions about the outcome of a situation.


Storytelling and narrative trump dice in all things.


I trust each of you to build the character you want to play/write about






Human Female

Apparent Age Mid to late Twenties

*Untrained/Feeble (1)/**Apprentice/Below Average (2)/***Journeyman/Average (3)/****Adept/Above Average (4)/*****Elite(5) /******Epic (6)


**** Intelligence

***** Power

***** Seduction



***** Summoning

*** Sorcery

*Spell Grimoir Adds to spell casting ability


Bound Demons – 2 Servent Demons, 1 Demon of Lust, 1 Demon of Combat

Eternal Bound Demons – to be determined
Other Things
Languages: Human, Elven, Demonic,
** Knowledge (Nature)
** Evaluate
** Medicine
****Craft (Potion)

**** Craft (Talisman)
******Perform (Ritual)
** horse riding
***** Knowledge (Blasphemous Lore)
*** Fast Talk
**** Insight

**** Sense

*** Spot

* Clothes
* Cloak with Hood
* Magical Backpack...
* Healer's kit (supplies for 10 uses)


A note on Powers. These powers exist within this world








others may exist if you need them


for reference I have been using the powers from the Basic Role Playing system from Chaosium to model my powers, particularly Summoning and witchcraft. If you are unfamiliar get with me in PM or chat and I can elaborate.



Any other questions you may have again pm or chat

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I had put this on hold due to one of the interested players that i had may not be able to join.


however if there is enough interest i will go forward i will need a minimum of 2 more players but would like at least three more. please get with me of explanations and questions and i will help flesh out your concepts.


keep in mind that this is more a collaborative story telling than the more normal game we have been doing recently.

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