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Prince Nicoli
The second son of the Emperor, Nicoli watched his father conquer the human lands but not the non-humans. The prince was public in his confusion as to why his father stopped there. When Maelira made her announcement, he was quite pleased that he'd have a chance to find his own kingdom and do things his way. He is stern and practical, to the point of draconian. Yet even his detractors say he can be very fair.
Princess Elena
The coddled youngest child of the Emperor has long relied on her status as a royal baby to get by in life. Once she found out she was going to have to leave and find her own place in the world, she sulked for days. Since then, she's come around, getting excited by the prospects before her. Her father's parting gift to her was competent advisers who will help her find her way.
Brayden be’Megalos
Bray is not Alexander’s brother but the two have grown up together. Bray is a half-dwarf whom Alexander’s father brought home and raised in his house. Just over five feet tall, he has light brown skin, with black hair and eyes. His human parent must have been Othinan, because he bears the fold on his inner eyes typical of those people. Bray knows very little about his birth family, only what Alexander’s father told him: that he was found on the steps of a Truanfor temple by the then-young human lord. The dwarven clerics in the temple made an off-hand comment about giving the baby to the gnomes. Alexander’s father had once had a dwarven friend who had saved his life, so the human noble claimed the baby and named him after his favorite tutor. He brought Bray home to his new wife, who fell in love with the baby. Alexander had just been born and the two were raised together until Alexander began his knight training and Brayden started smith training. When Alexander went to war, Bray went with him, repairing his armor and keeping his weapons in shape. Of all of his companions, Alexander knows he can trust his smith.
Born during the Invasion, as the Ultgar call the war with the Empire, Fatima was the youngest child of six. Three of those siblings died in the conflict but by the time she was an adult, the conflict was done. Indecisive, Fatima wandered through a couple of professions before receiving the call from Kywin. Her family have long been followers of the god; her father's prize possession is a pair of shoelaces made of  the god's hair (or so he claims but no one in the family wants to disprove it and upset him). Since that time, Fatima has studied as a cleric. She's a little surprised at how much she's enjoyed being a cleric, though she still hates bereavement counseling.
The son of a Ultgar noble who refused to submit the empire, Nariv grew up in a modestly wealthy house. His mother was a resident of the Wild Islands who caught the noble's eye, and became his mistress in exchange for security. That ended when the noble ran afoul of pirates in a bad smuggling deal. The noble was killed, his mistress disappeared beyond the Western Isle, and Nariv was on his own. Rather than a life on the street as a suck-boy or thief, he joined a pirate ship. There he earned the name Nariv the Bloody, reputedly for his horrible treatment of prisoners. No proof exists, so when Elena's call to her banner went out, he went to Maelton and joined her expedition.
Olivien Tosk
A younger man with too-fair skin and untameable blonde hair, Olivien is nonetheless a ladies man. He’s quick-witted, which no doubt helps him but has also gotten him into a lot of trouble with his father. Lord Domimin Tosk is an old-fashioned man who expects that his second son would behave more properly than Olivien does. Six months ago, the teen ‘borrowed’ his father’s warhorse and lances to go participate in an unsanctioned tournament put on by other noble youths. Olivien technically won the conflict but in the process broke the warhorse’s leg. Lord Domimin had to pay for a costly cleric spell to heal the poor animal and decided to squire his son with the most honorable knight he could find. Thankfully for him, the squire of a war hero had been elevated to knight, and Lord Alexander was looking for his replacement. Lord Domimin hopes that Lord Alexander will be able to set his boy straight.
Yethea Ravipi
Yethea, or Thea as she allows Alexander to call her, is a young human woman with hazel eyes, copper-toned skin, and fine features. She’s petite but surprisingly strong. She comes from Iskandar and was serving Princess Elena when the Nazar goblin tribe tried to kidnap her. Alexander remembers that Thea was the one who got Elena into a closet and shut the door, standing outside and guarding it. After the mess was cleared up, Elena gave Yethea’s service to Alexander. Alexander attempted to decline the ‘gift’ as Yethea wasn’t something that could be passed around, but the woman seemed all-too-happy to go along with it. “It makes her happy,” was Yethea comment on the matter. For all that she was oddly acquired, Thea has proven to be competent, almost frighteningly so. It took her only a week to figure out the ins and outs of serving him and it has gotten to the point where he almost never has to ask her for something - it’s out and ready for him. She’s mostly quiet but she has a wry sense of humor when she does speak.

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