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I am using the Renown System from the DMG (pg. 22). If you're not familiar with the rules and need help with them, please see me.


Renown within the expeditions is based on your race, your position in the Empire, and whether you're a noble. The Empire rank is based on your background and can vary accordingly. The top rank in the expedition that you'll have is 7; if you're not a noble (or a noble who isn't trusted), then its lower from there. All PCs will have at least a 3 within their own expedition, as they are considered higher than soldiers but not quite officers. Adventurers with military rank earned through honorable military experience will be higher than they would have been otherwise.


Ways to earn Renown: do stuff. Seriously, even if you act against one group, you'll likely gain renown with another group.  


Current Renown


Alexander  10

Aridha  0

Diero  4

Dru  5

Evan  0

Felix  8

Foral  1

Krugar  4

Magda  0

Seraphania  4



Alexander  4  

Aridha  1  

Diero  4  

Dru  5  

Evan  3  

Felix  6  

Foral  2  

Krugar  3  

Magda  3  

Seraphania  5  



Alexander  5    

Aridha  3    

Diero  2    

Dru  2    

Evan  1    

Felix  5    

Foral  4    

Krugar  5    

Magda  1    

Seraphania  2    


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