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Psions Unite! : Chapter 2.4 Evo


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Donald gladly left the Lounge and headed down on to the concourse. It took some hunting, but he eventually found someone who could point him back towards the plane. Once there he had to get past some of the other passengers leaving the plane to get back to his seat, only to find that his mother and his stuff had already gone. It felt strange to see all the seats with the remains of cocoon propped up on them as well as the few that still were intact and presumably occupied.


The cabin crew were able to tell Donald that his mother was fine and had gone on to Baggage reclaim as far as they were aware. She had been told that you were fine, but just needed a while of medical observation as a precaution and would be able to meet her there.


Finding Baggage reclaim is easy from the plane and for the most part Donald just follows the stream of passengers ahead of him. On the way Donald rings his cousin Eddie, who is fine, but doesn't have any of the cool new abilities that some people woke up with. Now they are being release Eddie will drive on down to the airport and meet them in a restaurant or something. It will take him about an hour to get there.

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