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Psions Unite! : Chapter 2.2 : Amanda


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With Griffin eagerly leading them out from Lounge Amanda had to remind him that they were meant to find Cheryl first. A quick text had her emerging from a nearby toilet on the concourse, struggling with both her own and Amanda's carry on luggage. This inevitably reminded Sakura that she needed to go back to the plane in order to get her own bags. So it was towards the plane that the group headed while Amanda introduced Cheryl to Sakura.

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A bit annoyed at how Griffin ignored her question Amanda decides to let it go for now. She introduces Cher and Sekura all the while being a bit thrown off by How good Cher looks without the glasses and the Chubby build.

After collecting all the baggage (including a trip back to the plane for Sekura's things) They follow Griffin to a small restaurant and eat a little breakfast.


"Well in case you didn't realize it things didn't go so well with my father on the phone." She begins to explain to Sakura and Cheryl. "That pretty much means my big plans are kinda up in the air right now. I fully expect my dad to cut me off now." She turns to Griffin who has been sitting a bit away working intently on his phone.


"Hey Griffin are the Banks open? If so we need to stop at one after we drop off Sakura."


Without waiting for his reply she turns back to her friends both old and new.


"Even so I want to continue with what we talked about earlier if your still game Sakura," She pauses and looks at her best friend, "I'll explain everything later Cher."


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Alex Griffin looked up from his phone then moved over to more directly join the three ladies.


"Yes, the banks should be open by now Amanda. Is there any particular company you wanted to find a branch of?"

He pauses and looks around at the other customers in the restaurant before leaning closer to Amanda and continuing,

"I didn't want to say too much before in case Gregory was still lurking about, and you can never be too sure who might be reporting back to your father Amanda, but yes Gwyn knows your mother. Has done for almost a year I think."


Sitting back he turns to Sakura, 

"And will you be joining Amanda and Cheryl at her mothers or did you have a hotel in mind that I can drop you at Ms Augustine?"

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Griffin nods in recognition as Sakura tells him of her hotel reservation, then asks her to repeat the name etc once he has a notebook out so that he can programme the SatNav in the car once they get there.

"You shouldn't have any problems with your reservation. This thing has effected everyone so everyone is basically just rescheduling things for a day later as though the day we spent in the pods never happened. Obviously that's not going to work for everything, but for the short-term that seems to be what everyone has adopted. Right, if you're all finished with breakfast lets make a move. "


He stands and pays the bill before guiding you out to the car, pushing the trolley of all your bags for you.


Half an hour later you manage to pull up in front of Sakura's hotel. Griffin helps her in with her bags after Amanda and Cheryl take their leave of her and all promise to get in touch later.


Getting back into the car Griffin pauses before starting it again and looks at Amanda in the rear view mirror, "I suspect you'll run into some restrictions or red tape in trying to clear your account out, especially if your dad is involved with it. You'll need to open your own accounts over here, for which you'll need some proof of address, your passport and drivers license will do as your proof of id. So I think we better swing by the Embassy first then I can make up some kind of proof of address on official paper for you. Then go open an account or two before we go and take a run at your current account."


An hour or so later they have negotiated the London traffic a couple of times in order to visit the US Embassy and a couple of UK banks to set up accounts for both Amanda and Cheryl in the UK and arrive at the UK branch of her current bank account. Inside the teller is apologetic, and gets the bank manager to explain that due to the limits on the joint account with her father she can only transfer £10,000 pounds to another account without a countersignature from her father. Amanda agreed, while trying to keep a lid on her temper, and transfers £10,000 to each of her two UK accounts, Cheryl's two UK accounts and Cheryl's US account. Then after getting another couple of hundred pounds in cash from the ATM they leave the branch.


Outside Amanda gives vent to some of her anger/upset at the turn of events, but Griffin chips in that he suspected something like this might happen and suggests another ploy. He recently saw in a newspaper article that a particular Porsche model was top of the list at retaining its value when you sold it second hand and reckons that with Amanda's charm she should be able to pick up a new model and sell it in a couple of days or a week for practically the same price. Hence shifting money from her credit card to one of her new accounts.


An hour or so later Amanda is the dubious owner of a new Porsche which is due to be delivered the next day to a parking garage near her mothers apartment that Griffin has arranged to be rented in her name. Having concluded their various bits of business they finally make their way to her mothers apartment which is about a mile or so from the US embassy in London. Griffin has had a message saying that she hopes to meet you all there about 2pm, in another hour from their arrival there.


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The two girls and their driver/watchdog enter the apartment Amanda is surprised at how nice it is. "Thanks for everything, you really came through with that bank stuff. So are you my minder?"  She tries to convey sincerity with her thanks and added levity with the minder question at the same time she shoots thought to Cher.


<Cher, be careful what you say around him or while we are here. I don't trust him and don't know what he is capable of. I know this is a lot to get used too but lets keep as much of this between us as we can. I'm so glad your here with me. No matter what you will always be my best best friend.>


Amanda under the cover of looking around the living room keeps a sharp eye on Griffin while she mind speaks to Cher to see if he reacts. And as she finishes her telepathic com she sends a reenforcing burst of love at her best friend.


Cher already gloaming onto the telepathy thing smiles as she gets her Friends thoughts in a more intimate fashion than she ever imagine before. "This place is pretty cool Manda, I think it will good for us.. Wow look at this view!"


using mind speak and exacerbate to enhance chers love of amanda

i need to make mind speak roll to mind speak cher and an exacerbate roll on cher as well
Nina *rolls* 7d10t7: 2,2,8,6,1,10,6. Successes = 2.
Nina *rolls* 7d10t7: 4,1,10,8,10,7,4. Successes = 4.
[Rorx] 10:40 am: Are we? Terry isn't and I don't think Noir's mage is
[Nina] 10:41 am: well that was the original pitch, monsters recruited and givin a second chance sort of thing. Longs character is a pretty freaking vicious werewolf and im a blood drinking sociopath lol
[Rorx] 10:42 am: Whats your Mindshare dots at mo?
[Nina] 10:42 am: first was mind speak second was exacerbate and cher is in the apartment with me.
[Nina] 10:42 am: 2 dots in both i think
[Rorx] 10:42 am: Ok



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Griffin grins at Amanda's question, "Minder! Me? No, your mum's not such a control freak as your Dad, although she's been pretty disappointed in your behaviour. No, I'm just a junior cultural attache at the Embassy doing your mum a favour. Speaking of which I better get back to the office now I've finally got you here. There should be some spare keys on the kitchen counter along with the home number, your mum's office number and the wifi details."

Then with a wave and a final "Welcome to London ", he leaves the two girls in the apartment.

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Once alone the two girl sort of just stand there staring at each other, then they both start talking at once.


"Oh my god Cher you have never looked so good and no glasses, your gorgeous!"

"You have fucking mind power oh my gawd how fucking cool is that!


They both stopped at the same time and started laughing then they hugged. Amanda  stepped back and looked at her friend. "I wish youhad gotten some powers too hun,"


Cher smiles at her best friend. "It doesn't matter Manda, look i lost thirty pounds and I don't need glasses any more. I don't think i could handle the stress of having powers too, I'm happy."


Felling a bit doubtful and unusually caring, Amanda looks Cher in the eye while delving into her friends emotive state.


Emtapthy roll
Nina] 9:04 am: i need to make aPU roll
Nina *rolls* 7d10t7: 8,6,6,10,2,2,7. Successes = 3.
[Asarasa] 9:04 am: Nice
[Nina] 9:04 am: thanks


"Are you sure?" Cheryl's nod and her own detection of her friends emotions reassure Amanda. " Well then lets see if any of theses Posh rooms are empty." She says with a horrible fake British accent. Giggling, the two set about making themselves at home.



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Her mother was late. As annoyed as that made her it wasn't as bad as it would have been just yesterday, instead with Cher napping Amanda had a chance now to play with her new powers. She regretted giving away even an Inkling of what she might be capable of to the paramedic Gwyn. She had to be careful, but she also had to  learn.


She had been watching the man in his twenties at the corner talking on his phone. Suddenly he tossed the phone aside and stepped into the street and kept walking despite the honking and braking of several cars. Once he made the other side he stopped na started looking around in shock.


Smiling and breathing hard Amanda turned and went back into the apartment building and returned to her moms place to wait.

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Whilst waiting for her mother Amanda had casually flopped on a sofa while logging her devices into the apartments wifi, and then realised that the paramedic, Gwyn had sat in the same spot several times in the last week. Not a thought she was happy with.


Almost an hour later than predicted Amanda's mother finally returned home, her entrance heralded, to Amanda at least, by the approach of another 'light/spark/glow' denoting another psychic to Amanda's new senses.


Suzanne called out as she opened the door to the entrance hall, "Amanda, I'm home."

Ditching her shoes and bag in the hall, she went straight into the reception room Amanda was sitting in.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get away to met you in person, but you can imagine the chaos we're facing with all this pod stuff happening. It wasn't helped by the Ambassador not surviving his pod. So, apart from the obvious, how was the trip?"

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Amanda stared at her mother then stood a bit awkwardly, nobody fucking bothered to mention that she was psychic too, fucking assholes. "Really? How was the trip?" She bites down the sarcasm for once."We made it,  Im alright. Cher's still napping, we uhh picked a couple of rooms. I hope that was ok?"


"Of course it was sweetheart, that's why I got the apartment."  Neither rushed to embrace the other. "Yes this is kind of awkward I suppose, I'm just so happy your ok baby and that your here now."


"Yeah, well dads a fucking asshole, and nobody bothered to tell me you were a psychic including your boyfrind, Dr. Gwyn."  Ok so the sarcasm couldn't be held for long,Amanda takes the defensive posture of a hurt and angry teen crossing her arms and staring at he mother.


<Did you think I wouldn't notice?>  Her mind speak flashes to her mother.

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<Of course I knew you'd notice, but of course it's all about you isn't? How someone should have told you first?>


Her mother turns away and heads off to make a cup of coffee but her mental voice still comes through just as clear.

<Well 'Genius' I suggest you start getting used to how the real world operates away from the Amanda-centred bubble your 'darling' father helped you maintain. You woke up in the First Class lounge at Heathrow airport, while I woke up three hours earlier in a crisis meeting room at the Embassy to find that roughly one in ten our staff and relatives hadn't made it, including the Ambassador. While you've been pissing people off acting like a spoilt brat, raiding bank accounts and buying porsches I've been in constant meetings trying to clear up some of this mess.>


She re-enters the room, mug in hand, a mixture of anger and disappointment on her face.


<So no, no-one warned you I was psychic, because I've been too busy to tell anyone!>


"I only heard from Alex that you were one of the psychic survivors when I saw him on my way out of the office about ten minutes ago."

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