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Psions Unite! House Rules etc


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Character Generation


Attributes (Std) 7/5/3  [This is post activation you'll actually have gained 2 dots from 6/4/3]

Abilities = 25  [because there is no Allegiance stuff and I felt like rounding it up from 23], TPG update except for Linguistics.

Backgrounds = 7 

Primary Aptitude = 3 dots spread across its Modes

Secondary Aptitude = 1 dot in one Mode of each Secondary Aptitude


Other things as std until we come to Bonus Points

Bonus Pts = 20 and use of Merits/Flaws from TPG where applicable, check if unsure.


Variant Bonus pt costs

Primary Modes = 4

Secondary Modes = 5

Tertiary Modes = 6

Alternate Mode dot = 2


I will allow a Primary Mode to start at up to 4, but expect to have dysfunction effects creeping in unless you have also developed another Mode to at least 2.


Think a bit about how your characters skills/background/life might have contributed to the Psi they developed, but remember (especially with the Secondaries) that it might just have been chance/luck or random subconscious things that determined it.

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Experience Costs


Trait Increase                                 Cost

Attribute                                     current x 6

Ability                                         current x 4

Background                              current x 3

Willpower                                  current x 3

Psi                                              current x 6  * but using Psi build up so you may have secret xp towards this

Initiative                                     current rating


Experience Cost Changes

Increase Primary Mode           current x 4

Increase Secondary Mode     current x 5 (max = 4)

Increase Tertiary Mode           current x 6  (max = 3)


New Traits                                Cost

Ability                                         4

Speciality                                   current rating

Background                              3


New Trait Changes                Cost

New Primary Mode                  6

New Secondary Mode            7

New Tertiary Mode                  8

New Alternate Mode               3


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Alternate Modes


Rather than take a dot in a Mode from the Core rules you may take an alternate one from sourcebooks. If this is the first dot at that level then the cost is the standard current x (4, 5, or 6) xp depending on what type of Aptitude it is for you. If you already have a dot at this level then it only costs 3xp.


You must have at least one dot at a level before you can get any dots at the next higher level, but that dot can be from either Core or Order/source book.


Some Teleporter Alternates were listed in the OOC topic, I'll go through these again and put up a final list here as some need tweaking in detail or level. In the mean time they can be used as listed.


You may propose your own Alternate modes, but don't expect an automatic acceptance ;)

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Psi Prints

Basically the same as in the book, but a 3 hour cycle for build up rather than 6 hours.

So if you steal someones watch at 10am, 3 hours after they got up and put it on, then the psi print on the watch would last 1 hour, but still be detectable by you for up to your Psi hours longer.

Objects that return to a subject will rebuild there psi print duration from wherever it had dropped to. For example, a courier has been carrying a bag for 9 hours, building up 3 hours of psi print, when it is put into the cargo hold for a one hour flight, by the time he gets it back two hours have passed so the bag only has 1 hour of psi print on it. Three hours of carrying it later this will be back up to 2 hours of psi print.



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