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Seraphania stood before the Commander of Southern District her fate in his hands.. After she had recovered and the bodies of her slaughtered Patrol had been buried. She had insisted that she return to her superiors. The old paladin, Erold, had been indifferent to the idea but in the end agreed saying that it might be best in the long run not to have a desertion charge hanging over her head to complicate matters


Before she left her men in their final resting place she had knelt by the fresh grave of her Sargent. Deral had been about ten years older than her and she had served under him as a private. He had sort of looked after her almost as a father figure. And when she had been promoted on that battle field, he had wrangled his way into whatever command she had been sent to and taken it upon himself to see that she succeed as an officer despite the huge disadvantage she had against her. While she regretted the deaths of each of her men, His weighed the heaviest. She took his Sargent's badge and placed it in her pouch and knelt. “Ithtari, Goddess, Hear me I have given my word to your man and now to you. I will be your instrument. In all you ask. And all I ask in return is justice for my fallen men and Vengeance for this man Deral my Sargent who was a better soldier than I could ever be even should I live a hundred years. My life is yours,Goddess.â€


They returned to the fort from which the patrol had left. Somehow news of the loss of the patrol had arrived before them and she had been arrested charged with treason and put in chains. Erold had spoken in her behalf and claimed that he had been sent by his Goddess to bring the girl to the capital and that no man should oppose a goddess especially one whose business is justice. Instead her commander had refused to take further responsibility and had her delivered tot he District Commander, an Old Veteran who was one of those officers who had opposed her promotion after the fact, and been very vocal about it. Her trial if you want to call it that had been brief and she had been thrown back into Chains to await the Verdict. Erold told her that he had one more card to play. Two days later she was hauled back before the Military Tribunal. And there she stood awaiting her fate.


“We have heard the evidence and we have arrived at our Verdict and...†The Commander stopped as the doors at the back of the room opened and several armored men entered and lined themselves against the wall. Ser twisted her head to see behind her and saw a tall handsome man of regal bearing dressed fine armor which was obviously well used. He was of an olive complexion and black of hair. He had a commanding Presence. All the officers immediately rose to their feet and the District Command began to speak but stopped as one of the new Comers waved him off. “Please continue Commander The Prince Merely wish to observe the Proceedings.â€


Erold stood and stepped up beside her and in a low voice only she could hear “The Power of Prayer.†He then stepped past her and spoke to the court. “Commander, Officers, I wish to speak one last time in defense of Seraphania. Despite her disadvantages she has served with distinction in the army of the Empire. First as a private and later after heroic Promotion as an Officer. The loss of her patrol and the slaughter of her men was not her fault. Indeed I hazard that that loss was a byproduct of an attempt to slay her One which THE ENEMY failed at. For I was called to Find this young woman to bring her to My goddess and why you ask Because she has been called as well. Seraphania is to be a paladin. I believe, but can show you no proof, that this attempt to murder this young officer was an attempt by Evil to destroy a budding Paladin.â€


To say that Sarphania was dumbstruck by this speech would be an understatement Erold had never spoken so eloquently nor had he ever before mention anything about her becoming a paladin except when she had lay dying. A few gasps and some whispers interrupted the proceedings before the court was brought back to order.


After quick consultation the commander glancing at the princes party at the back of the room stood and pronounced her innocent and released her from her service to the Empire to follow her calling. As soon as the commander spoke the princes party began to exit. Ser wasn't sure but she believed she saw a look pass between the prince and Erold. She was free to pursue her calling. Erold and her left immediately and her trials began.





Erold had left her less than a month ago she had been unsure what to do when she found herself on the road to the Imperial Seat. She had arrived on foot with only her pack and gear. She had made her way to the first tavern she could find to have a cooked meal some ale and hopefully a bath. While sitting enjoying eh peace she noticed three men enter the tavern well armed with the air of veterans about though they wore no badges or insignia. She got a good look at one of them when he sat and found him familiar shes studied hem for several moments trying to think when a name came to her Kovor and she remembered a private in a sister Cohort during her early years of service.


On a whim she stands and walks to their table. The three men stopped their conversation and look at her. Slowly the look of recognition comes upon Kovor. “I know you you were in Captain Merrin's Cohort. Served under Sgt. Deral Gods rest his soul.†Her hand instinctively brushes her pouch. He continued. “So are you here to join the Princes army?â€


"Prince's Army?â€


“Prince Nicoli, his people have been calling up forces from all over the Empire. He's been given a commission.â€


Ser pulled out a chair and bought ale for them all. “So Kovor, Tell me all about itâ€


A few hours later She was standing inside another tavern and waiting on an Imperial Sargent. When He finished and turned to her she watched as he sized her up. “Well you got good size on you, and by the way your wearing those weapons you look capable. So are you looking to join?â€


“My name is Seraphania, a paladin and I have come to offer my services to the Prince.â€

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Sir Alexander was leading a patrol of mounted yeomen near the southern boarder, which was not far from the country estate Prince Elena happened to be staying at. His patrol came upon a large amount of tracks, which the scout of the patrol said were goblin tracks and they were heading in the direction of the country estate. Alexander, was quick to direct his patrol towards the estate to help reinforce whatever personal security detail the Princess had with her. Upon arriving, the estate was under attack and the goblins already broken in past the gates. He scanned the area then sent his scouts out to ensure his patrol wouldn't get flanked then ordered the charge at the primary formation of the goblins. The goblins were caught unaware and the main force of them was quickly destroyed. 


Once his patrol was able to break through he directed one of the Sergeants in his unit to finish off the remaining enemy forces that were outside and he then took a team to head inside the estate to find the Princess. The fighting inside the estate was fierce, but finally Alexander comes across what looked like the biggest goblin he ever saw and they met in combat. The duel was violent, bloody, and ended with the goblin chief's head being removed from its body. Once the goblin chief was dead the two remaining men with him secured the door as he walked into the room the goblins were trying to get into. As he entered he saw Yethea guarding the closet door, which she secured the Princess in. Alexander immediately announced who he was and ensured them both the Nazar goblin clan has been defeated and it was safe to come out. As a reward the Princess gave Yethea's services to him, which he attempted to refuse but gave in when Yethea said she wanted to go into his service.


Later when Princess Elena was planning her trip to sail around to the other side of the continent to explore for new lands she could claim as her personal kingdom with her advisers, she insisted that Sir Alexander be recruited to join her as one of her Knights. Her advisers seeing that look in her eye that meant she was serious and could not be persuaded otherwise, set to work on negotiating with Alexander and his father to be released from his current obligations to sail with the Princess. Surprisingly, both Alexander and his father agreed that he would join the Princess without any debate or disagreement. Alexander wanted to get away from his corrupted family, which for some reason he couldn't speak about, and his father wanted the threat that was his son to be as far away as possible to help prevent him from interfering with their scheming. 

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How To Get Away With Adventuring


“So? What did he say?” Gillan was practically bouncing around the common room when Sheva returned from her audience with the Emperor and his eldest daughter.


The diplomacy-clade gnome grimaced and grabbed a bit of bread and cheese that was sitting out before settling down at the table. “We are not forbidden to go, but they won’t assign us, either. We have to approach each royal separately and get hired on. It’s so...inefficient.”


Farol tried not to laugh, but Sheva had been making that complaint about, well, pretty much everything in Maelton since Farol had arrived in the human capital. And probably long before then, too. “So,” she said, taking the larger chair at the table that had been bought for her when she’d arrived in the gnomish enclave, “who’s going with whom, then?”


“Well, pretty much as before,” Sheva sighed. “Senior agents with Nikolai. He’s too savvy to send anyone inexperienced -”


“Elana’s advisors are just as-” Torish began to interrupt, the logistics-clade gnome’s gravelly voice touched with the irritation of an old argument.


“Yes, yes,” Sheva waved him off impatiently. “I’m not saying to ship of the just Tested to her camp, either, but we’ve got more leeway there. If those following Nikolai want to get anywhere with authority and power with him, they’ll need to prove to him that they’re worth it. That they’re the most talented and practical of the expedition, not just likable or useful. Hand me the volunteer roster, hm?”


Foral stepped up from her chair and picked out one of the scrolls from the pile of reports, schedules, and personal records that were stored in a large cabinet in the common room. “What about Augustin? He’s sailing west, towards the Wild Islands, yes?”


“Yes, and simmer down, bean pole,” Sheva grinned at the only elf gnome. “You really that anxious to be getting seasick?”


“Oh, I don’t want to go with Augustin,” Foral waved away the idea of the eldest prince as if shooing a fly. “He’s so...predictable. And the Wild Islands, they’re mysterious, but still rather known. We have maps, and some trade. It’s boring, and certainly not the best use of my skills.”


“Hah!” Gillan thumped his hand on the table, “You’re still unTested, girl. Keep to your studies.”


“Not unTested,” she demurred, too used to the speculation of her capabilities to take offense. “I just haven’t joined a clade yet and I have special dispensation to retest until my scores are consistent.” She eyed Sheva, “Besides, I’ve heard Elena has a soft spot for elves - thinks they’re beautiful and inherently good people because they’re so wise from living so long. What other gnome is going to have that advantage with her?”


Gillan shook his head, his expression dark. To him, even though Farol was only a few decades younger than him, she was still a child, and children were not risked on foolish human political endeavors. Torish murmured, “She has a point.”


Sheva nodded to Torish, then added to Gillan, “We’ll send a minder with her.” Technically, Foral’s exception meant that she could decide her own course within gnomish society, but Gillan was the lead of the clades in charge of the unTested in Maelton - too powerful to ignore and most gnomes wouldn’t even think of outright defying him. Sheva continued, “Jorhim wants to go and has been petitioning to study her for a thesis for over a year now. He’ll see she doesn’t get in over her head while they’re out.”


Gillan was quiet for a long moment, then finally nodded. He liked Jorhim, and the young wizard had been itching for something new to do since his own Testing a half decade ago. He was responsible, cheerful fellow as well suited to a care-focused clade as he was to the more arcane-minded ones he’d been applying to. “You will listen to him, Foral?”


The elf nodded, hiding a small grin. Jorhim was conscientious, but he had an adventurous, gregarious streak he tried to keep hidden so the clademasters would take him seriously. Out in the unknown, she could work with that. “Of course, Gillan. Thank you.”


“Then it’s decided. You’ll join the agents petitioning the Princess.” Sheva motioned to the records cabinet, “Torish, arrange everyone appropriately and gather their equipment. We’ll also need three smaller teams to run interference on anyone it seems might hamper our chances to be hired. We have two months. Spread the word.”

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Dru had noted all the increased activity when his and a number of other units had returned to the capital after several years guarding the southern border with the Goblins. With his skill it didn't take long for him to discover the cause and wonder how to turn it to his advantage. After ten years in service he was due to face the choice of hitting civvy street with no honest skills, unless you counted body or caravan guarding, or signing on for another ten years. Now this talk of expeditions and grabbing land sounded more interesting and perhaps more profitable than either of those.


Touring the bars and dives of the city during the evenings was an easy way to pick up information but it was frequently fragmentary or just plain obviously wrong. And so he reverted to his preferred source of information, the officers and General staff of the Army, he just didn't bother to let them know of his interest. Watching meetings from nearby buildings or trees allowed him to read the information he sought straight from the General's lips so he was expecting the visit from the recruiter when he came a few days later.


He was playing with a hulking private armed with a training battleaxe while Dru used a pair of training short swords in the training circle when a corporal shouted in that the Major wanted to see him. Straightening Dru quickly 'sliced' the privates abdomen and throat open before walking quickly to the bench and after dunking his head in a handy bucket putting his leather jacket back on while walking to the Major's office.


Once there he silently opened the door as was his habit and was facing the Major at his desk while a visitor sat facing the Major oblivious to Dru standing behind him in the open door. With a subtle hand sign the Major signalled Dru to stay quiet, so he sneaked past the Major's armour stand to his right and stood at attention there. To an unobservant quick glance he would appear to be another armour stand or a statue.


"Well Sir Renfield, while we are waiting for Dru to arrive would you care to tell me what you planning to offer him?"

"To be honest Major I'm not sure why I'm here. I'm sure your troops play a fine roll on the traditional battlefield, but I can't see what use this man of yours could be to the Prince in his fight against the Goblins. I wouldn't be here at all if the General hadn't suggested it."

"Sir do you know what this unit has been doing since the end of the Unification Wars?"

"Not a clue off hand. I can't see you have much a roll in peacetime, so sitting around training I suppose."

"No SIr Renfield. We have recently returned from 3 years duty on the southern border facing the Goblins the Prince is about to attack."

"Ok, so you know the terrain. That could be useful, but..."

"During that time Sir Renfield Dru brought us information that allowed us to make 20 ambushes of the enemy and under different orders returned the heads of 3 shamans and 7 minor chieftains."

Sir Renfield gulps and runs a hand around his collar, "Heads you say?"

"Yes, Sir Renfield, heads. We find it a useful may of disrupting the enemies plans. I would suggest that the Prince might find Dru;s services more useful than whatever you are offering to the common street thugs steadily filling your ranks at the moment."


Lifting his head the Major looked straight at Dru for the first time in the conversation, "I think a signing bonus would be appropriate don't you Corporal Ffordd?"

"Well some studded leather and a second short sword would come in handy Major."


The recruiter seethed inside at being made a fool of, but there was little he could do here since it seemed the Majir was the instigator but he vowed some revenge.
"I will be sure to recommend the Sergeant to his highness, who will certainky be able to use his talents in some capacity. Now if you will excuse me I have other people to interview."
Leaving the office the recruiter made his way out of the army camp and back through the city towards the palace oblivious to Dru shadowing him. His thoughts continued to seethe about the meeting he had just left.
"Damn that Major and his pet assassin making fun of me. An assassin of all things why would the prince want scum like that in his force. It's bad enough habing that stupid woman who claims to be a paladin along. Heh, a paladin and an assassin? Yes, thats sounds like just the person the assassin should report to. With any luck they'll kill each other before we even leave the Wall."
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Magda plopped the furs and smoked bear shanks on the counter and looked around the trader's shack as he inspected them,


"Ya know.." the trader said, breaking the silence, "..the Prince is  looking for some capable people to aid him on his.. uh.. acquisition.. of the goblin lands to the south."


Magda shrugged and ran a finger over a tooth of one of the bear traps hanging on the sturdy, wooden wall.


"You are one of the better trappers I have to trade with, and the only one who brings me bear this often, but let's face it, we both know your.. abilities... are wasted here." the trader said matter-of-factly, looking up from his inspection of the furs for a moment, trying to gauge her reactions before returning to his attention to the furs.


"What's it matter to me?" she asked without even looking at him as her gaze perused more of his wares.


"Matter? Well, I can nae it matters to ya." he acknowledged.


"But... I am sure there are a much wider variety of foes to challenge you. Bears and wolves are fine, but I know ye be looking fur something more. I mean, I do nae mean to pry, but why else would a dwarf come up here? I've seen ya fight those hooligans. You fight with a ferocity that I've not seen in one of your kind." the trader commented before taking a drag from his pipe.


Magda looked over her shoulder and then turned to face the trader, stepping closer.


"Ya tryin' ta say somethin'?" she asked him with her eyes narrowing.


The trader's eyes widened and he coughed out a cloud of smoke, fearing he had overstepped his bound.


"Nae. Nae. I'm just sayin' that yer a dwarf who doesn't wear a lick of armor, but fight with such.. uh... intensity.. that you do nae even need any. You must want more challenges. Ta push yerself. Wild game must be gettin' old by now and who knows what ye might find down there among the greenskins. And ye can me some good coin ta boot. That's all I'm sayin'." the trade clarified quickly, finishing with a weak, forced smile.


Magda reached into a pouch and withdrew slip of old paper. She looked at it for a moment, reading the writing again like she had done hundreds of times before. She nodded and put the paper back, looking up to trader.


"Thanks McKormic. I'll bring ye back somethin' from the south." she told him with a nod and a smile, taking the small stack of coins he placed on the counter.


"Don't go buying any fishfur." she added with a chuckles as she walked out and down the trail leading to the city, wondering what she might find in the south...


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A Somber Farewell


A young man is sitting at a fountain in the center of town. The young man had light tan skin, neatly trim black hair, and bright green eyes. He wore in a tucked in white selves shirt, black pants, with a black belt neatly placed across it, and black boots. The young man was in a relax state, taking in the scenery around him.
The first thing the young man noticed was the various sights of the market. The day was bright and sunny with no clouds in the sky. The market was busy today with the vendors working harder then their usual. The young man could hear the haggling of prices in the distance while taking in the scents of various perfumes and spices in the distance. “So I take it that you made your decision then Felix?†Asked a female voice from behind him. It was a voice that surprised him, and yet he knew that the two of them would meet.
The lady in question was much taller and leaner then Felix. They were both agile, but she was more athletic in build then Felix. Her skin was much more fairer and elegant then Felix as well. Her tale tale ears indicated that she was elven in origin. The lady was dress in a flowery gown of vibrant colors. It went down far enough to barely cover her brown boots.  A simple silver necklace with a small circle emerald embedded in its center. A rose cover her right ear. A wide rim flower hat sits elegantly on her head. The ladies azure eyes stared at Felix with mixed emotions in it as she tilts her head as several long strands of brown hair with purple braids  fall down onto her gown. “Yes, I have Lia. I plan on leaving the country.†Felix said as he goes to stand up and stare her in the eyes. 
“Interesting. I take it that you figured out which of the royal children you are supporting?†Lia asked. She seem intrigue by Felix. So much has changed in Felix life in such a short time and yet there is hope in Felix eyes. Even as he is mourning for Carol, he was hopeful that she would be someplace safe in the afterlife. Lia was doubtful of that.
“Yes, but I rather not say my choice out in public to be honest. That was rather quite a hard choice for me to be honest. The choices and paths were all rather interesting to be honest, as well as each has their own risks.†Felix reply honestly. “I am curious though are you going to the dance tonight. It will most likely be the last one I will heading to in a long time.â€
“Yes I will be going to it tonight. It will also be my last act in this city for a long time. I also have a cause to travel. One that will take me back to my homeland.†Lia said in a soft somber tone.
Felix knew not to talk to Lia about her past. It was one of the few mysteries about her that fascinated Felix the most. The other is her real name, something no one in the city has found out. “So what brings yo out then?†Felix asked curiously.
“To be honest I have not finished my preparations to leave for tomorrow.†Lia said. She was a bit childish in her tone. She gave a sly smile and flicked several strands of hair from her shoulder. She moved her hands to her sides once that was done.
Sometimes Felix could tell if Lia was telling the truth to him or if she was lying. This time around he could not tell, and in his mind he did not care. He did not have much longer before he left this town. He did not want to leave it with a bad memory or relationship. “Do you need help with your preparation Lia?†Felix asked in a gentlemanly manner. Lia laughed slightly for various positive reasons as she was delighted to take up an old pupils offer to help her. While they were doing so they went to talk on the past, both the good and the bad events they were willing to share.
After what seemed like hours chatting Lia was done with done with her preparations and Felix had to head home to prepare for the dance that night. They both gave their byes for now and headed to their respected place. When Felix enter his father estate he felt both a familiar sense of joy and melancholy. He knew it was to be his last night in the house, for a long time if not the rest of his life. The thought was rather bitter sweet to him.
The place itself was very intimidating and powerful on the outside. Yet once you got deeper inside the place it was rather warm and cozy. It reminded Felix of his father a bit, rough on the outside but nice and kind person on the inside. It made Felix laugh a bit at the though of it.
Felix room itself was messy, yet organize. He sigh knowing that  if anyone would see this, Felix would be embarrass. He usually kept his room much more organized. Yet with him leaving, he had to work on what he wanted to keep and/or needed for his trip. As such for the most part it was a complete mess to anyone whom would see it.
 His desk was full of various papers and books of poetry and song lyrics. There were a few on history and other small topics. His clothing for the most part was on the floor and not the closet or dresser. Various musical instruments in one corner. A back pack is on  his bed. It would hold all he could be able to bring with him on his adventure. 
Yet that is not why he was here. He needed to get dress and hopefully get this place clean up a bit. Even if he was a noble, he parents did teach him several responsibilities. One of those was to clean up after yourself. They would have a fuss if they saw the place. Probably them or someone has and reported it to them. Felix chuckle softly to himself a bit at that though as he goes to clean the place up as best he could before getting dress for the ball.
Dusk was settling in on the town. For some people it was closing time for some businesses. For others their business was only just starting. For many tonight would be a night for joy, and for some farewells. For Felix it would be a night for both.
The ball was being hosted by several people, Felix's house included, and was hosted in a dance hall used for special occasion and festivals in the town. Often these events were means for someone, especially nobles, to one up another which annoy Felix to no end. He never was one to care for that stuff. He just always wanted to have a fun and a good time. He doubted he would have such things down the road for some time.
The ball itself was meant to send off those who were going off in the brave new journey's for the royal siblings. Felix was just one of those people being sent off for this journey. Yet several question his decision to do so. Among those were some of his own family and friends. Some even view him as suicidal.
Felix was dress like a noble would be. No, Felix almost looked like some prince charming from some old fairy tale. His clothing match his family colors quite well, and gave him the appearance of a soldier. For a moment he felt the role, even if he knew that was  not true. He was no fighter, he couldn't even save the one person he loved most of all, nor could he avenger her. Lia did that and with ease that no one though once about Felix.
Felix sighed as he looked out the window. He was expected his friend to be here. It would be the last time they would meet, and yet for all that had happened between the two of them he wanted to do something to show her how grateful he was. “Why so down? For someone who about to go on a adventure, you should be more happy.†Lia said calmly.
Felix was surprised that Lia got in without him hearing about it. More so was the dress she wore. It was highly provocative and revealing. It was like nothing Felix saw her before on her. The dress reminded him of the flowery dress like before, but much more exotic and sexual. It made him blush just thinking about it. “This isn't like you.†Felix said.
Lia laugh. “Rather go out with a bang then a whisper little cub. Would you mind if you dance with me. I still didn't get your answer from earlier and hope by the nights end to get it as well as the reason why. So many people are curious about you, even if you do not know it yet.â€
Felix did not know what to say. Nor did he have much chance to say anything. Lia grabbed his hand and the two of them dance for what felt like hours. Cad could not be but entranced at her. He never knew Lia to be so risky or wild in her actions. She always appeared calculating to Felix. Yet right now something seem off that both fascinated and worry him. What was she really doing this. Was this just as she said, a last grab at publicity before she left, or something deeper. Who was watching him, or she just teasing him.
Eventually things settle in and the two of them were able to go someplace more private. Lia laugh as she sits down. Felix goes to sit down across from her. “So what really going on?†Felix asked. He was somber in his tone.
Lia smiled. “Like you I am putting on a show. Yet unlike you I am not concern for what is to come. I want to tell those stiff noses kindred of mine that even for my age I will be me, and will never change for them, or their rules. I want to be me and me alone. Recent events only enforce that desire. We all wear mask Felix in our lives, some more then others.†She said with a smile and cheerful at first then get somber in the later parts. “The question is are you wearing a mask and playing your part, or are you really being you?â€
Felix took in her question. “Does it matter in the end. People will think what they want of me. All I want is my own life, yet I feel like I cannot choose my own fate here. Even now I feel constrain, I sometimes wonder how my life been if things were different. What if, what would happen, and so on. Yet in the end it doesn't matter. For all my pondering will not change my past, nor will it shape my future. So the only path I have is here and now, and as such I see that my life will not change here. I will always be a weakling noble in the  eyes of others. Even my own parents did not take me serious at first when I said I wanted to join one of the exiled royals quest.†Felix said.
“I never heard any royal decree that the queens siblings were exiled?†Lia said. “What makes you think that way Felix? Also if so why do you want to join them in their exile?†She seem curious in his choice of words as well as to the permanence of it. To her, it sounded like Felix was saying what the Queen was doing was bad.
“No, but her deeds have all but cemented that fact in many a mind even if they dare not say it. For all the good will she has towards her siblings, she cares first of the empire. Yet the results are mixed in many's view. Some even say what she is doing is just as reckless, or cunning depending on your view.†Felix said sadly.
“Then why go If you fell this is so badly.†Lia said. “It just doesn't seem noble or sane to do so. It seems a bit more like my style then yours. Also you acting not like yourself.â€
Felix laughed. “What is me? I don't know anymore, that's why I am going. That's why I choose this path. It's a chance to reinvent myself.  In a ways like you I am rebelling a bit in my path. So many people expect me to be the weakling of the family. Even my parents don't expect me to survive in combat. Yet they also think I have the skills to survive as well and could create a legacy for both my family and myself if I survive.â€
“Rather interesting. Why do you feel you are the weakest member of your family. I rather though you were the strongest. I also think they also see it.† Lia said. Cad seem curious and wanted to hear more. “You are someone whom seeks change in his life for better or worse.  To constantly improve your life, is a trait in most humans, but some can be stucked in their path. Your parents and sister are most restricted due to their path. Even in your father past, he was stucked on his path early on in his life. Yet you don't have such restrictions. Yet the problem is if you have the talents and wits to take advantage of it.â€
Felix seem more glad at her evaluation of him. “Then it would be more surprised as to whom I am going to be going with. I decided on taking the offer of Prince Nicoli, and will be headed towards Kahi's wall in a few days.†Felix said. “I know it's a bit risky since I am not the best warrior, but maybe like you said I can be useful in other ways. I already plead my support a few days ago and I am not backing down.â€
Lia smiled. “I wish both our endeviours a success. May the gods and goddess smile on us. Well more on you I hope, I doubt they will like what I will do.†Lia smile becomes more wider as Felix sees the mischief in them.
“Lia, I wish you never grow up. Of all the elves I known, you seem the more mature at times in my view.†Felix said with a wide grin of his own. “I wish you the same luck as you did me.â€
Felix and Lia stared up at the sky. It seem like the heavens were giving them a sign of some sort. The moon was in a crescent shape that almost look like a smile to them. Both wonder how things will turn out on their own quest. For Felix, for once he felt at ease even if he was headed out into immediate danger. He just hopped that he would bring his family honor and give himself a chance to shape his own fate and prove to others that he was not a weakling.
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