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Dawn OOC

Game Direction  

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  1. 1. Which way do you want to go to start?

    • Oldest Son - he's going after the pirates in the Wild Islands and taking land from them (Wild West feel).
    • Second Son - he's taking an army south into Goblinoid lands (Invasion and fighting).
    • Second Daughter - she's sailing south beyond the goblins to find new lands (Columbus-type exploration).

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House Rules

System: D&D 5th Edition

Genre: High Fantasy

STs: Dawn, OOC

Restricted Races: Dragonborne & Tieflings

Restricted Classes: None from the PHB



At the heart of the Altherian Continent lies the Empire of Tyanan. The humans who hold this land have only done so for the last twenty years. Before that, the human lands were held by multiple kings. One king, Mael of Tyanan began a campaign that conquered each of his neighbors in turn. The new empire is ruled by an emperor, a senate of nobility composed of all the former kingdoms, and a popularly elected legislative body.


The humans thrive under Emperor Mael’s rule as his reign of peace has started a supported a surge in industry and learning. Factories are starting to turn out cheap material goods which threaten to turn the dwarven trade in metalwork into a niche market for the rich. Elves find that human industry is starting to match and exceed their own arts and farming. The Halflings still trade a steady supply of mutton and wool from their highland slopes, but they are the only people who haven’t been impacted by human improvement. The human lands are open to travel and commerce which the other races grumble has improved the humans.


In the last three years, Emperor Mael’s heir, Crown Princess Maelira has told her four younger siblings to find their own kingdoms; she will not tolerate a divisive civil war which will undo their father’s hard work. She has amassed resources to allow them to raise armies and hire adventurers to help them carve out territory in land currently held by pirates or goblinoids.



In the Primordial Age, magic was wild and untamed. During this era, the heroes of that time were able to gather power and magic into their bodies and ascend to godhood. It was a time of great progress and terror, leaving ruins that still exist to this day.


As magic was trapped into the gods’, the magic faded from the land. The gods set limits and bounds on the magic, forcing it to follow rules. The Age of Order was born, and the Six Great Races began to create their kingdoms on the continent. The gods led and governed their people but not always wisely. The Gods War began when the powerful deities came into conflict.


The nightmare that was the Gods War altered the land and magic once more. When the conflict was done, one of the races had wiped out of existence, and their pantheon died. The gods were horrified by their thoughtlessness and vowed to never make war on each other again. Those that remained put their castles and temples in high places, where only the most stalwart and valiant could find them.


The Age of Separation was a time of peace as each other remaining Races withdrew from one another. They made their lands as it pleased them, creating nations and countries. Each of the Races flourished, and then humans were united by one of their kind, who then made peace with the other four Races. That was when humans started to exceed the others.


It is the beginning of the Age of Humanity.


The Races


Since being united by their emperor, the humans have started to explore their adaptability and capability. Emperor Mael ordered the construction of his capital on the Isthmus of  Pentr. The city, called Maelston, blocks travel across the isthmus, and within its walls, he built the City of the Gods and welcomed all human deities to live in the temples he built in their honor. This inner sanctum of the city is home to priests and gods alike; while a given god or goddess may not always be in attendance in their house, their presence ensure that anyone who attacks the city will incur the wrath of the gods.


Socially, humans are egalitarian, though only in the last generation so some old-fashioned views still exist in the older populace. The emperor has declared that right of succession passes to the first-born, regardless of sex. The race prides itself on the arts and innovation. There is a definite sense of competition with the other races.


Human PCs need to decide if they’re from Maelton or one of the other provinces and whether your character supported unification or not. Your PC grew up during the middle and end of the war; some of you might have fought for or against the Emperor.



Regal and stoic, the Dwarves are not called the Stone People just for their superior masonry skills. They pride themselves on not being overly emotional, particularly the men. They live in the caves and mountains on the eastern edge of Altheria, working their tools and forges to create items of amazing craftsmanship. Once they had a great nation but a war with the Halflings left them homeless. They were almost wiped out as a people but one of their gods, Truanfor, saved them by finding the caves under the gnomes.


Today, the dwarves live in peace with their gnomish neighbors and have regained their pride in their people. They now follow only Truanfor the Savior, having forsaken their other gods. The focus on a single male god has shaped their nation into a patriarchy. Dwarven women are expected to tend to the home while her husband provides food for the family. Women who step out of their place must leave their lands. Many live with the gnomes, and the rest go adventuring. When young men come of age, they pledge themselves to a guild that oversees their interest. Every aspect of dwarven life is overseen by the guilds, which have the real power in the Stone Kingdoms. It’s said that the guilds must agree before the crown is set on a dwarven head.


When choosing subrace, the player needs to keep the following in mind. The Hill Dwarves subrace lives closed to the surface and interacts with gnomes and the outside world the most. The Mountain Dwarves live deeper, and are usually the ruling class. They pride themselves on never seeing sunlight.



The Fairest Race divide themselves into sharply defined roles based on subrace and gender. Their deities are the divided the same way, based on the sacred space where the god chooses to live. Of all the races, the elves have endured the previous ages the best, holding their native northern lands. They are fanatics when it comes to holding their lands. Their cities are part of the land - buildings that flow with the plains and that are built around trees instead of removing them. Their gods dwell in remote, sacred places, tended by small gathering of powerful clerics.


The elves believe in three pillars: warrior, priest and allmen. The genders have their own tasks within the pillar but all sexes are seen as equal. The warriors keep the peace within and without their borders, as well as hunting and any other task that requires them to pick up a bow. The priests tend to the gods as well as the spiritual needs of the people, offering comfort and guidance alike. The allmen tend to the remaining needs of elvin society, including leadership. Young elves choose their pillars as part of a magic ceremony at puberty; during the ceremony, they are mystically changed to the appropriate subrace for that pillar. Elves who change their pillar after the ceremony can do so but they are considered exceptions. Exceptions and those who do refuse to do the ceremony are strongly encouraged to go adventuring so they can ‘grow up’.


To play an elf, you’ll have one of three subraces to choose from: dark elves (they are not subterranean), light elves and wood elves. Dark elves are priests, light elves are allmen, and wood elves are warriors. You don’t have to align your class to your pillar; you could be on your walk about for a few decades until you mature.



Of all the races, the gnomes are the least understood. Their culture prefers to focus on magic and science, the Naturalist Academy and the Engineering Academy, and is run by clades. As a people, they don’t waste time with pretending to have leadership; they let the clades do everything in society, freeing an individual to follow their interests, hopefully to enlightenment. Gnomes don’t worship gods; they aspire to become one themselves and believe that each reincarnation is a chance to come closer to that goal. Their gods are seen as Perfected Archetypes, gnomes who already reached that pinnacle.


They don’t form family blocks; instead a gnome who gives birth turns the child over to the Child-Rearing Clade. The child is reared in blocks until their first Test, after which they are placed with other children of similar intellect to their own. As they grow, they experience more and more Tests, each designed to steer them to their appropriate Clade. Rather than denying the child the right to choose, this system is designed to ensure that the child finds the place where they are happiest. Gnomes can go through an appeal to retest if they don’t like the results of their final Placement Test. Gnomes who seek jobs in a lower Clade than they qualify for are seen as lazy and work is harder to find.


As a player, when you choose subraces for your gnome, you’re determining what Academy your gnome was raised in. Use the forest gnome subrace for those raised in the The Naturalist Academy and the rock gnomes for PCs raised in the Engineering Academy. Adventuring is a perfectly normal avenue for gnomes, who see curiosity about other places and Races as a normal drive. Gnomes view adventuring as a type of field work.



The other Races may call these people the Smallest Race, but their name for themselves in their language means the Mightiest Race. Fierce and hardy, the halflings carve a hard life on their high plateaus, herding sheep in the cold, damp crags. They ride the strongest of their rams, even in battle. They do not like sheep-fucker jokes, often reacting with a knife to the knee of the comedian. Their gods are intensely personal, with each clan and family picking a patron god. Clans and families build cairns for their gods to live in. The gods vary from clan to clan and family to family, even those with the same names. While they are generally weaker, when the halfling clans go to war, their gods go with them.


Socially, the Halflings align themselves in Clans, led by a matron. In the society, the men are viewed as eternally children, free to live without much responsibility. The women run the clan and the families without much help from the males of their race. When they go to war, the men go as well but never in leadership positions.


If you want to play a halfling, you need to know that Stouts high on the plateaus and are the main sheep farmers. Hill halflings live in the lower lands and process, weave, and sell wool cloth and yarn. They also arrange the sell of raw wool, mutton, and other sheep products to the outside world.



Humans can breed with any sentient race (there’s rumor that they could do it with animals, too, but no one has admitted to or produced proof) and produce a half-breed. Humans tend to view these admixtures with interest or disdain, according to personal beliefs. As a whole, humans see them as being without a true people or heritage. The dwarves generally give their half-dwarves to the gnomes, either out of shame (if the dwarf parent is a woman) or convenience (if male). Gnomes see no issue with their half-blooded kin, so long the children Test and join an academy. They do note after much observation over the years that half-humans tend to not be as smart as their gnomish equivalents. Elves raise their half-breed children with sorrow, knowing that they will have the tragedy of watching those children grow old and die far too soon. The children are also excluded from the Pillars, leaving them as forever children in the eyes of their society. Halflings view their half-human kin one of two ways: if the child’s father is a halfling, then the child is human. If the mother is a halfling, then the child is halfling and part of the clan.


Halfies Stats

Half Dwarf

Ability Score Increase: +2 to Constitution, +1 to two other abilities.

Dwarven Resilience (Advantage against poison and resistance to poison)

Dwarven Toughness (+1 Hitpoint each level)

Skill Versatility: Gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.


Half Gnome

Ability Score Increase: +2 Int, +1 to two others.

Size:  Medium

Speed: 25 ft


Gnome Cunning

Skill Versatility: Gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.


Half Halfling

Ability Score Increase: +2 to Dexterity, +1 to two other abilities.

Size: Medium

Speed: 25 ft



Skill Versatility: Gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.


Character Creation

  1. I’m going to ask people come to me with a broad concept and we’ll work together to fit the concept into the world. Don’t put mechanics to paper until we’ve hammer out what you’re playing, please.

  2. Follow the stat generation from in the book. Don’t roll stats until I’m in chat with you to see you roll them.

  3. I will put up a poll in this thread asking people which route they want to talk at the start of game. You will be adventurers hired by one of the nobles to help them secure a new kingdom. The choices are three: follow the eldest son (second child) to the Wild Islands to carve land from the pirates; follow the second son (third oldest) south into the goblin lands; follow the youngest daughter by boat to circle around the goblin lands and see what’s on the other side of their territory.


A map of all of this will be forthcoming.

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Characters approved to build: 

Aphrodite - Half-elf Warlock

Forge - Half-Dwarven Cleric

Jeremy - Halfling Monk

Jordan - Human Wizard

Mala - Wood Elf Rogue

Max - Halfling Druid 

Nina - Human Paladin

Noir - Dwarven Barbarian

Ray - Human Fighter

Rorx - Human Rogue

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As Carver stated above, I am going Human Wizard for my character, and I'm giving him the Urchin Background which gives him a handful of rougish proficiencies just in case we are ever without an actual Rogue...


As for the poll, I'm interested in options 2 and 3 but won't say no if everyone else prefers beating up Johnny Depp knock-offs :D  They all sound fun and interesting...

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Krugar Rockbiter - Half-dwarven cleric of war.  Raised by his mother and given nothing but a name from his father.  There was 
a fire in his heart and hair on his belly from an early age that set him on a warrior's path.  He constantly got into fights over his heritage, so 
much so that he could see the ill effects it was having on his mother.  In a not-so-rare act of brashness, he ran away for her sake (she would 
totally thank him) and wound up joining a band of roving bandits to get by.  Everything was going mostly okay until one night he received a 
vision that the shipment they planned to hit the next day served a greater purpose and if he could help protect it, that would be great, k thx.
[Forge] 1:32 am: Krugar was disturbed by this, but shook it off as bad brandy from the night before.  They prepared the hit with the classic 
tree-fallen-across-the-road bit (cont)
[Forge] 1:08 am: The motley band rushed the transport/wagon as it approached the large log only to be surprised by a couple fighters  led by 
a paladin all bearing the *war god's* symbol (cont)
[Forge] 1:10 am: Krugar , in a totally-not-divine intervention tripped in the rush and promptly lived up to his name sake and went lights out
[Forge] 1:14 am: When he woke up, mostly everyone was dead or dying on both sides.  The only one marginally left alive was the paladin.  He 
lived long enough to have Krugar two scrolls.
[Forge] 1:32 am: One was sealed and the other contained instructions about delivering the sealed one at all costs 
in a hurry payment on delivery(or something close to that, Krugar didn't read too well)  Krugar broke the seal on the other letter, didn't (cont) 
understand any of it
[Forge] 1:16 am: because of what Krugar could only explain as a 'code'.  With everyone dead, the transport burnt to a husk and a reward 
seeming easy, he finished the scrolls delivery (cont)
[Forge] 1:33 am: only to be surprised with less than impressed priests who had him imprisoned and not rewarded.  The leader of the temple, 
seeming all knowing and being able to read the oh-so-complicated youth, but yet still seeing the potential, gave Krugar a choice; Serve the 20 
year sentence given to you in the little rock box used by the priests for meditation or join them as an initiate and be free to leave after the 
standard term of indentured service of five years.  Duh, Krugar took the five, regretted it *training montage* grew up a bit, and here we are
Half Dwarf
Ability Score Increase: +2 to Constitution, +1 to two other abilities.
Dwarven Resilience (Advantage against poison and resistance to poison)
Dwarven Toughness (+1 Hitpoint each level)
Skill Versatility: Gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.
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Rolled Stats: 11, 11, 11, 12, 14, 17

History: being reworked.

Her mother was a dark elven cleric. Her father was a human barbarian. Adventurers have needs on the roads, needs they carelessly fulfilled. The famed human potency rang true and Anura was conceived. She was raised by her mother's side of the family because her father never settled down and got dead because of it.

The elves pitied Anura. Sure they lived longer than the humans, but not much. At least she would grow old gracefully. Anura was angered by this attitude. She didn't want to be pitied, she wanted to be seen as their equal! But they couldn't do that. She grew like a weed to them. And there was only so much they could teach her in so short of time. Anura took this pity and partial negligence as a deep affront.

Anura took to the dark arts, as that was something that would get them to notice her. They didn't shun her studies, but they didn't help her either. the more and more she learned about the dark realms, the more it impressed on her angst. She could use the darkness of her own soul as power. She would show them she would show them all!

Though she overstepped her bounds when one day she called upon the Dark Mistress to grant her the power she so 'rightfully' deserved. The Dark Mistress showed up as planned. Instead of crushing the half-elf where she stood, the Dark Mistressed was humored and gave her just a small taste of what she would have. The Dark Mistress said Anura could have more if she would just enter a pact with Her. Anura greedily accepted. Anything to show them that she was not someone to be pitied. The Dark Mistress put tainted Anura's soul, damning it to the Dark Mistress's service when Anura would die. Anura's onyx skin turned red as the Dark Mistress's.

Anura left her home behind and started to travel the world.

Anura, NE Half-Elf Warlock (Charlatan) 1

Strength 11 (+0, +2 if prof)

• Athletics

Dexterity 11 (+0, +2 if prof)

• Acrobatics

• Sleight of Hand (prof)

• Stealth

Constitution 15 (+2, +4 if prof)

Intelligence 11 (+0, +2 if prof)

• Arcana (prof)

• History

• Investigation

• Nature

• Religion

Wisdom 13 (+1, +3 if prof) (save prof)

• Animal Handling

• Insight (prof)

• Medicine

• Perception (prof)

• Survival

Charisma 19 (+4, +6 if prof) (save prof)

• Deception (prof)

• Intimidation (prof)

• Performance

• Persuasion

HP 10 (1d8+2)

AC 11 (leather armor)

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Character’s Name: Seraphania Player: Nina

Class: Paladin Level: 1 Alignment: Neutral

Race Variant Human Subrace: Imperial Age: early 20s Gender: Female

Height: 6' 2 1/2†Weight: 178 Lbs Size: Medium

Hair: Brown Eyes: Grey Skin: Fair Complexioned

Appearance: An intimidating  giant of a woman by most standards but well per-portioned. If not for her obvious female curves and attractive feminine features she would probably be considered masculine due to her size and incredible physique as well as the faint scars of battle she has on both face and body which she makes no attempt to hide, yet despite this she manages to maintain a Feminine beauty which is quite noticeable if one looks for it. When not armored for battle she will dress In common utilitarian clothing suitable for active labor or work. She does not own a dress and hasn't since she first left home.





Background: Soldier (Officer) Feature: Military Rank ( ? )

Personality Traits: I can stare down a Hell Hound without flinching, I face problems Head-on, a simple solution is the best path to success.

Ideals: Greater Good, Responsibility, Independence

Bonds: I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves

Flaws: My Hatred of my enemies (Evil) is Blind and Unreasoning




Seraphania (pronounced Seer - aff – a – nee – a) is the middle child out of ten, four brothers before her followed by two sisters a brother and at last another sister. Her Father was a blackmith and so was more well to do than most in the town they lived in and could afford such a big family due to the proximity of a Local Imperial Garrison supplying work. Her mother ran the household but brought in no outside Income.


Ser (pronounced Seer) as she was called mostly, was a difficult birth for her mother due to her size even as an infant, in fact the midwife had claimed that she would be a boy and was as startled as everyone else when a girl child was Born.


She had a good childhood until she was four or five and had begun attending the local school. She had great difficulty paying attention to the scholar who had been hired by the town council to educate the more privileged children of the town, of which she was the first of her family to attend, in the Imperial manner. This education consisted of reading and writing, arithmetic basics, history, and philosophy but it was an education Ser would never receive. While she could grasp the basics of numbers she could not learn to read. The letters by themselves she understood but when put together into words try as hard as she might she could not fathom the relations ship she couldn't see the words as words and so she could not learn writing nor reading and was thus labeled an idiot by the scholar and removed from the school.


But Ser was not an idiot in fact she had a great deal of common sense and easily learned physical tasks and skills. Her father while disappointed that his youngest (at that time) couldn't distinguish herself as a student, nonetheless took her on as an apprentice since her oldest brother had married and moved away that same year. Her size and strength made her the ideal apprentice and she enjoyed the physical work however she was only a mediocre smith. She was unable to do more than the basic smith work lacking the dexterity for the finer work needed to make intricate and detailed tools and weapons. Still her after could use her strength and so he kept her at work in the smity.


The years past and Ser grew up. By the time she was twelve she was taller and stronger than all the children in their town and some of the men as well she was also turning into a beauty. Her body matured at a young age and she began to look more womanly than girlish and boys and men began to notice. She did not respond to this well, and several fights occur when the older boys tried to have their way with the blacksmiths daughter and she declined. She also didn't stop growing by the time she was 15 she stood a little under 6 feet and was the tallest woman in the town and only shorter than a small number of men and the strongest of all both men and women. Her older brothers had married and worked as partners with her farther and she was assistant to all three. Her younger sisters and brother were all attendees of the now larger school and not dumb like their older sister. She was also no longer the most beautiful woman in town as her oldest sister , Raphilia, at thirteen was attracting the same attentions she had been receiving for several years without the benefit of Ser's ability to hold unwanted suitors off. But she did have her big sister.


The year she turned sixteen was the worst year of her life to this point. Winter was exceptionally harsh and her youngest sister became sick and died. That spring the Garriosn moved closer to the fighting the area in which they lived having been completely pacified. This caused a great loss in income for the family. And her father decided to marry her off. This did not sit well with Ser at all. She hadn't fought to keep her virtue all these years just to be sold off like cattle in an arranged marriage, not even to benefit her family. Some called this act selfish and in hind sight perhaps it was, Ser just knew deep down that marriage wasn't what she wanted and it wasn't just selfishness it was deeper, it was in her heart. So she ran away.


She didn't know what she wanted to do so she traveled as far as she could from her home town and eventually arrived at the Imperial capital. After trying to find honest work and having no luck she did what countless youths have done for centuries. She joined the army.


With her size (she now topped 6') and strength the army could care less about her ability to read. She was perfect for the infantry and she excelled at martial skills with a natural talent with weapons. She served well in the army and strangely it made her happy something she had never been as a smiths assistant.


After four years in the army while on campaign her life took another drastic turn. Still a private due to her inability to read and lack of education she found herself as always in the front lines of the battle with a savage tribe of orcs which had been terrorizing a distant province.


As always in these cases an army was sent. During the pivotal battle the line was breached and an elite squad of the filthy savages broke thru trapping the commanders staff, the officers not used to being in the battle fled but the Commanders horse was slain and he was trapped as the beast fell. Trapped and facing certain death the commander watched as the orcs closed in on him for the kil then out of nowhere a lone soldier smashed in to the orcs. Ser who was returning to the front line after being refreshed had seen the breakthrough and witnessed the fall of the commander without hesitating she had charged into the orcs and slain two of their number. Taking position over her trapped commander she fought defensively until a counterattack drove the orcs away. The Commander disgusted with the actions of his staff and to spite them rewarded Ser with a promotion to officer. On the surface this was a great reward, in truth not so much.


Being an Officer was hard. She didn't have the skills needed she couldn't even read not for want of trying but still the written word was mystery she could not comprehend. Her troops loved her because she fought with them not behind them and the other officers hated her because of her low upbringing, the way her men loved her and how even being a stupid bitch she tended to succeed with excellent results. All of this ended two years later.


Assigned to the same district where she had been promoted and under some of the very officers who had been embarrassed that fateful day, she found her self in command of a small patrol sent to investigate rumors of orc activity along the border. The patrol was ambushed. The orc force was much stronger than expected and not mere raiders but made up of the same elite orc death squad which had almost killed her Commander years ago. The patrol was slaughtered to a man and she was left mortally wounded, humiliated, raped by the inhuman monsters and left amid the corpses of her command to die. She could hear the laughter of the orc commander as they left her to suffer. Ser had never been religious only paying lip service to the gods. But that day lying there broken, dying she prayed. Prayed for vengeance not for herself but for her men she prayed for justice and vengeance on whoever had betrayed her command. For these orcs hadn't been raiders they had been waiting for her patrol and only betrayal could have made that possible.


With only moments of life left a shadow fell over her, through blood crusted eyes she saw a man weathered and scarred, wearing worn armor and caring a large Hammer. He knetl beside her looking at her. She moved her crushed lips but her dry through could do no more than croak. He spoke his voice harsh but soft. “No I won't waste water on a dead woman. Show me your will to live and maybe.â€

She could feel life slipping away her vision blurring growing darker. With effort she craoked one word “Waterâ€


Again the man shook his head. “No, show me you want to live. Hell if you weren't so messed up I might have raped you as well before you died its been along time since I had a woman, Heh. No Show us you want to Live†He hold up a water skin opens she can see the moisture at eh open cap. His words anger her. She cries not in pain or fear but with rage the darkness recedes , not entirely but enough with a ragged gasp as pain rips through her she hauls her self up and grasps the skin, but fall back before she can put it too he lips. A scream of rage rips from her throat and she hears a second voice this one clear and surreal at the same time.


“Enough Erold, Take her, teach her, send her to me. Justice will be done, Vengeance will be taken.â€


She felt water trickle into her throat, through the pain she felt the man close “Swear you will follow me if I give you life until the day I release you I will take no liberties not freely offered but you must do as I say in all things. I will hold your life until I give it back to you, and you shall become the hand of vengeance and justice. Swear to me and live.â€


Pain and Anger. Ser nods once and croaks one word, “Swear†then she feels his hands upon her and life flows back and she is reborn.


Years of training pass she is older, wiser. She has grown to her full height of six foot two and half inches. The scars she bears are visible but her beauty can still be seen. Not that any man or woman would act upon it her mere presence is one of intimidation. Erold told her what he was A paladin of Ithtari. Told her how he had known to be there at that place and that time. A task he had done many times but few showed the will to live. Fewer swore. And none until her had survived to the day he returned their life to them. Only a few days ago Erod told her that he was done with her she had earned her life back, had learned all he could teach her and that it was time they part. He had received another call and had left her to find her own way. His parting words to her both satisfying and cryptic. “Go Ser, Use what I have taught and if you succeed you too will be called. Its up to you whether you answer.†and he was gone.


Seraphania, sat in the tavern, her armor wasn't shiny her weapons not holy, she had no glow of righteousness about her, and she was almost broke. She waited. She was a Paladin, she would be called.



Hit Dice: D10 Total Hit Points: 11 Current Hit Points: 11

Death Saves Successes: Failed:

Initiative: 0 Speed : 30 Per Hour: 3 miles Per Day: 24 miles

Armor Class: 16/18 with a sword and shield

Armor Worn: Chain Mail AC: 16 Ench. Bonus: 0 Dex Mod: n/a

Shield AC: 2 Ench. Bonus: 0

STR: 17 (+3) DEX: 10 (0) CON: 13 (+1) INT: 7 (-2) WIS: 13 (+1) CHA: 16 (+3)

Proficiency Bonus: +2

SAVING THROWS (* indicates proficiency)

STR +3 DEX 0 CON +1 INT -2 *WIS +3 *CHA +5


Acrobatics (Dex) +2

Animal Handling (Wis) +3

Arcana (Int) 0

Athletics (Str) +5

Deception (Cha) +5

History (Int) 0

Insight (Wis) +3

Intimidation (Cha) +5

Investigation (Int) 0

Medicine (Wis) +3

Nature (Int) 0


Perception (Wis) +3

Performance (Cha) +5

Persuasion (Cha) +5

Religion (Int) 0

Sleight of Hand (Dex) +2

Stealth (Dex) +2

Survival (Wis) +3

PASSIVE WISDOM (Perception): 13



Tool proficiency – dice

Tool proficiency – vehicles (land)




Heavy Armor Master (+1 to Strength, while wearing heavy armor, bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage taken from non magical weapons is reduced by 3.)



Divine Sense - the presence of strong evil can be detected. can be used 4 times between long rests

Lay on Hands -  heal by drawing on a pool of hit points (5) pool is restored after a long rest.

Weapon Attack Damage/Type Range Weight

Long Sword* +5 1d8+3 s melee 3lb does 1d10+3 if wielded two handed

War Hammer* +5 1d8+3 b melee 2lb does 1d10+3 if wielded two handed

Dagger +5 1d4 p melee 1lb range 20/60 thrown

OTHER NOTES: Including places explored, people & monsters met


CP: 7

SP: 49




Trinket: Rank Insignia of a Lost Legionnaire


war hammer, long sword, dagger, explorers pack (backpack, bedroll, messkit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days rations, waterskin, 50' hemp rope), chainmail, holy symbol, rank insignia, set of dice, common clothes 5sp, travelers clothes 2gp, Healers kit 5gp, iron pot 2gp, soap 2cp, sack 1cp,

EXPERIENCE Needed for next level: 300

Stat rolls witnessed by Carver

15 – str (adds during creation +1 from racial, +1 from Feats final 17)

13 - wis

15 – cha (adds during creation +1 from racial final 16)

10 – dex

13 - con

7 - int

Soldier Roll

[Carver] 3:06 am: Forge: It wouldn't.

[Nina] 3:07 am: nite carv

Nina *rolls* 1d8: 1: 1

[Nina] 3:08 am: officer

[Lobby]: Carver has left at 3:08 am




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So I have enough players to make two solid parties. To that end, I have decided that we can follow two of the royals above. So I need to change the poll and to try to give everyone something that they want, I'm asking each player to do the following.


Select two of the three options and rank them as your #1 choice and your #2 choice. I will then try to balance the parties between the top two so that the parties are the four classic roles covered and people will get to be in their #2 choice, at minimum. I can't guarantee this but I will try my best. Just post your votes in this thread ASAP.


So vote away!



Fighting Pirates - 2

Fighting Goblins - 4

Fighting Unknown - 3

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So wizards of the coast has put out a free player companion for their coming storyline of the Elemental Evil.  It has 3 new races (and a new Gnome subrace) and a bunch of new elemental themed spells.


I'm putting a link up here because it seemed an appropriate place but naturally Carver has say on whether anything from the book can be used. :)




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Okay, here's the results of the voting and the sorting. Everyone gets at least one of their choices, except Aphrodite who didn't really get a chance to vote. Sorry!


We have two groups:


Following Prince Nicoli (goblins)







Following Princess Elena (exploration)







With that, we need characters done. Everyone has until Sunday March 15 to get their completed sheet in to me. Those who make the deadline will be awarded 50 xp.


If you want 50 more xp, craft a minimum 300 word story about how you were recruited to your particular royal's cause.



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1. Oldest Son - Pirates

2. Youngest Daughter - Cook-like exploration (Columbus was a hack)

...Everyone gets at least one of their choices, except Aphrodite who didn't really get a chance to vote. Sorry!


Following Prince Nicoli (goblins)







Following Princess Elena (exploration)









It doesn't matter to me really, I just thought it was funny.

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Alright. If I don't have your full sheets by now, you're not eligible for the 50 xp bonus. The recruitment bonus remains open for those who haven't completed it yet. Keep your eyes open for other chances to get bonus xp. 


In the meantime, the two IC threads are open. These are RP threads; nothing plotsy will happen but they are chances for people to interact with one another, follow up on personal stories, work on mysterious trinkets, or anything your PC wants to do. They'll be open from now until next Monday, at which point new IC posts will go up that will focus more on the overarching plot. The RP threads will remain open until people are done with them or they grind to a halt.


Have fun guys, and welcome to Manifest Destiny!

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If you don't have your character profile up, please get it up ASAP. If your PC isn't to me by the end of the day, I'll be continuing the game without it and you'll have to wait until the second adventure to get started.


The Free RP chapters will remain open until people stop posting in them; everyone who has posted in them will get bonus xp. The xp log will go up today.

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Experience Tracker and Renown Tracker are up. If I'm wrong on experience, please talk to me ASAP. If you think I'm wrong on Renown, you can come talk to me but remember that Renown is a subjective score that is affected by events and opinions you may not know about as a PC. I'm willing to talk about it, but that doesn't mean that someone can come to me with the expectation that I'll "correct" their Renown score. I am very happy to explain where the numbers (or lack of them) came from.

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I had a question about this, so hopefully this will clear it up. Nicoli’s military setup is based on a merging of Roman and modern organization. I’ll use the modern words most of the time to avoid confusion.



Private – The backbone of the military, these are the base grunts that do all the hard work and fill out the infantry.

Sergeant – Though considered enlisted, they’re a step up from privates. They are generally given more responsibility and higher level duties, including training privates.

Chief Sergeant – The highest rank for the enlisted, these trusted troops are usually found in charge of training facilities or supplies.

Lieutenant – The lowest rank of the officer class, troops at this level will be leaders of platoons or oversee several other groups of enlisted. They also serve as support officers to captains.

Captains – Usually leaders of companies, these officers are sometimes nobility, especially third sons of low-ranking nobles.

Major – The commanders of battalions, majors are usually nobles.

General – The highest rank of officers, these are almost always noble, since  peasants that make it this high usually receive at least a title.



Quads – Privates are linked into groups of four and trained to fight together.

Squad – Two quads, the commanding sergeant or chief sergeant, and a supporting soldier, such as an acolyte or a sage.

Platoon – This is a rare formation, usually composed of fifteen to thirty soldiers and trained for a specialized purpose, such as cannoneers. Commanded by at least a Lieutenant.

Company – Ten squads commanded by a captain.

Battalion – Five companies commanded by a major; some have a specialized platoon attached.

Regiment – Ten battalions commanded by a General; usually have at least three platoons.


All that being typed, please keep in mind that as adventurers, you are outside of normal military ranks. You generally take orders from a general, and you get to keep any loot you find (unlike the rank and file, who have to turn it in and then have it evenly dispersed out by their officers). It provides you guys with much more freedom than most troops. It does mean that you can refuse assignments and you can do so individually, or as a group. However, doing so too much or without providing some rationale will result in you not getting assignments anymore.


Elena’s army is arranged the same, as this is standard for the Empire. Also, her contracts with the adventurers are much the same as outlined above. The difference is that her expedition’s current focus is exploration while Nicoli’s are focused on war with the goblins.

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Evan, Felix, and Dru for the PCs. I am considering ways to get the PCs back together within a couple of adventures. With RL smacking people around, it might be best so that those who are active can at least RP together.




As a note, I'm not worried about the drop off rate. On this site, I expect to lose at least 25% of the characters fairly early in the game.

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Evan, Felix, and Dru for the PCs. I am considering ways to get the PCs back together within a couple of adventures. With RL smacking people around, it might be best so that those who are active can at least RP together.




As a note, I'm not worried about the drop off rate. On this site, I expect to lose at least 25% of the characters fairly early in the game.



Probably a good idea since I've been gone and not much has happened since I left.

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Okay, I'll make plans in regards to that. In truth, the most likely scenario is that Elena will find her piece of land before Nicoli defeats enough of the goblins to matter. So we can do goblins for all or invading the pirates. Any strong preferences?

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I have no preferences.  For all I care, a monty python type foot can come out of the similar-type clouds and boot us to the other party with the power of handwavium.


edit: or we can just two man it, or three man it, or whoever is really 'here'.  I just haven't posted to be polite and let others speak up.  I'm more than happy to just steamroll them along and assume they are oddly self-absorbed most of the time.

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