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                                         Kitsu Kageko




Kitsu Kageko

Lion Clan Sodan-Senzo

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5'

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Fiery Orange/Yellow

Appearance: Kageko is rather petite young lady with piercing hazel eyes and a fiery mane of hair that is usually tamed into a banded ponytails on either side of her face. She wears a hooded robe with the Kitsu family mon emblazoned on the bottom of each sleeve and the mon of the Lion Clan on her back. Try as it might, even the voluminous robe with its large hood cannot totally conceal the striking beauty of this young Lion. Her features so soft and elegant, almost feline.

Beneath the robe, she often wears her favorite kimono decorated with scenes of the Spine of the World Mountains at dusk bearing her family mon on her left sleeve. Her scroll satchel rests on her right hip while her wakizashi rests on her left side, in her obi, occasionally accompanied by her han-kyu and quiver resting on the hip.

Personality: Kageko has a quiet sadness about her. She is very polite, bowing graciously and talking softly though sometimes to people who are not there, which can be unsettling to people at first. Her gaze often drifts off into a forlorn nothingness only to be suddenly brought back by a question or comment directed at her. Strangely though, she does seem to be able to pay attention to conversations and the like in these moments.

Those who spend extended time with her soon discover that she does not sleep well, apparently plagued by terrible nightmares, the source of which is unknown. As a result, she often rests by spending time meditation or playing haunting melodies on her shakuhachi (bamboo flute).

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"Think lightly of yourself, and deeply of the world"



Name: Myrumoto Rin

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5' 6''

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown, Worn Shorter than normal for a girl

Eyes: Brown


Appearance: Rin is a bit tall for a girl and a little bit more curvy than the average with broad muscled shoulders and a large bosom. Her dark brown hair is worn much shorter than normal for a woman and her large brown eyes are  always sparkle with a glint of humor or mischief except when she is sad and they darken with unspent tears. While pretty with a well proportioned face and pleasant features she is a far cry from the ideal of beauty to which most Woman aspire too.   Having been raised in a decidedly non traditional way for a Samurai-ko, first by the old couple who were the caretakers at her mothers house and then by the Denizens of Togashi Castle until she left to join the Mirumoto school, she has a bit of trouble with the etiquette and manner of a Lady. While she can dress in the noble finery of her station she prefers simple clothing and will dress In her Jade Green Kimono with the Dragon Clan Symbol on its back and smaller Dragon symbols on the sleeve edges and Hakama, unless formality ordains other wise. She wears her Family Mon on her left over her heart and her Daisho, which were her mothers are always worn properly with reverence except when manners dictate otherwise.


Personality: Rin is outgoing and gregarious She is extremely brash and will take offense at the slightest hint of insult;t to her, her family, her clan or her friends and will always demand apology or satisfaction. She is very Confident in her abilities and hotblooded to a fault. But she has a softer side as well. she will spend hours studying a flower, bird, or insect drawing it on papers in many different styles and will often color the the drawings which she saves in a small box which is always with her.



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Shosuro Toshi


Scorpion Clan - Courtier


Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5'8

Weight: 150 lb.

Hair: Short black hair.

Eyes: Pale green.


Appearance: Toshi appears a slender youth, face much concealed from the nose down by a mask of a steel-gray color. Though the mouth is stylized open, a trick of its shape and shadows obscures the human lips and mouth even in the midst of conversation. His fine clothing bears the Scorpion mon and the line beneath: "I can swim."


What he bears by his waist is a fan and a wakizashi (plus tanto), but no katana - reminding that he is a courtier who cannot fight his own duels.


Personality: Toshi seems calm, educated and observant... but there is as yet no reason to differentiate him from the mass of Scorpions. He does demonstrate an interest in the theater.

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Kuni Taka


Crab Clan Kuni Shugenja



Gender = Male

Age       = 14

Height  = 4'10" 

Hair      = Shaven!, but would be black

Eyes    = Slate grey - almost black




Despite his small size he is quite stockily built in order to help him wield the Tetsubo he generally carries over one shoulder. He is dressed in quite plain, average quality clothes. Typically kimono and hakama with a travelling cloak and a hat to cover his shaven head. Although he only wears his Wakizashi in his obi he keeps his katana in his backpack if circumstances dictate he should need it. He knows how to use either blade or tetsubo and is prepared to do so in battle, but as a shugenja does not indulge in duelling. 



Taka is intelligent and determined both of which show in his slate grey eyes. He is small for his age and this caused him to miss out on his ambition to be a Kuni Witch Hunter when the apprentices were chosen. However, this has driven him to learn all that he can to survive and perhaps even thrive in his environment. In the Crab lands this has meant learning to fight despite being a Shugenja, to heal others and to bring destruction to the tainted denizens of the Shadowlands. Now he has been thrust into the world outside the Crab lands he has learnt that the rules are very different and he is trying to absorb the information he needs to survive there. However, he does not want to reinforce the image of Crabs being rude so rather than asking lots of questions he tries to keep quiet and observe as much as he can.


Although he is small in stature and younger in years than many of his travelling companions he has seen and dealt many times more death and destruction than his companions during his years of apprenticeship on the Wall and travelling into the Kuni lands. This shows in his eyes which seem much older than his years, his readiness to join in the drinking and jollity of the evenings at the way stations, but also his self-imposed limits to that same drinking. He knows the penalties that come in the deaths of friends and family for being incapable of fighting or casting whenever necessary.

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"Life is found on the Moment's Edge"







Name: Kakita Zoyu

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5'4''

Weight: 115 lbs

Hair: White with a lock of black; very long

Eyes: One Blue, One Green



Kakita Zoyu is a rare beauty, even among the refined aesthetics of the Crane, with an enviously pale and silky complexion, enticing mismatched eyes of blue and green, and stunning facial features, her full lips usually curved in a playful, enigmatic half-smile. Her voice is dulcet and melodic. Her glistening, naturally white hair, highlighted by a streak of pure sable, has never been cut and would fall to her knees if not elegantly styled and bound. Her figure is sleekly toned, yet curvaceous and well-endowed and she moves with languid, sensuous grace, as if just a step away from dancing.


Her azure kimono is cut to emphasize her curves and movment, and patterned with the images of birds and sakura blossoms, with her clan mon on her back and her family mon on her right sleeve, where her ancestors can guide her actions and blade (to varying degrees of success). Her Katana and Wakizashi - fashioned by her father's own hand - ride at her hip, as natural to her as an extension of her own arm, her obi drawing attention to the fine curve of hip and waist.



Zoyu is a proud, gracious and vivacious young woman, her mismatched gaze at turns coy or direct, with an inherent sensuality she is beginning to explore. She has a tendency to stand closer to others, with seemingly accidental contact, that isn't quite intrusive enough to break propriety and is free with lavishing her attention on men, and even women, that catch her eye if its returned in kind and then some. She is beautiful, is well aware of it, and expects others to be aware of it as well.


Dancing and Dueling - which she sees as just another kind dancing - are two of her greatest loves and she takes almost any opportunity to engage in or witness either. When dancing or dueling, she possesses an imperturbable and poised calmness that belies her youth, completely living on the Moment's Edge, and her blade is ever ready to defend the honour of family, clan, and friends... or those who have attracted her eye.


Though she can't lie for the life of her, no more than the edge of a blade can lie, she rarely reveals all she knows, hiding behind a pleasant and mysterious half-smile. For those who look below the surface, they may notice a yearning for something or someone she keeps private.

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Joudai of Doji Noriaki's Esatate in Tsuma


Gender: Male

Age: Middle-aged

Height: 5'5"

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black with gray (mostly bald)


Appearance: Yedo is a middle-aged man of average hieght and build with a pleasant smile. As Joudai (Chamberlain) of Doji Noriaki's Esatate in Tsuma he is well-dressed for a Heimin, even sporting his own fan (for practical use) and is quite healthy. He is largely bald and what hair remains is dark and heavily peppers with gray. The nearest thing he every seems have to a weapon is a broom or rake.


Personality: Yedo is a pleasant and courteous man with a warm, easy demeanor. He never fails to show respect for his betters and seems rather happy and content in his life. He always strives to do the best job he can as Joudai, overseeing the running of the household and enjoying his work and position, but always showing the servants of the house beneath him respect. His easy going, even gregarious demeanor has earned him many friends among the people of Tsuma, with even the samurai in the area seeming to show a fondness for him.

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The other Topaz Championship competitors of note...




Hiruma Sota - Hiruma Scout



Otaku Etsuko - Outaku Battle-Maiden



Kakita Ujimitsu - Kakita Bushi



Doji Chinatsu - Doji Magistrate



Asako Kaito - Isawa Shugenja



Shiba Izumi - Shiba Bushi



Agasha Chouko - Agasha Shugenja



Akodo Yokasu - Akodo Bushi/Tactician



Bayushi Daisuke - Bayushi Bushi



Mamushi Kichiro & Mamushi Mitsuko - Viper Bushi



Hitoe - Mantis Bushi


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~ NPC List - The Topaz Championship ~


Emperor Hantei XXXVIII (Imperial) - The Son of Heaven, The Emperor of Rokugan, Widower and father of Hantei Satorii

Haneti Satorii (Imperial) - The Emperor's son and only child, sole heir to the throne.

Miya Yoto (Imperial) - Daimyo of the Yoto Family (the Imperial Heralds), Master of Ceremonies for the Topaz Championship the year you competed

Seppun Tetsuo (Imperial) - Seppun Miharu who helped protect the Prince during the zombie ambush in the Tsuma dojo.


Lord Kuni Yori (Crab) - Jade Champion, Daimyo of the Kuni family,

Hiruma Hanori (Crab) - Hiruma Sota's uncle, attended the Topaz Championship in support of Hiruma Sota


Lord Doji Satsume (Crane) - Emerald Champion, Daimyo of the Cran Clane and Doji Family  

Doji Hoturi (Crane) - Doji Satsume's son, next in line to lead the Doji family and Crane clan

Kakita Toshimoko (Crane) - Head Sensei of the Kakita Dueling Academy, older brother of the Kakita family daimyo, considered the greatest living sowrdsman by most.

Doji Noriaki (Crane) - High ranking Doji courtier who invited you to attend the Topaz Championship

Yedo (Henin) - The joudai (chamberlain) of Doji Noriaki's home in Tsuma


Lord Bayushi Shoju (Scorpion) - Daimyo of the Scorpion clan and Bayushi family. Husband of Kachiko.

Lady Bayushi Kachiko (Scorpion) - Wife of Shoju, sister of the Shosuro family Daimyo

Bayushi Tangen (Scorpion) - Descendant of Bayushi Tangen (the author of "Lies"), creator of a new Iaijutsu style called "The Dark Sword of Bitter Lies", sensei to Bayushi Daisuke

Baysuhi Zoshun (Scorpion) - Attended the Topaz Championship in support of Bayushi Daisuke.

Soshi Tadam (Scorpion) - Attended the Topaz Championship in support of Bayushi Daisuke.


Otaku Hatsumi (Unicorn) - Otaku Etsuko's older sister, attended the Topaz Championship in support of Otaku Etsuko

Akodo Yokasu (Lion) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Agasha Chouko (Dragon) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Bayushi Daisuke (Scorpion) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant, practitioner of a new Iaijutsu style called "The Dark Sword of Bitter Lies", Bayushi Tangen's student.

Bayushi Ujimitsu (Scorpion) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant, formerly a Kakita

Doji Chinatsu (Crane) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Hiruma Sota (Crab) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Otaku Etsuko (Unicorn) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Asako Kaito (Phoenix) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Shiba Izumi (Phoenix) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Usagi Massanori (Hare) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Mamushi Kichiro (Viper) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant, twin brother of Mamushi Mitsuko

Mamushi Mitsuko (Viper) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant, twin sister of Mamushi Kichiro

Hitoe (Mantis) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant

Hiju (Unaligned) - Jade Magistrate, Topaz Champion contestant, skilled hunter, family serves as hunting guides to the Imperial Families.


~ Places of Note ~

House of the Laughing Carp - An popular inn within Tsuma, Crab holding, has "Friendly Traveler" sake

Poisoned Water Sake House - Dive sake house in Tsuma where several patrons died due to bad sake during the Topaz Championship

Kakita Dojo - Built right across the river from Tsuma, part of the Kakita Artisan Academy, where the famed Kakita Iaijutsu Duelists are trained, Head Sensei Kakita Toshimoko

Tsuma Dojo - Formerly the public dojo in Tsuma, location of zombie ambush of Prince Satorii, now Jade Magistrates Dojo

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~ NPC List - Blood for Blood (pt 1) ~


Lord Hideji Fumiya (Crane) - Former Hideji Daimyo (vassal family of the Doji), murdered in his chambers after the banquet

Lord Hideji Nobikazu (Crane) - Fumiya's son and new Hideji Daimyo

General Hideji Yataro (Crane) - Fumiya's general

Hideji Daizo (Crane) - The bushi that led the way from the way station to Hideo Castle

Hideji Mitsurugi (Crane) - Head sensei of the Hideji dojo

Osuno (Henin) - Elderly woman, Fumiya's personal servant

Lord Daidoji Uji (Crane) - "The Iron Crane", Daimyo of the Daidoji family. protector of the Crane Clan

Daidoji Hatsu (Crane) - Karo (top aide) to Lord Daidoji Uji


Lord Shiba Ryotsu (Phoenix) - A Phoenix daimyo in the valley bordering the lands of the Hideji to the Northeast



Lord Ikoma Kazuma (Lion) - A Lion daimyo in the valley bordering the lands of the Hideji to the Southeast


Shosuro Ino (Scorpion) - A Scorpion living in Jinpachi who donates to the temple


Taro (Henin) - Elderly tattoo artist in Jinpachi, family used to tattoo the Okimoto


Akiko (Geisha) - Okasan (madam) of the House of the Cherry Blossom, moved to Jinpachi from Otosan Uchi just before the fall of the Okimoto

Ami (Geisha) - Geisha at the House of the Cherry Blossom, skilled dancer


Kumiko (Geisha) - Okasan (madam) of the House of the Pines, moved to Jinpachi from Otosan Uchi just before the fall of the Okimoto

Big Roji (?) - Bouncer/security at the House of the Pines.


Fumiko (Geisha) - A 'talent scout' that buys girls from the more remote villages and towns in the area. Some of the orphaned Okimoto girls were sold to her.


Kiomi (?) - Server at The House of the Dancing Merchant sake house.



? (Monk) - The Sōjō (abbot) at the temple in Jinpachi

Soji (Monk) - Monk who joined the temple in Jinpachi days before the fall of the Okimoto

Monks #3 - #6 (Monk) - Monks at the temple in Jinpachi

Hiruko (Miko) - A miko at the Jinpachi temple.


Lady Okimoto Chiyoko (Lion) - Surviving child of Lord Okimoto, sold to Fumiko and lived as a geisha at the House of the Pines until Hito explained who she was, killed Lord Fumiya..

Okimoto Hito (Lion) - Yojimbo to the Lord Okimoto's family, lived as a local ronin who arrived right after the fall of the Okimoto. Protects the town and its people more than the Hideji or doshin, Aided the monks in rooting out the uba. Watched over Chiyoko and explained to her who she was. Now Lady Okimoto's yojimbo.

Tisuri (Kenku?) - Talking crow, possibly a kenku


~ Places of Note ~

Shiro Hideo (Hideo Castle) - Small castle built by the Lion clan long ago, was home of the Okimoto vassal family of the Lion clan until captured by Lord Hideji Fumiya

The House of the Golden Peony - A popular inn located in Jinpachi

The House of the Cherry Blossom - Geisha House in Jinpachi, said to be visited by Fumiya on occasion, run by Akiko,

The House of the Pines - Geisha House in Jinpachi

The House of the Laughing Kappa - Sake house in Jinpachi

The House of the Dancing Traveler - Sake house in Jinpachi, frequented by Shosuro Ino


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