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Psions Unite! : Character Thread


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Birth Name: Amanda Rose Kantner
Aliases: none
Origin: Affluent
Nature: Hedonist
Aptitude: Telepathy [P] Teleportation Clairsentiance
Allegiance: Self

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Height: 5'4â€
Weight: 125lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Handedness: right
Distinguishing Marks: None.

General Appearance:


Amanda is bright and charming and pretty, she can be your best-friend, the life of the party. Everyone wants to know her and be liked by her, When you meet her you fall in love with her she is just that sweet, fun, and enchanting to be around. And she is also shallow, vindictive, petty. She rarely tells the truth unless it something that will benefit her and while she may be your best friend don't forget to watch your back. She's rich and she knows it and will flaunt it. She has very little regard for other peoples feelings. And whats really bad is that even afters she hurt you, belittled you, crushed you, and made you feel like crap, when she smiles at you all you want is for her to like you and be your friend again.


Background: Amanda is the daughter of Billionaire Jason Kantner of Kantner Global Enterprises and Suzanne Fullman A U.S. Diplomat now stationed in London. Kantner had met and fell in love with Suzanne when she had worked at the State Department. He swept her off her feet and they Married quickly. She had only been 24 while he was older already in his late 30s and had been married before. It was an unlikely marriage to begin with and no one expected it to last even as long as it did. That it lasted almost 12 years is due to the arrival of their child, Amanda.


Amanda was the first child for both of them and Jason doted on his daughter, and her mother was more than proud of the little girl but she wasn't going o give up her career to be a stay at home mom. Especially not when her billionaire husband was still gallivanting around like a playboy in his twenties. Amanda while loved by both became the weapons used by both in the fast spiraling out of control marriage. Amanda was spoiled as a child. She lived a life of privileg and as soon as she grew to understand this she accepted it. In many ways she took after her father. By the time she was eight or nine and becoming aware of such things she began to notice the fracturing of her parents relationship and this began to affect her own way of dealing with things. When they finally divorced and her mother left her to live with her father she took it to the next level and began acting out in a truly selfish and vindictive way towards her fellow classmates at the prestigious privates schools she attended, and against servants. As much trouble as she caused she always got out of it due to her way of making people fall in love with her and that even the people she hurt bad still wanted to be in her circle. Even her best friend, Cheryl Gardner, has been burned repeatedly by Amanda but genuinely likes Amanda and not because she is rich. Cheryl, who is herself wealthy due to a huge settlement form an accident which left her an orphan at twelve the same year Amanda's parents divorced, is the only person who seems to recognize the hurt that Amanda has over her parents divorce, and she has and will stick by her friend.


The last straw came when her father brought home a new wife, a 22 year old model named Tiffany, Amanda's attitude and actions got worse, Sex, drugs, arrests, Lindsy Lohan had nothing on Amanda and so her father not being able to straighten her out and not willing to deal with her anymore has sent her to London to live with her mother and get some discipline in her life. She is also under the threat of being cut off one and for all from her inheritance if she doesn't comply. Amanda has no choice she knows if she doesn't go daddy will cut her off so reluctantly she is going and Cheryl is coming with her.


Attributes: 3/5/7

Strength: 00 Awareness: 00 Appearance: 000

Dexterity: 00 Intelligence: 00 Manipulation: 00

Stamina: 00 Wits: 0000 (cunning) Charisma: 00000 (cool)

PSI: 7 ( 8 for calculating attunement range from The Sight) Psi Points : 14 Temp:

Will: 6 Temp:

Abilities/Special Skills:
Athletics 0

Drive 0

Awareness 000

Arts 00

Rapport 000

Intimidation 000

Style 000

Subterfuge 000

Etiquette 00

Perform 00

Savvy 00

Backgrounds: Resources 0000 [Trust Funds and daddy's Credit Cards], Followers 000 [3 typical teen hangers on]

Merits & Flaws: Mode Natural [Psychebending] 7pt/M, RAWRRR! (Animal Magnatisim) 1pt/M, I'm Waiting (Impatient) 1pt/F, Just You Wait (Vengeful) 2pt/F, Holy S**t (Combat ineffective) 2pt/F, You Have Got To Tell Me (Curiosity) 2pt/F


Telepathy (P) Mind Scan

Empathy 00

Sense Emotion


Mindshare 00



Psychbending 00 (+1 die to rolls from Mode Natural)


Will Control

Teleportation (S) Spatial Sense

Warp 0

Warp Shield

Clairsentience (S) The Sight

Psychometry 0

Psionic Echo

Bonus Points: 20/27 (+7 from flaws)

Willpower +1 (2bp)

Mindshare+1 (4bp)

Psychbending+1 (4bp)

Empathy +1 (4bp)

Psi +1 (5bp)

Mode Natural Psychebending (7bp)

Animal Magnetism (1bp)
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Rebecca Baines (Lt. Commander, Royal Navy, Discharged)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165 pds
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nicknames: Becca, Angel
Former Callsign: "Fish" (all her ejections happened over water, so the name stuck after her second...)
Childhood/Teenage Years: Rebecca was a curious child, Daughter of Peter and Naomi Baines. Loving to see her mom and dad's work at Baines Aeronautics. With her Dad the CEO and Mother the chief test pilot, Rebecca couldn't help but love seeing her mom fly the latest aircraft. Her older brother, James, didn't like the flying, but the nuts and bolts of the thing he couldn't get enough of, a natural genius, and a head for numbers. Although his OCD made him hyper-focused on organization. When Rebecca turned 16, she got her first basic pilot's licence, and started looking into more and more advanced licensing until she joined the Royal Navy.
Early adulthood: She joined the Royal Navy, went through basic, and with her school test scores was a show in to get into the officer's academy followed by the pilot academy. She wasn't the highest testing, but she had raw talent. Although her ability to think outside the box managed to save her and her Instructor during a stall of their BAE Hawk trainer aircraft, although it also earned her the first ejection of her career, and ended the flying career of her Instructor from a busted leg.
After her training, as the Royal Navy had temporarily shelved their Fleet Air Arm operations, they lent their pilots to other branches or to their allies in NATO to keep their skills sharp. Rebecca was assigned to a US carrier group flying operations against ISIS targets, as well as straggler pilots from Syria trying to restore the original regime. She earned Ace against mediocre aircraft, but also lost her F-18 and her wingman when her aircraft was damaged by a infantry launched heatseeker that sent shrapnel into her wingmate. Her wing mate held out as long as she could and Rebecca managed to stay in the air. They were just 1000 feet short of making it to their carrier when everything went wrong. Her partner gave up the ghost and Rebecca's aircraft gave out.
She was moved to a different group handling tests of the Carrier based F-35 that would soon be used on many of the UK's aircraft carriers when the prototype aircraft would claim Rebecca's carreer on a engine failure over the Atlantic when transitioning to VTOL. With three ejections she was left with three options: Become a helicopter pilot, get a desk job, or take a discharge. There was some political stirrings as the US wanted to quickly get the F-35 out and a failure like this was another setback to the project and some US brass were trying to pin the failure on her. Rebecca took the quick way out and accepted a discharge. It was about that time when she found out her two parents died in a car accident in upstate New York during a sudden storm. Losing her career and her parents in a week's time was a shock that she's yet to get over.
Current status: Rebecca is completing helping her Brother sort things out in New York at Baines Aeronautic's US headquarters, where he was named the new CEO. The two are now heading back to the UK, where they will part ways. Rebecca to London and her brother back to Cardiff to oversee the family home and to start establishing himself as the CEO of the corporation.


Character Sheet, Look at own risk
Rebecca Baines, 28 (Born February 28, 1993)
Nature: Thrillseeker
Attributes and Abilities (Phys, Men, Soc for priorities)
DEX 4: Athletics 2, Drive 1, Firearms 1, Martial Arts 1, Melee 1, Pilot 3, Stealth 2
STA 4: Endurance 1, Resistance 2
PER 3: Awareness 2 Navigation 2
INT 3: Academics 1, Computer 1, Linguistics 1, Medicine 1, Survival 2
WIT 2: Rapport 1 (2BP), Gunnery 2 (4BP)
MAN 3 (+1 for 5BP): Command 1
CHA 2:
Allies 1 (Big Brother (James Baines, 29)
Contacts 1 (Not sure yet on the Major and the Minors)
Resources 5 (Rebecca's half of the Inheritance)
Willpower: 5
Psi: 4
Initiative: 6
Walk: 5, Run: 16, Sprint: 32
Adaptation 3
Telekinesis 3 (10 BP for +2)
Psychonavigation 1
Merits (2) and Flaws (3)
Crack Pilot (1 - Clairsentient)
Natural Leader (1)
Vengeful: Vindictive (2)
Nightmares (1)
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Desmond Barnes


Ht: 5'10"

Weight: 196

Hair: Black

Eyes: brown

Origin: Scholar

Aptitudes (in descending order): Electrokinesis, Psychokinesis, Teleportation




Desmond Barnes is the eldest of two children born to the Martha and Robert Barnes.  His brother Jason has his own family, but while the two do talk periodically, they are largely uninvolved with each other’s lives.  It may be a stretch to say they are estranged, but not much in the way of communication goes on between them as Jason is not a scientist, he’s a retailer.

Desmond graduated with a doctorate from MIT and is a native of Chicago.  The Barnes family, while not extravagantly wealthy, was well off enough that when his parents died in a car accident, the insurance payout combined with his share of the inheritance left him with enough money to finish off his own doctorate and begin his own business.  Applying his degrees in applied theoretical physics, he created Vector Labs, a small research outsource company that takes contract work from larger firms. 

Thus far his company has done unremarkable yet necessary background research on next-generation micro-transmitters, experimental superconductors, and various communication debugs.  Military contracts are rare; most of the firm’s work comes from large corporations looking to outsource their testing.  All in all, his company is small enough to be entirely beneath the notice of most, yet reliable enough that clients still manage to fill his time.  There are no known interviews on record with Dr. Barnes, nor does he bother with live appearances if he can help it.  His home is far enough out into the country that his closest neighbor is obscured by trees.

In his spare time, Desmond pursues more outré applications of physics which some might call eccentric.  He once attempted to generate a stable projection of solid magnetic force and destroyed his own garage.  Thus far most of his side-projects have not gone past the theoretical stage.  His manager Winslow is just grateful that whatever insane idea Desmond messes with is off the company budget.  When not dabbling in what could genuinely be described as mad science, he attends various scientific symposiums and lectures across the US and Europe whenever he can afford it.


Personality:  Dr. Barnes seems rather distracted whenever he's not working on a specific project, he'll seem to trail off in the middle of talking, stare off into space for no apparent reason, or otherwise not seem to be paying attention.  If you happen to catch him in the midst of working he'll be an incredibly focused dynamo of energy, routinely forgetting to do such mundane things as sleep or eat until forcibly reminded (usually by passing out).


[spoilertag: Stats]

(scientist) Desmond Barnes


STR         2                                              MAN     2                                              PER        3

STA        2                                              CHA       3                                              WIT        3

DEX        2                                              APP        3                                              INT         4


Medicine 1           Investigate 2      Subterfuge 2      Bureaucracy 1

Endurance 1       Academics 3       Etiquette 1          Computers 2

Firearms 1           Sci: Physics 4      Command 1       Engineering 2

Awareness 2      Linguistics 2 (Japanese, Spanish)


Resources 4                        Contacts 1                           Allies 2 (other scientists)

Will 6                     PSI 6


Electrokinesis                    Psychokinesis                    Teleportation

ElecM 4                                TeleK 2                                 T loc 1



age: 31



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Name:  Millicent “Millie”  Daniels.

Age: 19

DOB: July 19th

Nationality: USA













Academics 1


Engineering 1


Linguistics 2


Science 1

Survival 1

Awareness 2

Investigation 2


Meditation 1

Rapport 2

Brawl 1


Athletics 1

Drive 1



Martial Arts



Stealth 1

Endurance 1

Resistance 1


Style 1



Subterfuge 1

Etiquette 1


Savvy 1

Computer 2



Primary: Electrokinesis


Electromanipulation: 1

Photokinesis: 2

Technokinesis : 0

Secondary: Psychokinesis, Teleportation




Pyrokinesis: 1

Telekinesis: 0


Translocation: 1

Transmassion: 1

Warping: 0


Resource 1

Contacts: 2

Device: 2

Mentor 2

Willpower 7

Initiative: 7


Walk 5m

Run 17m

Sprint 29m

BP Spends

10 on raiding Psi from 5 to 6

4 Raising WP by 2

5 on raising Secondary Aptitude (Teleportation)

1 on Initiative


In a bit
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Personal Information

Real Name:  Tempest Arya Taylor
Nicknames: Temp, Tempy, Pixie, Tat, No-Tits-For-Tat

Nature: Visionary

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Zoe Taylor (Mother), John Taylor (Grand-Father), Heidi Taylor (Grand-Mother)
Date of Birth: November 4th, 2004
Citizenship: United States
Home Region: San Diego
Occupation: High School Sophomore, Budding Singer-Songwriter

Allegiance(s): Family, Friends

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Age: 15

Apparent Age: Early teens

Height: 4'11''
Weight: 91 lbs

Eyes: Cyan
Hair: Dyed Red with Golden highlights/streaks (naturally black); shoulder length
Handedness: Left


Appearance: I have a cute enough face I guess, with great dimples, and the colour of my eyes is natural, not contacts like many in school claim, though, yeah, I dye my hair. But I'm so short and skinny! No boobs or ass, at all! The only thing I got from Mom's Brazilian heritage is naturally tanned skin that never burns. I eat like a horse, but I can't seem to put on weight, let alone in any of the places I want it. I'm fifteen, but I have the figure of a ten year-old boy, a sophomore in high school, but there are girls in 5th grade taller and better developed than I am. It's not fair!


I even sound like an elementary school girl. I mean, my voice is like silk, just really high, with a limited range. I can't hit the lower notes, can't sound like a woman. My voice and looking like I'm fucking twelve are why I got cut in the first episode of The Voice, I bet.


I hate dresses and skirts - probably because Mom always tried to stuff me into them - never wear heels, and only use the minimum amount of make-up, unlike those bitches, The Pink Slips, who pack on pounds of the stuff. I prefer jeans and cargo shorts, funny T-shirts and tank tops, and comfy sneakers.


It's not like I want much: just another foot of height, curves like Scarlett Johansson, and a voice to rival Mariah Carey's. Unfortunately, to really make it big in the music industry, you can't just have the voice, you need to have the looks too.


Abilities/Special Skills: I'm just an average high school student, but I'm good with computers - mostly for editing music and video files - and great at video games. I consider myself a decent artist and musician, and know how to play guitar, piano, and violin, some others too. I'm still learning, but was a better musician and song-writer than most on the Voice, even if I was cut in the first episode. I'm also a good performer. Losing the lead in the school play was bullshit, just because I didn't fit the costume. It was because Lexus' mother is the head of the PTA and pulled strings - Lexus can't act good enough to be in a porno.


Personality: Unlike that coven of bitches, the Pink Slips, I actually have a personality of my own. I love video games and comic books. I write and play my own music and post VGMVs (Video Game Music Videos) and dub Video Game footage with my own music on my YouTube Channel. I guess I'm kinda tomboyish, even I'm not really into sports. Unlike Mercedes, Portia, Lexus, Lotus, Corvette and the others, I actually want to make something of myself, I have dreams. They seem to think posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram is a career or something.


I've been accused of having a really big mouth for such a tiny girl, but that's only from those who don't like hearing the truth. Admittedly, it has gotten me in trouble before, but y'know, the truth can hurt - both others and me.


Most of my friends are actually guys, mostly because I don't have that much in common with most of the girls at school. Since Mom started doing so well at Conglomo,  I still don't really feel like one of the rich girls at school. Most of the ones at school, if they were on fire and I had a glass of water, I'd drink it.


I don't really have much in common with Mom either. She's always trying to get me to go outside and be active and turn vegan and shit. That's not me... not really. I'd just die if she ever found out I tried out for the Cheerleading team, or how bad it hurt I didn't make it and the mocking I got from the Pink Slips.


It's also irritating as all hell that whenever I have one of my guy friends over, he seems more interested in Mom than me. None of my guy friends sees me as anything more than just a friend - not that I blame them... much, if they did, I'd have to wonder if they were child molesters. Still, totally annoying.


But I'll be famous one day, a renowned singer-songwriter and soundtrack composer for movies and video games. Then things will be different and better.


Background: I grew up in San Diego, raised by just my Mom, Zoe Taylor. She never really spoke about my Dad - I'm pretty sure it didn't go well - and I've never bothered digging into it. If he didn't want anything to do with me, I didn't want anything to do with him, so he can go fuck himself.


Times were kinda tight when I was really young, though never really bad. Grand-dad is loaded, and while Grand-ma is only a housewife, she's always doted on my, pretty much spoiled me. When Mom finished her college course and got hired at Conglomo, things got better for use. And when Mom started working for the CEO - I don't know if she's sleeping with him or just that good at her job - things have gotten really good for us. I'm still not used to the size of our house now, though I love having my own studio for my music.


I was on The Voice last year, but got cut in the first round, on the first damn episode! Lexus and Lotus and the rest of the cows in the Pink Slips won't let me live it down, though most of the others at school have been encouraging. It's not like any of the Pink Slips have done anything more impressive, unless you count the ability to take like, a thousand selfies a day.


I did get a bump in my YouTube views though and even collaborated with Lindsey Stirling on a Dragon Age 4 video and song. I'll keep working on my music and VGMVs and go back to The Voice again this year. I just wish I develop a few curves before then and my voice lowers just a big and my range increases before then.


Character Sheet



Physical (Tertiary)
Strength: 2

Dexterity: 2

-Athletics 1

-Stealth 1

Stamina: 2
-Endurance 1

Mental (Secondary)
Perception: 2
-Awareness 1

Intelligence: 2
-Academics 1

-Computers 2

-Linguistics 1 (Native - English, Portuguese)

-Science 1

Wits: 3/4 (Creative) after Awakening
-Arts 2
-Rapport 1

Social (Primary)
Appearance: 3

-Style 1

Manipulation: 2

-Subterfuge 1

Charisma: 3/5 (Magnetic) after Awakening
-Etiquette 1
-Perform 3


Ability Points: 18/25


Known Languages
Native: English, Portuguese

Backgrounds (3/7)

Influence 1 (Appeared on an episode of The Voice, and has a YouTube Channel with some subscribers)

Resources 2 (generous allowance and some income from her YouTube Channel)


Merits & Flaws

Animal Magnetism: Only after Awakening and subconsciously manipulating appearance with Transformation

Enhanced Attunement 3: Tempest is incredibly attuned to fluctuations in the neotic field, which she perceives as music and singing voices

Enchanting Voice: Tempest's voice has always been silky and sweet, but with the instinctive application of targeted Biokinesis, her range has greatly broadened, as well as matured beyond its pure girlishness

Exceptional Potential - Appearance: Formerly rather undeveloped, she now has the potential to enhance her appearance to flawless perfection.

Neotic Sensitive (1bp): Tempest can differentiate fluctuations in the neotic field that others can't even discern.

Big Mouth: Tempest has always had the unfortunate habit of being rather free with the truth

Mode Dysfunction - Psychbending: As part of her Awakening with such incredible attunement to the neotic field, some of her Psionic abilities have been seemingly, irreparably damaged


Psi: 6
Psi Pool: 12
Willpower: 5
Initiative: 6


Walk: 5m/turn

Run: 15m/turn

Sprint: 26m/turn

Stamina: 2B/1L

Total: 2B/1L

Health Levels





Primary - Clairsentience (Basic - The Sight)

Psychometry 0

Psychonavigation 0

Telesthesia 3 (Sense Mastery, Danger Sense, Sensory Projection)

Secondary - Biokinesis (Basic - Biosense)

Adaptation 0

Psychomorphing 0

Transmogrify 3 (Gross Manipulation, Molding, Transformation)

Secondary - Telepathy (Basic - Mindscan)

Empathy 1 (Sense Emotion)

Mindshare 0

Tertiary -  None


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