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WebMD Factsheet – Environmental Autoimmune Collapse (EAC)



This disorder has no known cause or cure. EAC progresses through four stages, which will be outlined below. The only treatments for EAC are immunostimulants and thus far, they have only worked temporarily. The cause of EAC is believed to be environmental and it has not been shown to be transmittable by any other means, including through blood transfusion. Most people exhibit their earliest symptoms in early adulthood but that average has been trending downward over the last several years. Children as young as twelve are now exhibiting Stage One symptoms.



Stage One is characterized by fatigue, with headaches showing among a percentage of the population that is exceptionally susceptible (roughly 3% of those affected show this greater reaction to the disorder). At this point, the disease is its most treatable, with metabolic boosters having the strongest effect. Exercise and high-protein diets are recommended for all who suffer from the disease. Patients can linger in this stage for a maximum of eight to ten years.


Sufferers at Stage Two exhibit increased fatigue and a noticeable effect on all body systems. Digestion becomes trickier, necessitating a diet similar to Celiac Disease. The kidneys require medication to continue full function though that is not necessary to survival, and so. All bodily systems show decreased function. These symptoms vary in severity, increasing until the diagnosis of the next stage. The average duration of someone at this stage is three to four years.



Stage Three requires advanced health care for all bodily functions. This is the worst stage for those with the disorder, as it requires invasive procedures such as dialysis and oxygen catheters. This stage usually requires hospitalization and EAC wards have become popular in the major cities. The body fails quickly at this point and usually third stage only lasts a year or so.


The final stage is marked by a coma. The body lapses into full failure and death follows shortly.

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NAA English:

Choti ciriya – literally means ‘little bird’ but is a term for a pretty girl, usually one that is very young and seen as needing protection.


Rikai – short for rikai suru, means understand?

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