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[OpNet] Shaper


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Well, I'll say this for him, Dr. Zero certainly picked the correct name. I don't care much for Geryon or his crew, but I respect the man's power, and am unimpressed by your "claims" to have sent him packing. "MY city" indeed.

As for the rest of you, good afternoon. Hope you're all well and healthy. To help you remain that way, I extend to you a warning. If you should stumble across Power Inc. in the middle of one of our jobs, just move along. Nothing to see here. I respect most other novas, and have no desire to bust you up, but we won't hesitate either. Giant tools make of quantum energy, creatures formed out of thin air, energy restraints strong enough to even hold Dr. Zero's mouth shut. I can create any or all of them, and that's just the tip of the 'berg, as they say. That's not even to mention what the rest of the team can do. And whatever you do, don't make the boss, Mr. Sorrow, show his face.

Word to the wise, eh. Peace

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