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[OpNet] Mei Su


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I was just wondering if there were any sane Novas out there. Of the 2MH entries that I've seen so far, you almost all sound like a bunch of lunatics. "Mal is god" "Kill all baselines" "I will kill you all" "The world needs more carbohydrates" "TUM TUM IS BEST" Where the hell are you all coming from?! Christ, just becuase we've gained powers, doesn't mean that we're all psychos. We should be able to hold onto some of the beliefs and morals we had before we errupted. Why do you all think that just because we have powers, we have to be blood-thirsty bad-asses? It's caller rationallity and responsibility. Learn to use one or both if you're fucking able.

PS Napalm, I saw your site, and I like what I see. Contact me through my website, and we'll see what happens.

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