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Psions Unite! OOC


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Hi all

I've got a couple of ideas for a game with Psions as the main characters.


1. Trinity based after the return of the Upeo, with at least one character as an Upeo (could be NPC), likely to be Star Crossed. Aim is to head towards the New Order in Africa and perhaps beyond.


2. Modern day, something happens to turn less than 1% of world population into Psions, but about 10% of population dies in the process. 

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i'd be interested in number 2, but would rather it still be a future setting much of the appeal of Trinity (to me at least) is the SCIFI element and the gear and space travel. Setting it in the Modern Day makes it just a Psionics game for which there are better systems to use IMO (M&M,BESM, GURPS)


That being said, I am still intrested.

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Sounds like people are more in favourof option 2.

Aphro it will be quite a bit less than 63 million as I did say less than 1% change to psions. Added to which some of those will be near useless Psi 2's.

This was something I had been considering trying to turn into a novel or short story but only been thinking about it for a couple of months off and on. You know the kind of thing you find for free on kindle.

Nina it will be near future but only 5-10 years ahead as I don't want the headache of working out a load of new tech and rules for it. There are some changes that I will post as I get the time. This wont be up and running quickly folks as I only have limited time to devote to it but I will post as much and as often as I can.

Psi wgen you get it will be as per the 2nd triggered stuff Blue Thunder proposed for Bright Continent a ling time ago. 1 Primary Aptitude, 2 Secondary and the rest tertiary. However as there will be no Aberrants/Novas there will also be no QK.

Gotta go for now

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Ah, I didn't see the "less than". But yeah. One percent of seven billion is 70 million. 10 percent of 70 million is 7 million. 70 million minus 7 million is 63 million.

Throw in the fact that I don't know what Psi 1 and 2 means :P But I can guess Psi 2s are like the mutants from X-Men who don't have things like mind bullets and super strength, instead have blue skin only. Right?

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In this case its more like 700 million dead worldwide and less than 50 million psions.

Most player psions in Trinity have about Psi 4. Psi 2's can do stuff but in the case of TK can't lift much or move it very fast. Psi 1 is a normal human.

To start with Teleportation as your Primary you need Psi 6 and Willpower 6 from memory, the usual Upeo minimums.

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Also since you generally roll Psi in order to succeed in a Psi effect with Psi 2 they aren't very successful at what they try either...

Not sure if it was an old house rule or not but your mode in an Aptitude could be limited to your Psi ?

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I am SOOO into this. While I would prefer #1, #2 would be great also. If I was allowed to play, I would have to have a non-crucial role, as I have a habit of disappearing from games (a feedback loop of anxiety (eg late for a post) making me later to post (rinse repeat until I disappear from this site for a year or two :( ))

Would disappearing make me a photokinetic? :joke:  :whistle:


Nina: post 12 said you can be a porter only if you meet the minimum requirements (6 will and 6 psi if Rorx remembers correctly, will look it up)


Rorx: I don't recall "unlocked" char creation rules. Do we make a normal psi and add more points in the new powers? I would like to make a character even if I can't play.


Edit: page 57 (which is page 59 in my pdf, go figure) optional rule sets it at will 7, psi 6.

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Nina, its better than that, since all Aptitudes are at least Tertiary every Psion will eventually be able to Teleport they just need to get their Psi and Will up to the minimums and learn those modes. However to choose Teleportation as your Primary or one of your secondary Aptitudes you will have to start off meeting those minimums.

Primary Aptitude can be learnt up to 5.

The 2 Secondary upto 4

Tertiary 'only' up to 3.

Still thinking about the Character Generation, but likely to be std Trinity but with extra Bonus points to enable you to get some extra Modes if you want :) I will be using the Trinity Players Guide for Merits and Flaws etc although they may need tweaking for the change in setting.

As there will be no biotech, or at least none to start with, I'm not sure what I'll do about that Electrokinesis Mode yet. Will have to FIND MY DAMN CORE RULES and have a look at it again.

For those that would prefer a more future/scifi setting think about it this way your character can be the one that gets that ball rolling in any number of fields. With the use of Electrokinesis advances can be quickly made in optics/optical computing, artificial intelligence and with the same person having access to Vitakinesis cyber technology as well. A decent Teleporter can Mass Transmit parts for aspace station or ship straight to orbit or with the use of the right Clairvoyance Modes straight to the orbit of another planet. Boot strapping space manufacturing could be relatively easy. Especially as the teleporter could now have biokinetic adaptation to help survive in space without the need of a bulky spacesuit.

Another boost to the tech level would come from those geniuses with Int 5 who survive to become Psions and get a boost to Int 6, as allowed for in the TPG.

Anyway just food for thought...... :)

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Just to give a bit more feel for the setting...


The action will start in 2020. Little major has changed, 3d printers are more common and more capable/more materials, Tablets are better/faster/more storage and very common. The smartwatch has finally managed to find a few things that might make it worthwhile. HUD's like Google Glass are better and have some uses, but people are still reluctant to allow them in a lot of public places.


Virgin Galactic and SpaceX have got off the ground commercially and the first Bigelow Space station is due to complete before the end of the summer. At least one company is planning on purchasing/leasing a SpaceX Dragon/Falcon combo to look into Asteroid mining. Serious murmurs from more than one group about heading to Mars.


That kind of thing....



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I'm no expert but I'd guess 1.5-2GHz Octal core as std with 16 system ram and 32GB storage plus the microSD slot.

Windows 11 and Android 6 have just emerged.

Rollout oled plastic screens have recently been released to give bigger screen to 7" tablets using bluetooth 2.

2nd gen Google Glass has been out a year, but still a relatively small market, other companies also starting to sell similar products or ones that simply link to your phone's functions rather than do the processing themselves.

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Oops should have said the specs were for a 7 or 8" tablet.

some laptops still but most going over to 10-12" tablets with bluetooth keyboards or occasionally built in laser keyboards for when need to do serious typing.

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Ok people, I've been looking at the Char Gen stuff and have come up with the following (unless someone can come up with a REALLY convincing reason why it should be different).


Attributes (Std) 7/5/3  [This is post activation you'll actually have gained 2 dots from 6/4/3]

Abilities = 25  [because there is no Allegiance stuff and I felt like rounding it up from 23], TPG update except for Linguistics.

Backgrounds = 7 

Primary Aptitude = 3 dots in its Modes

Secondary Aptitude = 1 dot in one Mode of each Secondary Aptitude


Other things as std until we come to Bonus Points

Bonus Pts = 20 and use of Merits/Flaws from TPG where applicable, check if unsure.


Variant Bonus pt costs

Primary Modes = 4

Secondary Modes = 5

Tertiary Modes = 6


I will allow a Primary Mode to start at up to 4, but expect to have dysfunction effects creeping in unless you have also developed another Mode to at least 2.


Experience Cost Changes

Increase Primary Mode = current x 5

Increase Secondary Mode = current x 6 (max = 4)

Increase Tertiary Mode = current x 7  (max = 3)


New Primary Mode = 7

New Secondary Mode = 8

New Tertiary Mode = 9



Have fun with your creating and I don't mind if you want to PM me the results or post it here for now - up to you.


Think a bit about how your characters skills/background/life might have contributed to the Psi they developed, but remember (especially with the Secondaries) that it might just have been chance/luck or random subconscious things that determined it.


To have some vague attempt of a connection between the party you will all have been on a commercial flight from New York into London Heathrow when you become activated... Think of a reason for being on the flight, if only going on holiday :)


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Before anyone asks why not use the TPG version of Linguistics - it's just not realistic in a modern setting. Who can honestly say they know many people who can speak an extra 2+ languages to a reasonable degree?


Most people in Europe can speak their Native language and English, English people are generally taught one European language, but soon lose it through lack of use. Welsh people are now taught Welsh as well as English and a European language.


I don't know what its like in the US, but I assume some States at least teach Spanish?


Given this I can see a reason for Characters to have a dot or two in Linguistics if they have kept up their language skills from their school years (but who does really), but I can't see people having the 4+ languages that come in with just 2 or 3 dots in the TPG version of Linguistics. [Added to which with the use of Tertiary modes most Psi's can get the Babel Effect with a little effort :) ]

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Yer perfectly justified Rorx, our country is so slack-assed when it comes to other languages that a bilingual person here in the US is only so because of their family.  You have to grow up in an ethnic area to really have a shot at being fluent in something other than American (which is a mutating English as it is), since our schools only offer other languages as electives if they offer them at all.



Some other questions:


How is Citizenship changed?


What organizations are not viable for taking Status in?


What constitutes Device in this setting?


If we are say, an entrepreneur, how much Influence is that at minimum?

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Nina - that's correct so you start with 1 Primary Aptitude with 3 dots spread as you want in it's 3 modes and 2 Secondary Aptitudes each with 1 dot in one off there modes.



Darksol - 

Citizenship - RL mutiple nationalities other than dual birth nationality is pretty uncommon I think, unless you've emigrated or something so I would say the Citizenship should be limited to 1 or 2 (with a exceedingly good explanation).


Status - if it is a RL organisation or one you are inventing (with my approval) then you can have Status in it - but that doesn't mean it will be useful....


Devices - as per the normal description is any famous/customised/specialised and/or prototype equipment or group of equipment.


Influence - As an Entrepreneur it would all boil down to a combination of how famous you are and how successful in the business would and that would also determine the type of Influence you could exert. For example one of the Entrepreneur's from Dragon's Den would have minor celebrity influence and might be able to get a fan to do something minor and legal for them, but would have higher Influence in the business world, especially with companies that they support/fund/partially own - although is probably slipping into Status with those companies as well. Just because you are an entrepreneur would not automatically provide any influence with the general pubic.

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Tablet would allow the file or let me write a reply but not both .

Above you'll find a file of some Alternate Modes I've come across over the years for Teleportation and in some cases reworked until I am happy with them. As with all Alternate Modes you have to buy the Core Mode at each dot level before you can get a higher dot. For example if you bought the 1B mode Beacon for Transmassion you would still have to buy the Core 1 mode Relay Object before you could buy either mode 2 Relay Person or 2A Tag.

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