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[Dragonball Victory] a little broken...

Justin OOC

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I just watched a show where they parodied DBZ, hard.


The main Character is a super masochist, and called a pervert for this, he's given a belt that turns his perversion into a super power....    So he insults someone who precedes to beat the holy hell out of him.  he uses this to become the Ultimate Masochist (Super saiyan) and win the fight with an attack called the Hentai-ha.

Then the evil genius brings out a final  machine and he (the hero)  has to gather the perversion from across the world (The Pervert  (Spirit) Bomb)  and uses it to beat the evil machine about to turn all the world into perverts.

my brain hurts,  and in the words of Chris Rock,   "I have just been violated....."

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