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Shadowrun - How Pink Was My Mohawk?


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So, usually I put together a preamble for what the premise of a game is going to be, but this time I'm having things be a little looser - we'll recruit, toss around ideas, and then build up a campaign from there. 


I'm looking to run a Shadowrun campaign, now that school's been vanquished. Here are the details:


Edition? 5th.


But I like (prior edition) more. Okay, but (prior edition) is one I don't own $200 in books for.


Where is it being set? Good ol' Seattle to start with. We'll see about the team expanding to other cities should the first one be filled up/burned down.


What's the starting level? Prime Runners level (see page 64 of Shadowrun 5th Edition.) More cash, more Karma, fewer restrictions.


What books are you allowing? To start with, the main book, and the racial options from Run Faster (since race is something you can't change in-game.) Gear/spells/weapons from other books may show up or not.


So I can be a pixie/foxgirl/centaur? Yep, long as you're willing to pay for it.


What's the overall tone, on a scale between trenchcoated mirrorshades and pink moha *sees thread title* Well, that answers that. Yep! Think 'Saints Row the Third' as a starting point.


What are you looking for in a player? Post regularly, especially when combat rolls are flying; work reasonably well with your fellow Shadowrunners; remember that at the end of the day it's just a game.


What kind of runs are you looking to do? We'll start with pregen missions to start with as I learn the system. Then we'll see what's what.


Any rules changes? People tell me that I ought to allow dodge rolls to avoid how cray grenades can get, so I'll probably do that. Asides from that, in the event of a rules contradiction I will default to the latest errata.


The latest errata can be found here.


What's the limit on how many players you want? Right now, I don't have one in mind. I want to see how many players I can get and when we reach an unmanagable point, I'll stop recruiting. I doubt I'll hit that level in the pregame though.


I have a question not listed here. Ask below.

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It's been a couple of days since posts, so I'm going to do a roll call. Please tell me if this list of players is correct:


  • Jeremy
  • Max
  • Abyss Phantasia
  • Cad
  • Nina
  • Hyoseph

And if you're all still interested in playing, and if so, what you're going to be playing and what part of the team you're going to be. I'd like folks to start working on, and submitting, characters as soon as possible.


For those of you who roll with HeroLab, they have a 5th Edition Shadowrun dataset that I myself use. You might want to try that if you are having trouble wrapping your head around the deep crunch that is the system.

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Actually, I'm going to take a pass on this one -- my character concept isn't coming together like I expected it would, and somebody else is already filling the role I'd been going for (decker) so I can step out without hosing the group.

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In. I am going to be the muscle of the team. The brutish melee powerhouse that charges in and keels folks. Also a pixie.


lol...this is my favorite SR build ever. It is SO inefficient, but so hilariously effective!

19 dice to attack, usually with surprise, for base damage of 12P on average, with AP -3. With avg sucesses added, that means the baddy must soak 18P damage.

Aw yeah.

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I'm starting to realize I'm no good at this system. It seems (from looking at the premades in the book) that characters have 2s in their attributes and are perfectly fine in the roles they're in, and there is no mention on things like "human averages" anymore for attributes.


Also this is what I'm looking at now for priorities


A: Skills (46 Skills/10 Skill Groups)

B: Magic (Adept - Magic 6, Active Skill @ 4)

C: Attributes (16)

D: Nuyen (150,000)

E: Race (Human


I tried building with something discussed in chat earlier, but found even with a cut-back list, I was overdrawn (Reversed Attributes vs Skills).

This Gunslinger Adept is looking very hard to put together.

On a side note, I could really, really use any help with 5e as I can get... to be honest I am completely lost with it.

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Yeah, don't really pay attention to the Archtypes in the book, they are for the most part, very poorly constructed, and I think not a single one of them is statted out correctly as a starting character.


Making a Gunslinger Adept is quite easy. What you just have to watch out for in spending Skills and Nuyen on things that aren't strictly necessary. It's okay to do put a rank here or there, but not at the expense of something that is pretty core.


If you are willing to look at a rough suggestion - try this:


A- Attributes (24)

B- Skills (36/5)

C- Magic (Adept - Magic 4, Active Skill Rating 2)

D- Human (3)

E - Nuyen (100,000)


Bod 4, Agi 7(10), Reaction 5(8), Str 4, Wil 3, Log 2, Int 5, Cha 2, Edge 3, Ess 6, Mag 6


Spend 2 of your Special Attribute Points from D-Human to Raise Magic to 6 and the other point to raise Edge to 3. Possibly buy the Exceptional Attribute - Agility (14 Karma), and raise it to 7, sacrificing a point of Str or Wil, depending on preference (I sacrificed Wil in the above example).


For Adept Powers, we'll go very simple and just Buy Improved Reflexes 2, Improved Physical Attribute - Agility 3, and let's say Combat Sense 1. Buy a rating 4 Qi Focus - granting Improved Reflexes (costs 12,000 nuyen and 8 Karma), maxing that out at Rating 3. Buy a Mentor Spirit for 5 Karma, any number will do, though for a Gun Adept I like Dragonslayer or Eagle.


IIRC, you mentioned wanting to use Pistols in Chat, so take 6 ranks in Pistols, and spend another rank to Specialize in Semi-Automatics. Buy 2 Ares Predators, APDS rounds, and some sort of Optical Gear with a Smartlink system. Alternatively, take 6 ranks in Automatics - which lets you use Machine Pistols, Submachine Guns, and Assault Rifles for a variety of ranges and damage levels, or 6 ranks in Longarms, which let you use Sniper Rifles and Shotguns, and regardless, still specialize in a specific one. If you are willing to sacrifice 3 dice to attack, you could buy the Firearms Skill Group at 5, but I wouldn't bother. Buy one Firearm Skill to 6 with a Specialty and it you really want another gun skill, but another at 2 or possibly 4 ranks if you have the skill points left. 


Buy 2 ranks of Throwing, with your Agility, you'll be fine for throwing Grenades, and 2 ranks of Unarmed Combat, just in case. Buy at least 4 ranks of Perception, and a rank or two of Negotiations, simply so you can deal with your own Contacts - leave the Face to make the real deals with Mr. Johnson. Buy a single Pilot skill at 4 ranks and specialize in something. With your Attributes, I'd suggest the Stealth Skill Group at rank 5 (giving your Disguise - always good/Palming - hide grenades and guns on yourself/Sneaking - don't get noticed)


So, far, that's about 26 points of Skills, and 5 Skill Group Points, Buy some Gymnastics so you can jump and climb, and with your high Intuition, Tracking isn't bad as another skill, if no-one else has focused on it, as is Lockpicking (which is also used for Maglocks and other fancy locking mechanisms now).


Gear- too much to go through. Your Gun (or two), another Gun, APDS Rounds and Stick-&-Shock for when you don't want to be lethal, concealable holster or quickdraw holster, a rating 6 commlink, a micro-transceiver, some rating 1 Metalink commlinks as Burners, at least a rating 4 or Higher Fake SIN, Fake Licenses for your guns and vehicle, one or two Rating 2 Fake SINs, if you have the cash, and a vehicle of some sort - I suggest a Suzuki Mirage, for pure speed, a Ford Americar or Hyundai Shin-Hyung if you want to spend more and want to be able to take people with you.


If limited to the Core book, get a set of Full Body Armor with Helmet, and another set of armor that is more low-key, depending on situation (I like the lined coat, since it gives you a Concealability bonus). Get a rating 6 MedKit, and some Trauma Patches and Stim Patches. Buy Rating 3 Contacts with Smartlink, Image Link, and one other quality (I'd suggest Low-Light, Flare Compensation, or Vision Magnification), then a Pair of Glasses with more Vision Enhancements. Get Earbuds with some Audio Enhancements. Possibly buy some grenades.


After that, depends one what skills you have and if you know if other people have loaded up on certain equipment. There's a shit ton of little things you can get that don't cost that much. Also, don't forget to buy a month of two of a Lifestyle - I'd suggest Low, but don't go higher than Middle.


Buy some negative qualities, at least 20 points worth, so you have some more Karma to spend on either extra Nuyen, other Positive Qualities, or Contacts.


Here, a quick Gunslinger Adept, with room to play around with skills and gear, that is perfectly reasonable, that I wrote up off the top of my head. Feel free to use any aspects of it you want, Osprey.


Karma Spent - 29

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The Rank of the Qi Focus is four times the PP cost. They actually refer to Improved Reflexes when talking about them. The first rank of Improved Reflexes costs 1.5pp, so would be a rank 6 Qi Focus. Going from rank 2 to 3 costs 1pp, so would be a Rank 4 Qi Focus, provided the character had already bought rating 1 and 2 of Improved Reflexes with Adept Power Points.


Yeah, I dithered between Str and Wil, settled on Wil, just to keep Physical Limit up. Doesn't really apply to guns, really, but would to other Physical Skills.

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I'm still interested, yes.

My main question is whether or not there will be opportunity to use the "building of stuff" skills.
(i.e. if I have the ability to create weapons, vehicles, etc. and spend to have the infrastructucture, if the pacing of the game will allow for it to be utilized)

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