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[Dragonball Victory] Chapter 3: The Great North

Justin OOC

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With One Dragonball in their posession Dende set about telling them where the next dragonball was being kept, Far to the North amidst the Arctic Tundra at the North pole.   With the time of year, abnormal energy fluctuation blocked Genichiro's Instant transmission technique, meaning they would have to fly there. 


As the intrepid team came to the snow covered pine forests of the North, They could feel a strange weakening,  Withn a mile of the great forest's borders, Everyone had been forced to the ground, their powers of flight no longer functioning.  More than that, all contact with GPS was cut, and they had only their voices to rely upon, and their ability to sense Ki, though the latter was greatly inhibited.


On the advice of Dende, who likely had known something of this, they had dressed for the cold, though they lacked any form of shelter.  


As sun began to set, Genichiro nodded.  "We should seek shelter of some kind.   A Cave, or at the least work together to build a lean to to keep the snow off us.  I can easily make a fire for us, but we should be about it quickly.  It looks like we will be here overnight at least."  He took the loss of his transport powers well, not particularly worried by it, even as he began to gather up wood for the fire.


(everyone is free to post, flight, teleport do not work, though leaving the forest restores them at 1 rank per hour.  I would like a Mind/Body which ever is highest plus wilderness survival roll from everyone, DC is 14.  I will be in chat to tell you what you get all day today.)

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Datura pulled the coat Dende had given her tighter around her shoulders. It was a futile gesture; the immediate bite of the cold wasn’t stopped by the thick garment. The male was right; they clearly wouldn’t survive the night without protection from the chill.


Her tail twitching under her coat, the Saiyan gathered her footing before leaping high into the air. It wasn’t flight, not anything close to fight, but it gave her some perspective. She landed in a drift and sank up to her thighs. “Fuck!” she hissed, pulling herself out and slapping at the frozen particles clinging to her leggings. That was a human curse word but one of her favorites anyway. She liked the hard sound of the word, and the sharp way it exploded off her lips.


Her pants dusted off, she glanced up and stopped. A cave, hidden from their previous position by some pine trees, stretched into the rock face before her. “Guys!” She smiled smugly as she glanced back at them. “I have found us a cave.”


I got a 14, which Long saw, and then the chat ate. However, this is what the ST told me I could post.

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Tetsuko nodded. "Good find. This snow is really annoying to try to see through. My radar's offline, and my life sign sensors are rather limited."

She looked about. "This isn't that bad of a spot, If I set up some walls with compressed snow, it should provide an adequate wind-break, and keep the warmth of the fire near us. As this is a temporary shelter, it'll be a good one." She said, adjusting a jacket a certain Capsule Corp CEO from the past left behind. It was still in decent condition and kept Tetsuko's hydraulics at optimum temperatures, but barely. She didn't shiver as much as occasionally those with sharp hearing would hear a creak from her joints. "It's like we're under some sort of ECM... although ECM wouldn't restrict our talents."

She started forming a schematic in her mind for a temperature tolerance increase.

She turned to Datura. "Any suggestions for a watch order? I think we will have to rely on being mindful of our situation and as a result on guard... we could be ambushed quite easily." She asked, starting to build the windbreak walls out of compressed snow and sticks she found off of dead branches and whatever she could find. It would create a igloo-cave hybrid. Using light snow to hide the entrance like a snowdrift, with vents for smoke for the fire they plan to build as well as for fresh air.


OOC Note
As I rolled decent on the survival check, I went with setting up our shelter pretty well.
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She looked about. "This isn't that bad of a spot, If I set up some walls with compressed snow, it should provide an adequate wind-break, and keep the warmth of the fire near us. As this is a temporary shelter, it'll be a good one." She said, adjusting a jacket a certain Capsule Corp CEO from the past left behind. It was still in decent condition and kept Tetsuko's hydraulics at optimum temperatures, but barely. She didn't shiver as much as occasionally those with sharp hearing would hear a creak from her joints. "It's like we're under some sort of ECM... although ECM wouldn't restrict our talents."


"Or, you know. Whatever the Tower had on when we were climbing it." Squatro muttered. Honestly, he was feeling to a leeeeeetle extent like Capsule Corp techies forgot to carry the 1, or have 2s when there should only be zeroes.


But here he was, shivering in his winter overcoat, wondering why the people up top hadn't contacted him. Maybe Guardian Dende had run interference? Squatro really should have contacted them.


But he didn't. Why? The question was niggling at him a tad. It's not like that fantasy voice really had gotten him worried about his identity. It's not like going all LOST would somehow make him independent. Right?!


Right. "I'll take first watch."


Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+2+7: 15

[Jeremy] 10:12 pm: Witness?

[Malachite] 10:13 pm: Jer - Going well. Dani's a little fussy right now, so I'll be in and out.


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Shiori's immediate reaction on arriving at their destination was to whip out a parasol and open it, as if afraid of the snow getting her wet or something. Otherwise she was fairly stoic about being cold, standing atop the snowdrifts without any apparent need for snowshoes, wrapped in a thick cloak that was more blanket than garment. Her breath puffed, and she was huddling in the cloak by the time they got to the cave. She didn't complain, but she was clearly feeling it.


Once inside, she set about gathering rocks and stones into a circle, then collecting tinder and wood to make a fire. No great outdoorsman, the priestess had a little flicky lighter she used, and while the firepit was decent, it lacked the flourishes and little touches that experience would have taught her. Whatever she was learning among monks and nuns, it wasn't how to survive in wild tundra.

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Karmahl grumbled as she trudged through the snow her lips turning blue, Monte and Cristo now sporting White and Black winter fur flanking her as she picked up wood for the fire back at the camp. "I want you two to make sure your alert and not only against our opponents."


She stopped and looked back at the camp and switched to her intimate telepathic link "The balls are real so maybe the wish is real too, a wish we can use to regain what we have lost." The two Tigers looked at one another and grinned showing wicked sharp fangs their thought coming back to her in unison "Yes Mistress, as you command."



Karmahl rolled 1+2+7 = 10
witnessed by Long
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Nodding to Squatro, Tetsuko scratched her head, looking over the extension to their shelter. "Okay... not sure if I'm satisfied with my work... I'm not a structural engineer by trade, but this should do for a windbreak. I made the entrance wide enough for everyone, even the tigers to crawl through. Sort of had to adapt between keeping warm air inside, and allowing transit of our group."

She patted the wall. "Of course one good blast will blow this open. Might be a good thing to know if we have to evacuate quickly. In any case I will have third watch. Although think I should go hunting? To suppliment what we have? I am a pretty good tracker."

Her systems were telling her that her internal temperature was steady, but recent patching to her body was complaining about the increased pressure on some of her lines. More precautionary in case the seal burst as it hadn't fully set yet. Probably as close to a 'nagging pain' for a while from an injury after it's healed up. She massaged her stomach near where one bayonet previously went in. "It is up Datura and Gen. I'll defer to their judgement."

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  • 2 weeks later...

"I will go hunt us up something."   Genichiro nodded leaving them there to do as they would.  Roughly an hour later he returned, a half dozen snow-white rabbits in his hands,  there was no blood, indicating he'd simply snapped their necks. 


"It isn't much but it's the best I could find in the dark, away from a water source."  He left dressing them for cooking to whoever would like the task, and came in drawing close to the fire.  "It's already  20 below zero out there and dropping still.    This is completely unnatural for this time of year.   If we had remained outside, unless you're all immune to cold, we'd have frozen to death."  


He sighed.  "I think someone knows we're here, and coming for something they have, and they're gonna make it difficult.   We should be prepared for anything."


Once he was finally warmed enough, he seemed to relax, and sat back.   "Thanks for coming along.   I'm sorry that this isn't some grandtour through Earth's locales, but we really can't let the balls be gathered together in the wrong hands."

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Tetsuko turned to Gen, happy everyone had a safe place for the night. "I can see why a Dragon Ball would be hidden here. You can't easily reach it, or escape, and it's in an area past the Arctic Circle. So you either have to be equipped for an arctic expedition, or have a quick means to get out." She said, keeping near the fire. "More than likely anyone who would even consider coming here either has the resources, manpower, technology, or capability to handle the environment. Or perhaps all of the above."


"But a fool would be living to his title to be out in the dark in the conditions that exist here. More than likely our competition should be half as wise to find shelter for the evening or have that sort of thing provided."


She steepled her fingers. "Anyone got a plan on how to handle this?"

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Karmahl listend to her companions as she placed the gathered wood so it could dry, then she moved to the fire to warm her freezing body, settling down between the two neo-tigers basking in their warmth, she looked up at Genichiro and the others.


"Maybe i'm missing something here, but if Lord Dende knew where to send us why did he not give us proper warning both for this horrible nasty cold forsaken place, and for what to expect at the castle?. For that mater, if it is so easy for him to locate these Balls why if they are so powerful and important were they not already in his possession?"


She puts her arms around the necks of her tigers hugging them. "Genichiro, is this some sort of test?"

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“Lord Dende isn’t God.” Datura’s voice came out of the freezing dark a moment before she did, as she squatted by the fire to put her stack of logs close to the fire. She looked up at Karmahl, her voice free - for once - of scorn or irritation. “He is a Guardian, and very powerful, but not all-powerful.”


“He’s also not been Guardian for that long.” Gen spared her a smile of thanks that sent a shiver of irritation down her spine. Between that male and her team members failing to think, she was getting really annoyed with everyone. One thing she had learned was how to mask all of her anger with them, at least long enough to get work done. Failure to do so was why she’d had to leave home and she wasn’t making that mistake again.


“As for our ‘competition’, I hope they are fools.” Datura scowled into the golden flames, twins of their dancing light reflecting in her eyes. “The stakes are too high to hope they are anything else.” She looked out of the cave door into the night. “I worry about those holding the Dragonball now.” Catching herself talking about magical balls in all seriousness, she snorted sharply. Look at me, all on board with this quest.


“As for how to handle it, we need to assume that our enemies have the means to control our powers.” Datura resisted the urge to shudder at the thought. “Hopefully, our movement powers are the limit of what they can control. If not, we’ll have to devise a way to get around that.” She held up a curled fist. “Perhaps we’ll have to be more direct this time, rely on our fists instead of our abilities.”

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"Karmahl, Dende did his best to help us prepare. He gave me this dusty old thing, and it's keeping me sort of warm..." she said, patting the yellowish green jacket, that seems to while being kept in good care for 200 years still had signs of it's age. Capsule Corp brand or not, things get old. "...better than nothing. I think the issue in regards to being sent here is that time is of an unknown quantity, so it must be considered a limited resource. Hence the lack of preparation time. If I knew I had time I would have gotten a spare mini habitat generally used for lunar exploration for this. We'd be far more comfortable. Maybe some Arctic exploration suits as well."


"I do agree with your sentiments, Datura. Although, I doubt they themselves can control our powers. For starters, the lookout can restrict powers based on it's design and it's enchantments as a security feature. It can be inferred that this area can in fact naturally restrict certain types of powers." She scratched her head. "I'm wagering our competition is in the same metaphorical boat we are. Their movement is limited like we are. Thus giving us an even playing field."


She glared at the fire. "To be honest, I want another crack at those that attacked the Arena. They have to answer for their crimes. That and reducing their number will be a blow to their overall resources. Taking them on in small numbers will work to our advantage."


She smiled, turning to Datura. "I'm getting the impression you want to have a knock-down drag-out fight. This might be our chance to get what we both want out of this." She said, laughing after she made her observation. "We'll get our cake and eat it too this time. Can't wait!" She said, pulling up the hood hidden in the collar of the jacket. It was thin, but any shield from the drafts in their shelter, the better.

"I just hope we can find all seven Dragon Balls... I wager there is a time limit for a wish to bring back to life those killed by those terrorists? I already know what I would wish for. The restoration of the bodies of those killed, their transport to a safe location, then their being brought back to life... That is within their power, is it not?"

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"This is no test.  The magic to restrict our powers isn't hard to manage for a sufficiently powerful mage.   I'm more concerned with the fact that tomorrow is the full moon.  I'd hoped to be done before then, but it looks like we will still be out here." 


He shrugged.  "At least it's only our non terrestrial power.  I can still run fast.  Anyone else should be able to as well." 


He looked at Tetsuko.  "It was at one time possible to do as you say.  But such power is too unbalancing.   Dende was forced to adjust the balls, and their powers over death and resurrection are far less than they were at one time.  Only one person may be restored per wish."


"For the most part, those who are gone, are gone.  It is best to not dwell upon this."


He looked at Datura.  "I too welcome a true battle, and not against some immortal foe who heals all injury no matter how great"  He looked at Karmahl.   "Honestly making a deep hole and throwing him in it was our best move..."

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"As you say, Genichiro," she pokes the fire with a stick as the scratches Monte's ears causing the big cat to stretch.


" I too seek a battle, but i will admit to doubts. I am the last of my kind, this has been the first test of my abilities as a war-witch."


Looking thoughtful she shivers in the cold and draws her knees up to her chest, staring into the fire, " I saw a vision when we were climbing, and denied it, but then to be so readily defeated by one opponent."


She looks across the cave at Genichiro and the others.


"The vision keeps coming to mind."

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The full moon: just the thought made her tail shiver with anticipation. She’d stayed inside during the other full moons here, at the request of her hosts. They had very reasonably pointed out that she shouldn’t run around as a giant ape on her new planet. The remarks of the others pulled her out of her musings.


“If you seek to improve, you might wish to get rid of the cats.” Despite her hard words, Datura’s expression was neutral. Her voice was sincere as she said, “They are lovely but their care draws away energy and focus that could only help your training.”


The other warrior glowered at her but Datura merely continued. “What is a War Witch? I saw some control of weather-like abilities in the arena. You seemed to rely on them rather than on your base power. So long as you kept away from your opponent or he wasn’t trying, you were fine. It was when you assumed, wrongly, that you knew his strengths and allowed him to put you in a disadvantageous position.”

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Karmahl frowns as Datura speaks, thinking to her self how little she understood the dynamic of interaction with other beings.


"I can see your point, I think, but, i am not sure i understand your meaning about getting rid of Monte and Christo. They are apart of me even if i could, why would i get rid of them?" Again her eyes touch on each of her companons. "We do not know each other other hardly at all. I am not a Pure member of the Neo Genisis. I, my basic form, am human, augmented and improved by the Neo Genisis. I am a Blend of Biology and Technology at the molecular Level. My abilities the magic you see me perform are the result of my internal Nano Factories. Monte and Christo are literally apart of me."


Karmahl bites into her share of the bland ration she had been given. "Thats why I eat so much."

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The news of how the Dragonballs worked disappointed her, her thought algorythyms almost ignored the conversation, but a shred of tactical information from Datura interrupted her thoughts. "Just like when I underestimated Mizuko... she used the very weather conditions in the battle to her advantage, that and my adaptability only works after collecting data, not before."


She brushed off her antique jacket. "I will be honest though, the care of your weapons is paramount to the success of a soldier on the battlefield. Karmahl's tigers are part of her battle kit, care and feeding would be like making sure your rifle is properly maintained, or making sure your aircraft is in working order. Everything requires some form of maintenance, even our combat skills. You sit on your butt for too long and your talents will rust like the barrel of a sniper rifle if not dealt with."


Tetsuko stretched. "Datura has a point, but if the cost is something you are able to pay, then the benefit from it is worth it. That, and I can see Monte and Cristo love her... and she loves them. To be honest to have a dedicated and reliable protector is very much a great benefit. I can understand the concept of relying on yourself to become stronger, but using your resources to their fullest potential is the true measure of a master."


"Then again, I'm not saying she is a beastmaster by any stretch, or she'd be the champ. Then again with the events at the arena, we would be mourning her loss, not..."


Tetsuko gripped the ground. Her dual-positronic net brain suddenly recalculated a mission objective. "...then we would be getting the Dragonballs to revive Karmahl, not Gen's friend."


She looked to Gen. "That is our mission objective with the Dragonballs, correct? We can't bring everyone back, but we can bring him back, right? I want another crack at those terrorists in the process... a measure of revenge for those killed that I can't bring back."


There was a fire to her speech pattern suddenly.

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Shiori went very still from the moment Genichiro had revealed that the balls could not easily resurrect masses of people at once. Her face still and without expression, she simply listened. Behind that face, calculations whirled. She had to re-examine her goals in this project. In the face of this new evidence, her revisions to the plan would not work. It was a bitter pill.


She couldn't bring the bastard children back to life, it seemed. Not all of them. Not enough of them. The mistakes of the past were made, and could not be taken back so easily.


Well, for now she'd simply return to her original plan and hope that there were no further revelations of the Dragonballs' inadequancies. It was all she could do about it for the moment; there were much more immediate problems on the horizon. If this task took too much longer she'd start getting hungry, and there weren't many opportunities for her out here in this forsaken arctic wasteland. That had the potential to beocme a pretty big complication for any number of reasons.


Shiori turned her head a little and surveyed the others in the group speculatively. It might be wise to start laying groundwork. Just in case.


"Is there anything else they can't do?" the priestess asked. "What is the limit of their power?"

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The tower tests you the first time, to see if you're worthy.  The formula for worth is different for each person.  What you see, what you hear, it's always different."His own visions were at the forefront of his mind."  I've done my best to make peace with what I saw." 


He listened as Karmahl told of her abilities, and the bonds between her and the tigers.  "That really sounds cool, that they've got a symbiotic relationship with you."


Tetsuko's question made him look at her hard.  "I don't know what we're going to do when we gather them, I think we'll bring him back, but that will only scatter the balls once again.  They'd need to be gathered again in another year.  Now that people know of them, they have to be hidden away and guarded by those who can be trusted."


"I know you're all likely thinking that simply destroying them would be the best way, or wishing them out of existence.  That isn't possible anymore.  I don't know the story, but I do know it happened about 200 years ago, shortly after planet Vegeta was remade."


Looking to Shiori he shook his head.  "Even privy to what I am, I do not know their actual limits.  Their Original creator would know, but since he's been in Hell for 200 years, Even Lord Dende isn't quite sure what other limits exist, only those he placed."



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Tetsuko thought. "If only we had a way to detect these dragonballs using technology. Capsule Corporation could set up a network that we could access from the tower, using that to monitor where the balls go. Of course this would be after we purge the world of whoever attacked us. I still think having one of these with us can provide very succulent bait."


She stared at the flames. "I think for many of us, after we are done, we're going to be stuck protecting these objects in the future. There isn't any way around it. We're going to have to deal with that fact. Perhaps we can get those people with the spooky concept of security guards and that one damn immortal bouncer... outside of the firefight they seemed reasonable enough. Could use their talents in forming this "Dragonball Defense Force" as well as any other fighters we can recruit."

She smiled. "That and we could quickly respond to any potential threats in the future. So we don't end up losing those we love or care for so... brutally."

She remembered her trip up the tower. "You know, there was one time I thought if I had the opportunity, I would want to become human. With how some treated me, I almost lost myself like my sister did... but unlike her my Mom saw what was wrong and managed to help pull me through. Hoshiko didn't get that."


"Sorta sucks being alone, you know, only one of two of your kind, and the other doesn't like you and isn't fond of humans. Or anything truly biological for that matter." She said, leaning on her knees, huddled up to help keep her warmth internalized. Her internal systems were finally "happy". 

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The talk went on as it had, ending as they all took what sleep could be had, and their turns on watch.   The morning brought a warming, enough that they could travel but still, the cold was deep and biting.  They could not fly, but they ran.  They'd been following the directions from Dende for some time, but it came to a stop at noon for another lunch, this time a pair a of deer.   Travel continued through the afternoon until they came to a stop once more, as twilight neared, Genichiro stopping suddenly.    All they heard was "look out!" from Genichiro, and then the woods around them exploded in a caphacony of sound, explosions and energy beams hitting all around them.   A dozen mech suits, and 2 dozen fighters strafing the ground.   


They had waltzed into an ambush

(Initiative and first actions)

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Tetsuko considered aiming for the engines of the inbound fighter craft, but at this point needlessly showing off seemed more a dangerous proposition, particularly if she didn't get any quality hits in at all. But she knew the aerial advantage needed to be eliminated quickly. "Guys! Draw the attention of the mecha, I'll try to thin out their Air Superiority! And if anyone ejects, capture them if you can, we need intel!!"


She grinned as her hands glowed for a moment. "I hope their power systems hold out!" She starts unloading 5 blasts, seemingly looking like she was dancing to each stance like a practiced kata, one shot for each jet in range.


Combat Actions and Rolls
[Osprey OOC] 2:57 pm: Well, I'll roll initiative at least...
Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 3+2+17: 22
[Osprey OOC] 2:58 pm: Not my finest.
[Osprey OOC] 2:58 pm: Wait, forgetting AGAIN...
[Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: +21 from my Lightning Reflexes.
[Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: That's 22+21... 43!
[Osprey OOC] 2:59 pm: Witness?
[Abyss Phantasia] 2:59 pm: HIYO!
[Osprey OOC] 3:29 pm: Oh well...
[Osprey OOC] 3:30 pm: just 5 shots then.
[Osprey OOC] 3:30 pm: 5 Attacks,
Magnetowave Blast - Ranged 5 Weapon 10 - Enervating
100 Damage, 10 Energy Cost, 50 EP Drain on Target
Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+4+17: 22
Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 5+2+17: 24
Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+2+17: 23
Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 2+3+17: 22
Osprey OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+17: 24
[Osprey OOC] 3:31 pm: Let the games begin...
Initiative: 43
Armor: 100
Health: 700
Energy: 310 - 50 = 260
Let me know if I land at least one blast, as I get my energy back.
Divine Relationship Uses: 5 Remaining
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Squatro had simply let the others talk and listened. He had a lot to think about, to say the least. The Dragonballs might have their limits, but they obviously still allowed a great deal of latitude - innately dangerous in the wrong hands. Also, the little part about their creator being in Hell (was that a real place then?) was also not promising. Regardless of what the government might say, Squatro had already come to a simple conclusion. These things needed to go to the Guardian, assuming he could continue protecting them safely... and stay there, unused.


It would be sadly unfortunate for the people who might remain dead, but then again, they would be put at risk with the whole searching for scattered Dragonballs - without the benefit of a second resurrection anyway. It was better to get rid of them. Why the capacity to eliminate these artifacts had been removed, well, did that qualify as madness or what?


And then the storm burst. Squatro was more than a bit annoyed at walking right into it, as he quickly twisted away from a flurry of energy blasts and ducked a shell. Yes, capturing some pilots did seem like a halfway decent concept.


Feet pumping against the air, Squatro burst into the Sky Walk. Closing in on a nearby mech suit, the youthful agent began to pick apart the suit with punches in a methodical manner, inspecting the capabilities of the ambushers.


Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+20: 26
[Nina] 8:14 pm: witnessed


Health: 750/750

Energy: 465/465

Divine Relationship: 5/5

Win/Fail Counter: Zero


Judge Opponent kicks in.


5 Unarmed Attacks all on one.

Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 2+1+20: 23
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+20: 26
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+2+20: 28
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+3+20: 29
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+4+20: 30


170 damage each.

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" YES!!! Something to warm me up!" The wild eyed girl who had been trudging along shivering in the horrible cold leaps forward shouting the command words for battle prep, Her tigers rushing by her side.


"Armor! Shield! Monte, Christo! TO WAR!" Her body now glowing from the magic armor with her shields spinning rapidly in orbit set to intercept any and all attacks she let of Two quick KI Blasts at one of the Mechs as she screams an incoherent warcry!




Initiative 36

[Nina] 7:10 pm: I need to roll Initiative for dbv KArmahl's Initiative of +17 + lightninh Reflexs of +15
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 1+3+32: 36
[Nina] 7:11 pm: gah
[Nina] 7:11 pm: can i get a witness for my horible ineptitude
[Jeremy] 7:11 pm: It's pretty big anyway
[Asarasa] 7:11 pm: I have witnessed it!   

Ki Blast attacks
[Nina] 7:14 pm: now for her 2 Ki blasts bothe are +20
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+20: 29/ 200 damage
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 6+3+20: 29/200 damage
[Nina] 7:15 pm: rofl
    [Osprey OOC] 7:15 pm: HOT


Health - 670/670

Energy - 370/370

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The giant humanoid robots tromped through the treelines with heavy footfalls that shook the earth and sent the the foliage around them to trembling. Each one stood nearly twenty feet tall from the heavily armored feet to the tiny sensor cluster at the head. The oversized forearms and shoulder epaulets bristled with weapons both obvious and concealed. They were unstoppable juggernauts, every one...and there were so many!


Shiori stood up from the little fire they'd built, and the chill night breeze tugged at her kimono and her hair. She sighed inwardly...there would be no dramatically appropriate flower petals tonight. No carefully crafted image. No fortuitious diplomatic solution. She would have to fight all-out, and it was hard to say what would change as a result.


The Shinto priestess began advancing on one of the hulking robots with purposeful intent as the others scattered to do battle as well. It took aim at her, and rotary cannons on its arms spun up to speed. The next moment saw thousands of rounds spat out from them with a sound like an incredibly loud buzzing...the rate of fire so fast that the individual gunshots blurred together into a single droning tone. Snow exploded upwards in great clouds, driven by a hail of tungsten penetrator rounds. Shiori vanished into the spray, and bullets saturated the spot she was standing.


The guns whirled to a stop as the pilot paused to confirm the kill. Abruptly the mecha lurched, and alarms started blaring in the cockpit as status displays started going red. He wrestled with the controls, bringing the heavy machine around to face a blaze of white and red cloth, and blinding light that was Shiori. On the snow lay the tattered remnants of what had been the mecha's left arm, sparking and leaking hydraulic fluid.


More gunfire roared, and a bright beam of laser light tracked across the tundra, setting trees alight wherever it landed. Shiori moved with impossible speed...blurring and seeming to vanish as she dashed faster than the eye could track, avoiding all the death amongst the backdrop of fire and ice. She managed to get in behind the mecha, darted in, and suddenly scythes of burning ki sluiced out from her hand, painting a crescent of blinding light that cleaved the mech's right arm off...sending it to join its cousin on the ground.


Shiori dropped back to the ground at its feet, deftly avoiding its footfalls as the pilot wheeled around, trying to re-acquire her...another slash of energy severed critical hoses and joints, sending the giant war machine toppling to the ground! In a heartbeat she was on the torso. She ripped the armored hatch cover to the cockpit off, exposing the pilot inside. He struggled to release his harness, and went for his sidearm...and cried out in sudden terror as metal rebar went around his arms. Shiori had bent and folded wreckage around him as easily as she might fold an origami crane.


"Sh," she said with unnerving gentleness, kneeling in the decimated cockpit over the now captive pilot as if she were visiting a sick relative in the hospital. "Everything's fine."


The shrine maiden leaned over, unfastening the man's helmet. What she had in mind though, he didn't find out. More gunfire sounded from a little ways off, and snow fountained up behind her. Shiori grimaced with irritation.


"Fine." For a moment a cruel little smile curved her lips as she said to the pilot, "Stay right here." Then she was gone...zipping off to rejoin the fray.


Rolls made in chat; made two crits and a normal attack to cripple and remove a mecha from the fight. Four successful defenses made as well.

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“Yes!” Datura roared as the enemy finally showed itself. She picked out the first one, latching her eyes on the massive mech. With a howl of pleasure and fury, she threw herself at the metal opponent! In her mind, she prepared a solid punch followed by two elbow strikes.


Carver *rolls* 2d6: 2+3+35: 40

Three attacks:

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 6+3+17: 26

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 6+2+17: 25

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 3+3+17: 23

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  • 2 weeks later...

One of the fighters vanished, as all of Tetsuko's attacks vaporized the right wing, sending it plummeting into the ground at near the speed of sound.  Datura's strikes dented and pummeled her target's armor but the mecha was still game and able to fight, though one arm hung limp, it's chaingun useless.  Karmahl's attacks blasted the chaingun arm from the Mecha she fought,  Even as her tigers roared into battle, attacking another one, breaking off its missile racks. Squatro Managed to show a perfection of force, breaking off the arms and legs of his foe, and putting a strike directly into the power supply of the same unit disabling it.   Shiori's prey could do little more, trapped as she had left him in his disabled machine.  Genichiro had stood apart from the rest in the clearing.  He seemed to be charging an attack, and Tetsuko and Karmahl had already seen it.   As he put forth his hands he called out "KAMEHAME-HA!"  and a brilliant corruscating blue beam shot forth, sweeping the sky taking out two of the fighters directly and sending a third crashing to the ground.


Their foes returned fire  as they could filling the air with missiles beams and death.     (Everyone needs to defend against 3 attacks DC 25, 26, 27,   Damage is 180 laser, 200 missiles, and 160 with peircing 5 penetrating 5 (the heavy cannons) nothing hit on the autofire chainguns)  It is now turn 2.

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Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+3+17: 24
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 3+5+17: 25
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+1+17: 19
[Rebecca OOC] 5:42 pm: ...
[Rebecca OOC] 5:42 pm: Divine on the critfail.
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+17: 24
Damage: 80, 100, 80 (-20 armor from piercing)
260 total
Tetsuko slid back from the cluster of hits she recieved... these things weren't playing around. But she had to keep focussing on the jets, only one got shot down and there were still two dozen minus one still up in the air. But the mass of mechs on the ground was a high-level threat as well... this ambush was too good.
"Guys! I think we gotta have a fighting retreat!!! We're outgunned!"
She wasn't gonna fall back just yet, not without everyone else following suit. Maybe her fortunes might turn. She focussed each shot on the jets she managed to plink in the first salvo.
Attacks 5
Magnetowave Blast
Ranged 5 Weapon 10 - Enervating - 100 Damage, 10 Energy Cost, 50 EP Drain on Target
Focussing on the jets I hit first salvo...
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 1+5+17: 23
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+5+17: 26
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 5+2+17: 24
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 2+5+17: 24
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 2+5+17: 24


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Defense Results
[Nina] 11:38 am: need to make defense rolls for Karmahl defense of 17
[Aphrodite Pandemos] 11:38 am: and that, dear students, is why telepaths are horrible people
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 5+1+17: 23
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 5+3+17: 25
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 1+2+17: 20
[Nina] 11:39 am: witness pllease
[Aphrodite Pandemos] 11:39 am: Nein
[Carver] 11:39 am: Don't witness nothin'. You live longer that way.

All three hit

Damage is 90 laser, 120 missiles, and 150 with piercing 5 penetrating 5

Defenses toasted i take 360 total damage and my shield is completely depleated.

Health 240/600

Power 660/700


Lasers burned her. Missiles slammed her  to the ground filling the air around her with shrapnel and fire. And then the shells from the canon smashed her shields and armor tore her flesh and left her on her knees bleeding and hurt, but still alive but not for long unless she did something about it.


Summoning her full might  she screams her war cry and unleashes hell!



 [Nina] 10:17 am: need to make attack rolls for Karmahl
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 3+2+17: 22
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 3+1+17: 21
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 4+5+17: 26
    [Nina] 10:18 am: witness please
[Long6] 10:19 am: I'm here
[Nina] 11:05 am: ok I need to make a fouth roll for karmahl in dbv
Nina *rolls* 2d6: 4+6+20: 30
[Long6] 11:06 am: ok
[Long6] 11:06 am: not bad
    [Nina] 11:06 am: thanks.

Ok Karmalh unleashes 4 Meteor Storms (Meteor Storm: (weapon 10, area 5, selective accurate 3, multidimensional ))
I misremembered my add on the first 3 rolls should have been +20 not +17 below are the adjusted rolls

attack 1 – 25
attack 2 – 24
attack 3 – 29
attack 4 – 30

each attack does 100 damage



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Attack one: 25 vs. 25 – Datura defends

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 3+4+18: 25


Attack two: 26 vs. 22 – Datura is hit, 200 damage

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 2+2+18: 22


Attack three: 27 vs. 25 – Datura is hit, 160 damage

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 4+3+18: 25


360 HP in damage


The pain was welcome. After not getting so much as a scratch in her last fight, the wounds were nothing more than the sign that she was finally in a real battle. She preferred fists over guns but these would do in a pinch.


Behind her, the robot called for a retreat and Datura’s lip curled. “You run! This battle is far from over, toaster oven!” Cupping her hands before her, she gathered her chi before her and kindled it into a sphere. “Decimation Sphere!” she howled as she unleashed her gathered power.


Attack: Carver *rolls* 2d6: 5+6+17: 28

The Decimation Sphere - Weapon 10 ranks, Area 8, Selective


Obviously, she’s using Selective to not damage her teammates.

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Squatro weaved around the firepower, at one point grabbing a missile out of mid-air and tossing it into a nearby laser beam. The two weapon shots intersected and exploded, expending their energy harmlessly.


His lip curled just a tiny bit (tiny tiny, I assume you) when he heard Tetsuko call for a retreat. His assessment of the situation did not match her's.


The first exchange did not seem particularly against them - and getting injured wasn't sufficient cause for panic. Just to prove the point Squatro bounded between two mechs.


Sparks crackled and metal broke as he kicked and rebounded off between the two walkers. They were trapped here with him.


Health: 750/750

Energy: 465/465

Divine Relationship: 5/5

Own/Fail Counter: Zero



Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+2+20: 27
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+6+20: 31
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+5+20: 28



Attacks on Mech A

Unarmed #1: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 2+4+20: 26

Unarmed #2: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+20: 27


Attacks on Mech B

Unarmed #3: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+1+20: 26

Unarmed #4: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+20: 30

Unarmed #5: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+4+20: 30


170 damage each to all attacks that hit.

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Tetsuko's barrage of blasts all hit the fighters, but failed to put them down, though it did make them abort their attack runs.   Datura's attack, a blinding spherical blast radiating from her, destroyed all the trees around them in a radius of 3 kilometers.It buffeted all the mechs, causing both crippled machines to explode  Karhmahl's meteor attacks managed to catch 4 of the remaining suits squarely, destroying them.    Squatro's furious attacks crippled one machine and heavily damaged another. The two tigers combined to kill another mecha in a storm of metal and claws.   (there are now 5 total mecha remaining,  4 mecha that can move 3 lightly damaged, 1 heavily.)


Genichiro moved near the wounded Karhmahl, seeing her shield collapse.  "Don't push too hard.."   he turned his gaze skyward and put his hands forth again, not uttering an attack but instead firing a massive barrage of energy spheres into the sky, reminiscent of antiaircraft fire.  two more planes went down, while 2 more took a great deal of damage.   (There are 7 fighters in the air, all are damaged.)


The mecha once again opened up, catching Genichiro even as he stood to protect Karmahl, taking the hit from the lasers meant for her.   He grunted in pain, but stayed upright.   The other two turned their firepower to Datura, firing the chaingun and missiles at her, and the second at squatro, trying to aid the heavily damaged one escape him.


(Squatro Dodge vs 25 and 24, laser (180 damage) and chaingun (autofire 140 damage)   Datura dodge  25 vs chaingun (140 damage autofire) and 27 vs missiles (200)  I skipped max because he didn't post during the week.    we are now on the next round.

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Tetsuko should have had more faith in her teammates. When she looked to them, seeing how they were getting slammed and managing to take the fire to buy Tetsuko time to scare the planes off... she knew she owed them big time. "Changing targets!" Tetsuko shouted, her eyes glowing blue, as well as her hair, as circuit-like patterns glowed on her skin. "Consider this my apology for not having faith in you..." She crossed her arms over her chest. "OVERDRIVE! ENGAGE!" She put out her hands, as targeting HUDs in her internal processors placed two crossights each on two of the undamaged mecha. "Here comes the artillery support!"

She unleashes her fury, two white-hot orbs of energy screaming at one of the untouched mecha, two heading to another...
"Suck on it. Metalheads."

1: Activate Overdrive
2-5: Two blasts on one of the undamaged mecha, Two on another.
Attacks (Modifiers Included)
Magnetowave Blast - Ranged 5 Weapon 15 - Enervating
150 Damage, 15 Energy Cost, 75 EP Drain on Target
2 on one of the undamaged, 2 on another
Active Modifiers  (On Turn 1)
Overdrive Mode: her weapons gain 5 ranks in power
her superstrength gains 2 ranks
for 3 turns
then lose the same amount for 5 turns
Rolls (first two on Mech A, the others on Mech B
[Rebecca OOC] 3:15 pm: Okay... here I go!
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+17: 27
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 6+1+17: 24
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 4+6+17: 27
Rebecca OOC *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+17: 26
[Rebecca OOC] 3:15 pm: Oh yes, feels good on the skin!
OVERDRIVE online, turn 1 of 3
Energy 250/310 - One or more attacks hit will recharge
Health 440/700
Divine Relationship 4/5
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Still reeling from the beating she took but satisfied with the results of her counter attack chooses to heed Ginichiro's advice and ducking close to a smoulder hulk of the nearest for cover She reactivates her armor and her Shield and focuses in an attempt to concentrate her regeneration properties.


Health 240/600

Power 600/700

Will reactivate my armor and shield. this turn and if possible spend extra actions for extra regeneration.
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As Karmahl takes cover, abruptly Shiori is beside her. "Stay low for a moment," the priestess offers, "I'll draw their fire away from you."


Where had she gotten off to? After wrecking that first mech, she'd seemed to have vanished for a little while. Had she gotten hurt as well?


She seemed fine now at least.


The shinto maid flickered away with her quick steps and lifted her hands. "Amaterasu's Lance!" she cried, and a blazing line of radiance burned through the night towards one of the mecha!


(Using her ki blast on one of the mecha. 3 attacks:

SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 2+4+20: 26
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 3+5+20: 28
SalmonMax *rolls* 2d6: 1+3+20: 24
[salmonMax] 9:49 am: Aw, no moar crits. So beit.


It's an autofire 3 attack that does 95 damage per hit, ignoring 40 armor and 80 shield points per hit. Shiori has spent 99ep so far this fight.)

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Attack One: 25 vs chaingun (140 damage autofire) 

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 4+4+18: 26


Attack Two: 27 vs missiles (200) 

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 1+6+18: 25


560 in damage


Datura laughed, her manically laughter ringing out across the battlefield. Her face was flushed with more than cold as she spun through the air, arching over the stream of bullets from the chain gun. Her aerial ballet broke down when the missile slammed into her back. She was knocked into a snowdrift, and she stood up with murder in her eyes.


“You should have run when you had the chance, humans!”


She exploded out of her mangled heap of snow, bursting forward to pummel the mech who had fired the missile at her. The sooner she took it out, the sooner she could take out the next one.


Attack #1:

 Carver *rolls* 2d6: 3+6+17: 26


Attack #2:

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 6+2+17: 25


Attack #3:

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 2+4+17: 23 – didn’t like that one – she wants higher! DR

Carver *rolls* 2d6: 3+4+17: 24, well bugger. Oh well.

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Squatro's response was to drag one of the mechs into the path of their fellows' firepower with one hand, while punching the other crippled mech with resounding force. Finally, he let out a shout and punched right through the mech suit's body, shattering it apart.


Health: 750/750

Energy: 465/465

Divine Relationship: 4/5

Own/Fail Counter: +1



Defense 1: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 2+1+20: 23

--- DR reroll: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+3+20: 29

Defense 2: Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+3+20: 29



Attacks on Mech A

Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+3+20: 29
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+3+20: 29

Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 5+5+20: 30


Attacks on Mech B

Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 3+5+20: 28
Jeremy *rolls* 2d6: 6+6+20: 32


170 damage each to all attacks that hit. The second attack on the B Mech crits for 340 damage and adds +1 to the counter!

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In  handful of seconds it was over.   The the mecha were all down, destroyed, and only three fightercraft were able to flee the skies above.  Almost instantly the suffocating effect of power loss, the inability to teleport and fly had returned.   The whole area was silent, save the wind and the dying crackling of flames on the wreckage.   Genichiro looked around and scowled,   "Well, that was rather annoying."  he looked around at the others   "Is everyone alright?"


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Karmahl rolled out from the wrecked mech she had taken cover under, bruised and bloodied a scowl on her face. "I'll be alright soon, at least physical, don't know if i will ever live down the embarrassment. " She puts a hand over her stomach and grimaces."and im hungry again."


Shooting a questioning look at the others. "Any idea who these guys are," she looks at the burning twisted wreckage," or were?"

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Tetsuko holds her hands out as heat-sinks open up throughout her body, Her overdrive was going offline. The heatsinks vent as a cloud of steam from the melting snow around her showed how much heat she internalizes during the process. She takes a knee on now bare ground as the steam lifts into the cold air, before coming back down as very faint flurries. She starts breathing in the cold air to quickly bring her core temperature under control.


"Okay... I'm functional." She said, looking at her suit and jacket. "Only cosmetic damage on my gear, but I'm going to need some time to patch up. But you guys are the priority. Anyone hurt bad?"


"Also, what's the status of the one pilot Shiori managed to capture?" She said, walking over to the disabled mech, using her Ki sense to look into the wreck. "This was mighty inconvenient... Hopefully this one can manage to tell us something on the whereabouts of their base."


"It is bothering me though, how are they getting aircraft up? They looked like they had unstable geometries, and they'd need complex flight systems like I do just to keep stable... how are they getting things in the air?" She said, scratching her head.

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