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Note that at this time, the drafts for the GMC / NWoD2.0 chronicle addenda are  very preliminary.  They will be a work in progress for coming months, but can give you a rough idea for now of what changes we make to the book rules to allow for global play.


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These are the discussion forums for SPI, replacing our old Global mailing lists.  Announcements, general discussion, and global IC and OOC chatter can all happen here.


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Folks, we have finalized addenda now for everything in NWoD 2nd Ed except Forsaken (it released just last week, the editors are working on errata, and once that hits the GGST-Forsaken is heading up the project). It's possible that there will be a few minor tweaks between now and June 1st, but the meat of it is there; players can start building their PCs, and STs can get working on their NPCs. :)
For those of you interested in Requiem 2nd Ed, there's a treat in there for you. We were able to port in the various 1st Edition bloodlines that didn't have unique disciplines with a few minor fixes. Mind, we're not porting over 1st Ed Devotions and the list -- given the major changes in Disciplines in 2nd Ed, that way would lie madness -- but there's now a healthy number of bloodlines to start the chronicle, plus whatever comes down the path later from the fine folks at Onyx Path!
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