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Welcome to the SPI NWoD 2.0 Chronicle!

Jess OOC

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Ladies and gents, welcome to the brand-new forum for the upcoming Shadowplay International NWoD 2.0 Chronicle.  This is a partnership between RPG Post and SPI, a global LARP organisation including players from around the world.  While there are currently four member clubs (Australia, Ireland, Italy, and a catch-all "Games Without Borders"), this online play-by-post domain is managed directly from the Global office.


ANYONE can play in these play-by-post forum games, so long as they follow the rules of both SPI and RPG Post.  [Edit:  Unlike our existing SPI chronicles, this one won't be using "member class" for an XP bonus.]  That said, joining one of the member clubs allows you to take your character to play in live-action games hosted by the clubs.  If you want to get in on that, I would invite you to consider joining one of the member clubs.


The current plan is to start in June of 2015 with the following genres:  core God-Machine Chronicle (i.e. mortals), Vampire the Requiem 2.0 (aka Blood & Smoke), Demon the Descent, and Hunter the Vigil.  These are all part of a common chronicle, and yes, it is possible for characters from one to interact (with Storyteller approval) with the others.  We're also hoping that Werewolf the Forsaken 2.0 (aka Idigam Chronicle) is released by Onyx Path in time to be playable at chronicle outset; if not, we'll bring it in as soon as possible thereafter.


For now, we're in city-building mode.  The in-character location for this game will be Cape Town and surroundings in South Africa.  My assistant for what we call "Dark Places on the Map" has been working on this, and will be happy to work with you in helping to develop this setting and your characters' place within it; expect him to have an account here soon.  And by all means, you are invited to discuss who wants to help as a Storyteller for which genres, to discuss character ideas and background connections, conduct pre-chronicle "soft RP" scenes, and otherwise work toward chronicle launch.


So all that said:  welcome!


- Jess

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It's also worth noting that Shadowplay International has two current LARP chronicles underway:  Old World of Darkness (aka "Classic") and New World of Darkness 1.0.  If you're interested in taking part in one of these chronicles, please check with the member club local to you to see what's being played in your area... and if there is no local group, by all means please consider starting a local group yourself.  If you need any help with this, don't hesitate to ask!


- Jess

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Another WoD LARP organisation (Isles of Darkness) is currently undergoing a reset. In their new settings document, they included the following bit, which I think is a real gem. So I'm posting it here for consideration and discussion.
What is a suitable PC?
Within the World of Darkness there are all sorts of supernatural creatures, with a wide range of motivations, interests and goals. However, not all individuals of a given genre are suitable for play. Some of this will be obvious – addenda may note that certain groups are NPC only, for example. However, in our chronicle there is one important character trait that all PCs must share.
A PC should be a person who will get involved.
When a problem or situation comes up which is clearly relevant to their broad supernatural group, PCs are the characters who take an interest. PCs the main the movers and shakers in their societies, the ones who are active rather than passive.
Their reasons and motivations will vary widely - altruism, political power, guilt, amusement, obligation, loyalty - all sorts of things.
A PC is the sort of character who, upon hearing about exsanguinated bodies, spirits causing trouble, a possible Loyalist, etc., takes an interest and doesn't wait for her personal allies to be in trouble before wanting to know more, and to make sure that someone is dealing with it. She might feel she doesn't have the tools or abilities personally (not every plot suits every player) but, on the whole, she wants to know that these things are being dealt with and is willing to get involved a lot of the time.
There are plenty of supernaturals who prefer to mind their own business, focus on other issues, only play the long game, and generally not participate in the day-to-day society. Those are NPCs - they are likely to show up when they want something, whether that's bringing a wider issue to PCs attention or seeking to hire or manipulate others.
But they are not suitable PCs, because the defining characteristic of a PC is that, reluctantly or enthusiastically, selfishly or altruistically, she gets involved.
There may occasionally be characters that are less involved and tend toward reclusiveness or a focus on social interaction. Players who prefer this type of character should remember that they take an additional responsibility on themselves – plots will normally be aimed at characters willing to get involved, so a character who doesn't do this may be left out. It is therefore the responsibility of the player in question to ensure they've created a character able to participate in a way that they will still enjoy.
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