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Into the Strange OOC


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I was looking over what has been sent to me so far and after a couple of conversations I noticed that the back grounds of the characters(which are very good by the way) are really more appropriate for more experienced characters than what the basic rules sort of allow at start. Now i already posted in the rules section about the Customization rules most of you may not have been aware of, those rules are officially allowed by me, but i wanted you all to take a look at this optional rule as well. So discuss this a bit and i will after some discussion decide what to do with it if anything.


If we do use this rule everyone has to agree though, i don't want to lose a player because of this.


I'll even start :)


I am driven by the story not the rules and i love to be able to make the character i want to make when i play and i love to allow my players to do the same as long as they can fit the story im narrating (which you all do btw), so i would have no problem implementing these rules, as long as the complications really fit the character background, the player worked with me to make sure everything fit. and that i have final say on whether its ok or needs further tweaking.


With that in mind review this and let me know yuor opinions suggestions and if you all would like me to put this into action.





By introducing a story complication based on her character’s background, a player can start the game with a significant amount of XP (and can spend them immediately if desired, even to advance in tiers). The GM has final approval over this option, and it should be used only in groups that don’t insist on all characters having precisely the same power levels. This story-based concept allows a player to create exactly the character she wants at the outset at the cost of building in a narrative complication for herself.


For example, a player might want to start the game with a sidekick or a defensive field projector somehow brought from a recursion with higher levels of technology. Under the normal rules, these options aren’t available to a beginning player, but she could find or build them given time (and perhaps after spending XP). With the optional rule, the character gets an advance XP amount that can be used to “buy” the companion or device, but in exchange, she has an inability with all NPC interactions.


As another example, let’s say a player doesn’t want to start by playing a new, young vector— she wants to play someone who is older and more experienced. Although The Strange does not assume that all starting characters are fresh young recruits, the player’s vision doesn’t quite sound like a first-tier vector. So she comes up with a significant drawback, such as a severe addiction to a costly drug, in exchange for an advance of XP that allows her to start at the second tier, with all the benefits of a second-tier character.


These example story complications are worth an advance of 4 to 6 XP:

• People find the character extremely unlikable. No matter what he does or says, intelligent creatures and even animals find him unpleasant. Any attempt to interact with creatures is done so as if they were one step higher than normal. Further, the GM should make a default assumption that the baseline with which people treat the character is distaste and contempt. (5xp)

• The character has a bum leg. It acts up every now and again (at least once per adventure, usually once per session), and when it does, the difficulty of all of her Speed tasks is increased by one step. (4xp)

• The character has an inability with a significant task, such as attacks, defense, movement, or something of that nature. As a result, the difficulty of such tasks is increased by one step for him. (4xp)

• The character has an occasionally debilitating condition (bad back, alcoholism, eating issues, and so on). This problem should result in a significant penalty once per session. (6xp)

• The character is wanted by the law and must keep a low profile. This drawback is something that can cause story-based issues rather than mechanical ones, but it can make life difficult for him at times. (5xp)

• The character has a defenseless relative or friend who is often at risk. Again, this is not a mechanical issue, but rather one that will affect how the character is played. At times, he will have to stop what he is doing to help the person out of a jam. At other times, the person’s life    might actually be at risk, compelling the PC to action. (5xp)

• The character must perform a regular action to retain his abilities. For example, each morning, he must “commune” with an ultrapowerful, artificially intelligent “god” who grants his powers. If this communion is disturbed or prevented, or if the transmission connection is broken or blocked, the PC does not have access to his powers that day. (4xp)

• The character must have a specific item to use his abilities. For example, he needs a power cell, a focusing crystal, or another object that can be destroyed, lost, or stolen. Perhaps, like a power cell, it needs to be replaced or recharged from time to time. (5xp)


These example story complications are worth an advance of 12 to 20 XP:

• The character is wanted by the law and is actively pursued by multiple NPCs. This isn’t just a matter of laying low when she is in town. Instead, NPCs will show up at the worst possible times and attempt to apprehend. (12xp Local, 14xp State, 16xp Federal)

• A condition that the character has causes the difficulty of all tasks involving combat or NPC interaction to increase by one step. (15xp)

• The character has a truly debilitating condition, such as blindness, deafness, being crippled, severe drug addiction, and so on). (12xp)

• The character has a defenseless relative or friend who, for some vital reason, must accompany her at least 75% of the time. She will spend a great many actions protecting this person instead of doing what she would rather be doing. (15xp)

• The character’s abilities rely on a rare drug. Without a regular dose of this substance, she is virtually powerless. (18xp)

• The character was experimented on as a young child, which gave her powers and abilities. To gain new abilities, she must find the original experimenter and replicate the process. This is a major mission and could result in a long delay of character advancement (effectively giving her a boost in power at the beginning but no boosts for a long time afterward). (20xp)



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ok gonna table teh advanced xp idea after some more thought it might not be teh best of ideas.


Instead i think what im going to do is after I get your Backgrounds I will give some little bonuses to further help with defining your characters




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Reminder to everyone who has not sent me their character I need them by the 27th of this month (thanksgiving day). I will be making my initial game post on December 7th.

If your still interested in playing please get them to me the sooner the better.


If you have been approved please make sure to post your character to the character thread.


Thank you

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Just a reminder Please post your characters to the PC Thread this weekend.


if any of you have any questions or changes you want to make shoot it to me so i can get it done.


Intro Post will be posted this coming week no later than Sunday Dec 7th


Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving :)




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Ok time for update


I have gotten confirmation for everyone so i will go ahead and prepare my intro post hopefully will have it up on the 7th. as for your replying posts due to the holiday season rush i will not hold you to the posting schedual of once a week min.  I will hold my replies until every one gets a chance to chime in my schedual is also a bit cramped :) dont yall just lovethis time of year.


If you have any changes, additions, or questions pm me




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Game On


Please have your Chaaracter Posted in the Characters Thread Before you reply to the game Thread.


Due to School and the Holidays I am relaxing he Posting times Dont rush take your time and I will make appropriate response when everyone has posted at least once.


any Questions either post them in here or PM me


Be gentle it my first time running PbP


Lets have some fun




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the Plane lands in about twenty minutes . thqt gives you all some time to investigate /interview. if any of you want to make a post to that effect here is some generic stuff you may learn


the cultists are level 1 humans, and they’re a bit confused. But they remain fanatics and will enthusiastically divulge the following if questioned, which is all they know. For instance, they don’t know their own names, merely describing themselves as acolytes of the Most High and servants of Father Foss.

• “Father Foss knew you would come. He sent us to intercept you three days ago. He said to bring down your plane as a message to sinners everywhere and another omen to show the world that the End of Days is nigh!”
• “Father Foss is the first disciple of the Most High. Father Foss performs miracles that bearwitness to the truth.”
• “The Most High revealed to Father Fossthat the End of Days is coming. The MostHigh makes the faithful like angels of War with holy relics.” (The war glasses are the relics.)
• “You are servants of the Sinner and wouldprevent the prophecy of the End of Days from coming to pass. We were warned against you.”
• “Those who follow the will of the Most High will live forever in glory.”


Details known to the acolytes beyond this are fuzzy and confusing. they will basically spout typical crazy cultist type things although occasionally they may use an Ardeyn term mixed in with normal English. neither of these people are quickened.

Both cultists have id that name them as Cary Simms and Jason Dyer respectively they each have credit cards and the usual stuff you find in wallets and pockets they have around 50 dollars in cash each. Each has a airline ticket from the day before when they arrived in Seattle and another which is for this flight.
The tickets for this flight are both time stamped the same as your tickets



if you have any specific questions ask here or in chat if im on and I will answer then you can incorporate into a post

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ok I will make a wrap up post a bit later to get us on the ground. so if yall want orneed topost anything else now would be the time.


This is the end of this session so I am awarding  1 xp to each Character. that gives everyone 2 I believe with max having 3 for excepting an Intrusion. Max if you have not done so selct either Lexi or Curtis to receive the other Xp i awarded You can pm me and I will give it to them  there will Be some other awards coming as well. Familiarize yourselves with the Xp system, but dont spend any yet.


I wont post the close until some time tomorrow. with the second session start post to come Sunday.


Very Good Play Guys even with the holidays and all the other stuff thats been going on. I hope you are Having Fun.


Buckle your seats Plane is Landing and this trip Is about To get Weird


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I have made the session ending post. Please note the time stamp at the bottom of that post. Session 2 will begin before that time and my post will have them from now on. They may not be sequential. All main team post should fall after the Tuesday2:45PM time stamp, Ians Posts may fall before or after depending on where he is until he joins up with the team.

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XP Awarded So Far

1xp to each player for creating an interesting BackGround - This includes Ian and Firanis


1 Xp For compleating the First Session - this includes Ian his PM thread with me counts as his session


Intrusion Xp

+1 - Juno +1 for Lexi

+1 - Curtis +1 to Lexi


Bonus for creative connections


+1 to each Player in the Main Thread


Undisclosed Bonuses +1 from various sources awarded by discretionary action


Current XP Log for each character

Lexi - 5

Juno - 5

Curtis - 4

Ian - 4

Firanis - 3


Background threads and side threads will also award 1-2 xp per thread to any/all characters who contribute. so far i have 2 side/background threads underway. Xp will be awarded for these when they are compleat adn posted for all to read. but these should not be posted until complete or in complete chapters if they are long.

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Max - I didn't get my issue with your post across adequately in chat. Could you please edit the beginning of your post to account for Lexi actually taking her action? The way it is written right now, Juno is pinning Ian before Lexi has taken the actions described in the post before yours. 
"Lexi was grabbing a towel and going over towards him, but Juno barreled in to pin the intruder, and more importantly his reaching hand, between her and the wall by the door." - This has Juno getting to Ian before Lexi does, which means that she wouldn't have been able to say what she said or touch the necklace. I'm certainly fine with Juno brushing past her before Ian gets a chance to respond and pinning him, but these two posts have competing timelines at the moment and I feel like I'm being denied any action by what is written in your post so that Juno can have reacted first. I understand being frustrated that others posted before you when you feel that your character would have reacted first, but unless we want to go to initiative and combat rounds for this, that happens from time to time in a PbP. 
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I will be posting a followup to the curtis shane post.

 detailing the activation of the AI


at this moment if any of you want to make a post with your immediate reaction to the flash and hologram do so but dont go beyoynd that reaction as the Ai will begin speaking within seconds of its activation. I'll try to get  my post up this evening after I get home


thank you


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