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NWoD 2.0 and Shadowplay International

Jess OOC

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Some of you already know about this little thing I've been planning with Chosen.  Well, I've just announced it to the full Shadowplay International organisation:  a global LARP org comprised of member clubs in Australia, Ireland, Italy, and a catch-all called GWB.  Read on....

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Hi folks. :)

As you who have read the MST reports know, we're launching the NWoD 2.0 / GMC chronicle next June, in parallel with the current NWoD chronicle.  The plan is to have core GMC for Mortals, Blood & Smoke for Requiem, Demon the Descent, Idigam Chronicle for Forsaken (if released by then), etc, with other genres phasing in as released.

It's not necessarily going to be adopted everywhere, at least at first.  The old problem, of course:  too many things to do, too little workable game-time slots in which to to them (there being only so many Saturdays in a month).  But there's a player base that really wants to try the new material, and it's good material.  So we've been looking for options that let people anywhere play.
Enter RPGPost.
For those unfamiliar, RPGPost.com is one of the older fan-forums for White Wolf games on the 'net, close on 15 years old now.  Originally called N!Prime with a focus on the Trinity Universe (Adventure, Aberrant, Trinity) games, the forum branched out over the years to include the full gamut of WoD games, and other systems as well.
The fine folks who run RPGPost are working with the SPI Global Office to create something brand new:  a "Global domain", handled entirely via play-by-post forum play.  There are members of RPGPost who would very much like to run and play games with us in that fashion.
So the general premise is this.  We will have Globally-sanctioned games for the NWoD 2.0 chronicle on RPGPost via forum play in a dedicated SPI subforum.  Anyone can take part in these games, whether a member of one of the SPI member clubs or simply a member of RPGPost; however, those who want to enjoy membership benefits beyond MC1 or travel/proxy to play with a member club will need to obtain membership in an SPI member club.  The SPI rules will be enforced within our subforum, as will the RPGPost code of conduct.
The in-character location for this domain is Cape Town, South Africa.  It's a major port city with a large English-speaking population, a plenitude of surrounding rural and wild areas, has a cosmopolitan nature, and is incredibly unlikely to ever see a live-play group form up locally.  The AMST-DPotM is already hard at work fleshing out the locale and surroundings.
The current plan is to launch the subforum on RPGPost in late November.  People can discuss their concepts, start working up characters (well, as much as the state of the addenda allow, as they're a work in progress), have ties, and even conduct pre-chronicle soft RP scenes right there on the forum.
This is full of upsides.  We get to attract other people via RPGPost to SPI games.  Players from SPI member clubs who take part get to meet other people as well.  It's completely free; doesn't cost us a shilling or cent.  Because it's play-by-post, it can be played at any time from anywhere without conflicting with live-play games; because there are people on RPGPost eager to run games, it doesn't drain the resources/manpower of the member clubs.  It provides a handy entry point for certain aspects of plot.  And it gives us a good way to engender genuinely global play in the NWoD 2.0 chronicle, since PCs can go to and from Cape Town to their home domains (or to visit those domains if their home is Cape Town).
That's the plan, which I've already gotten the nod for from the NSTs.  In the history of the org in both its current and previous incarnations, we've never really done anything like this before.  But this is an outstanding opportunity for us to actually deliver on the global game we set out to create.  And I'm pretty damned excited. :)
- Jess


Jessica Orsini, GWB 2006037576
Master Storyteller, Shadowplay International
â™” Keep Calm and Carry On


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