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Desiree "Wraith" Ramirez

The Dean

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Hero : Wraith     Player: NinaBMM


Identity: Desiree Ramirez  

Identity Type: Secret


Gender: Female       Age: 20      Height:5'0†      Weight: 98         Eyes: Green        Hair: Various Colors or Black


Str: 0 (10)   Stm: 1 (11)   Ag: 2   Dex:1   Fght: 4   Int: 0   Awe:1   Pre: 0


Dodge: 5   Parry: 6   Fortitude: 14   Willpower: 6   Toughness: 1/11   Initiative:+2




Close Attack 4 [unarmed], Connected [Master Tien Vo], Interpose, Languages 2 [English(N), Spanish, Vietnamese], Move-by Action, Seize Initiative, Takedown 2, Defensive Attack [Martial Arts ], Improved Critical 5 [unarmed], Improved Smash [Martial Arts Training], Improved Trip [Martial Arts Training], Instant Up [Martial Arts Training], Power Attack [Martial Arts Training], Startle [Martial Arts Training]



Skills: Athletics +0/+10, Deception +2, Expertise [COOKING] +3, Expertise [sTREETWISE] +4 Insight +4, Intimidation +4, Perception +4, Persuasion +2, Stealth +3





• Density Control (this is not an array just grouped together by relation)
Density Increase: Growth 10 [Only Strength and Stamina are modified by this ability although

speed is reduced not increased by -2 per 8 ranks).; Does Not Change Size (+0)],

Density Decrease: Insubstantial 4 ; Reaction (+1); Affects Corporeal7 [Physical Disruption] (+7),

Immunity: No Need To Breath (+2), Precise (+1)],

Massive Armor: Impervious Toughness 8,

Flight 5 [subtle (+2)]

Physical Disruption: Damage 11[The ability to alter density against foes, by phasing an intangible hand through them and then partially re-materializing it. This effect typically causes great pain and results in incapacitation]




Secret Identity

Relationships and Responsibilities: Family Mother and sister Sister is a freshman at Caltec, Mother runs a Vietnamese restaurant I bought for her using gang confiscated money

Responsibility: Protecting the local neighborhoods from the Gangs


MOTIVATION: Responsibility. Everything Desiree does is from a sense of Responsibility and yes guilt. She used her powers to protect not only herself from her abusive father but her little sister and to a lesser degree her mother as well. After he was gone it was responsibility for taking care of her family after he left that drove her to take up the petty crime but it was the guilt she felt after saving Master Tien Vo that cemented "the with power come responsibility" after all she is the one with the powers when there are others who could do more perhaps but she now feels that this power widens her responsibilities to even greater extent to others outside her family and close circle.





Abilities : 18

Powers: 85


Skills: 11

Defenses: 13

Unused: 0



Background/Description: Desiree Ramirez is a girl with issues born to immigrant parents one Mexican and illegal the other Vietnamese, young and uneducated. She was regularly beaten by her drunk father and bullied by bullies at school because she was mixed race.She was 14 when the event occurred and when her powers manifested, she turned the tables and gave her father the beating of his life. He soon after disappeared leaving Desiree to care for her mother and younger sister, Margret Marie. As for the bullies, they didn't escape her attention either and more than one found themselves bloodied and beaten in the street after dark for picking on her or her little sister


To handle her responsibilities Desiree was becoming a petty criminal, using her powers to steal enough money from local businesses to keep the bills payed and to have a very modest life for her mother who blamed her for her father running away, and her sister who was very bright and had a future.


Keeping her powers a secret was easy and no one was the wiser if things had kept up the way they were heading she very easily could have become a super villein as that was the path she was on, but fate intervened.


One night while enjoying a stolen beer and a smoke on a rooftop she heard the sounds of fighting curious she altered her density and floated over the rooftop to witness a pretty astonishing sight and elderly Vietnamese man she had seen before in this part of east LA engaged in a furious fight with several youths belonging to a local gang chapter. What was astonishing was that the old man was winning! it was obvious that he was a very skilled martial artist and was easily wiping the floor with his assailants. Then Desiree saw more youths this time brandishing guns enter the ally in which the fight was taking place. Seeing that the old man was outnumbered and outgunned she didn't hesitate instead she jumped down and entered the fray using her powers to quickly mop up the gang members.


The old man was thankful but also critical of Desiree and not the least amazed by her ability to shrug off bullets or fly. While he did not know her he had seen her and considered her not much better than the gang members she had saved him from for somehow he knew that it was she who was responsible for the constant thefts of money from business in the local area. This hurt Desiree she didn't want to be like those gang-bangers she didn't want to be a bad person. She promised the old man that she would stop stealing and only use her powers to help others and to fight the gang members. He seemed pleased with this and told her that if she did this he would let her attend his fighting school for private instruction because she was not a very good fighter at all.


Thus was born the identity of the Wraith. Since then she has become a champion of the local neighborhoods against the violent gangs and drug traffickers. She has taken money from the defeated gangs and used it not just for herself and her family but to help ease the pain for those less fortunate in east la and the areas nearby. She has even used some of the money to buy a small restaurant for her mother where she also works part time helping her mom and to help send her little sister to collage. All the while she has been trained and mentored by Master Thien Vo the owner of a martial arts academy in the east LA region.


Description: Desiree is short at 5' even and some what thin. Her features are an exotic mix of Asian and Latina. She is now well toned since she became a student of master Tien Vo. Her hair is Black but she colors it with various washable dyes in a punk fashion during the day and her eyes are Green. When she goes out as Wraith she washes out the colors if she has time or rubs in some black dye which she keeps in her purse if she needs to switch in a hurry.

Her dress style is street punk much to her mothers annoyance. She does not wear jewelry. She very rarely smiles always appearing serious and determined. Her sister can make her smile and laugh though.

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