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Tempest "??" Greer

z-Tempest Greer

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Personal Information:
Identity: Tempest Alejandra Greer
Nicknames: Tempe, Pest, T&A
Hero Name: Undecided
Occupation: High Schooler/Vigilante
Legal Status: United States Citizen
Marital Status: Unmarried
Known Relatives: Archibald Greer (father), Luciana Greer (mother), Nathaniel Greer (younger brother)
Allegiance(s): family, the innocent, justice

Physical Traits:
Weight: 122 lbs
Height: 5’6â€
Apparent age: late teens
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian / Latina
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Handedness: Right

Appearance: Tempest is a stylish girl of mixed ancestry; like many children of two ethnicities, she has pleasantly blended features from both sides. Her hair is a dark brown, neither black like her mother nor sandy blonde like her father. Her eyes are like her mother’s, dark and large. Tempest dresses elegantly, as her mother taught her, hiding a body that goes beyond toned into peak of human ability.

Powers, Skills, and Personality: 
Known Powers: Tempest has no known powers. Instead, she’s been trained as an archer and gymnast, giving her the ability to do amazing feats of tumbling, balancing and shooting trick arrows. She can pull off various stunts using her arrows. Her bow was built for her by her father, and he crafts and designs many of her arrows.
Abilities/Special Skills: Her skills are all aimed toward fighting. She can assess her enemies, knows how to check her environment to improve her aim, is a crack shot and knows where to put an arrow for maximum damage. Her ability to do acrobatics and athletics are incredible, and if her gymnastics coach knew how much Tempest was holding out on him, he’d break her knees or fall to his weeping. She’s wickedly good at hand to hand fighting, though her true skills are with her bow. She’s learned tactics, history and investigation from her father. She can read people, and knows how to move their emotions and change their minds. She also knows how to make the shadows her friend.
Personality: Tempest’s personality is harshly segregated. At school, she’s lighthearted and bubbly, always kind and smiling. She doesn’t pick on the non-popular though she doesn’t directly stop it when it happens either. It’s a mask, hiding the warrior underneath. In the field, she’s focused and driven. Another word for her personality at that time is humorless; her father taught her his jaded cynicism and her mother has left her afraid of fighting crime. Her ‘hard ass’ persona on the street is a reflection of both of these worldviews. That personality is also a cover for the sad, quiet girl who wants her brother to be happy and her father to let her be herself.

Background: Tempest was born to a life of wealth and privilege. Her father is a descendant of one of the founding fathers of Los Angeles, and the Greers have always enjoyed the fruits of that connection. Orville Greer had made his fortune panning for gold; his descendants only increased his wealth.

Archibald studied archeology in his youth and used his fortune to travel the world, studying whatever interested him. The era of tomb robbing was past, but there was plenty left to explore and he saw it all: dry, dusty tombs in Egypt, peat moss graves in Ireland, the Catacombs of Rome and a shrine to the goddess Tanit on Ibiza, as well as other places. He had adventures which honed his body to the peak of physical limits as he battled natives, jumped crevices and lived like he was Indiana Jones.

It was in Ibiza that he met the beautiful Luciana with her warm, chocolate eyes, raven-hair and dusky skin. It was a rapid romance; he loved her looks and European elegance, as well as the way she would listen to his stories and how much they excited her. She loved his worldliness and how knowledgeable he was – and of course, his being rich didn’t hurt. They agreed to marry quickly and didn’t have a long engagement.

Sadly, both of them went into the marriage with expectations. Luciana expected that Arch would settle down and stop being so wild and dangerous; Arch expected that she would come out with him, being his sidekick and partner. Instead, they had a wonderful honeymoon, followed by a lifetime of fighting. Luciana came away from the honeymoon with child, giving her an easy out from adventuring. Arch hoped for a son, but got a daughter. He named her Tempest, perhaps as commentary on his marriage. Luciana chose her middle name.

The couple waited two years and tried again. This time, when Tempest was three, a son was born, but it was a difficult birth. Luciana nearly died, and the baby was deprived of oxygen for too long at one point. Though Nathaniel appeared normal, it was soon clear that the child would never be completely whole.

Arch was disgusted with his attempts at procreation, and Luciana refused to try again. She was afraid to try for another child and couldn’t handle the heartbreak that Nathan had brought them. Of the family, only Tempest truly loved her younger brother without reservation. Something in him called to her, even as he grew older and his retardation and physical handicaps became clearer. His nickname for her is Pest, said lovingly.

Without his deeply desired son, Arch went to Plan B. Tempest became his prodigal, his heir to not only his wealth but his mind and lifestyle. He pulled her out into the field several times, only on a trip to Sudan, they were accosted by bandits at a dig site. Arch was badly wounded and it was Tempest who fought them off with the help of their guides. She was eleven.

When they returned home, they heard about the new superheroes. Arch remembered what Tempest had done and he devised a new plan for her. The girl’s training shifted to vigilantism. In addition to the history she’d been learning from him, now she was also learning tactics and warfare. Luciana put her foot down at this point, but Arch wouldn’t be dissuaded. They fought horribly about it before reaching a compromise of sorts – Tempest would be trained, but wouldn’t be actually fighting crime until she was sixteen. Additionally, she would attend public school, though Arch insisted that her focus be in sports rather than scholastics, since he could teach her far better than a public servant.

Tempest adapted to school easily, aided by her mother’s socialization and her money. It was something she worked out pretty quickly and left her uneasy; she was popular because she was pretty and had money, not because the other kids liked her. She joined all of the sports teams, determined that she liked gymnastics and cheerleading the best and dropped the rest.

Meanwhile, Tempe’s insane training regime with her father continued at home. He modified one of his compound bows for her, creating a set of trick arrows. He drilled her endlessly, worked her until she dropped and generally toughening her far beyond what a high school student needed. But he had grander plans than high school gymnastics for her.

Just after her sixteenth birthday, Tempest hit the street for the first time. Her father’s training proved effective, and soon the streets were buzzing with news about the new hero.

At the same time, the school’s quarterback, Logan Henderson, took an interest in her. Soon they were dating and Tempest was hopeful that she’d found someone who would see her. After all, Logan’s family was rich; his father was part of the same Men’s Club as her father. Someday, Logan would be a part of that club, hanging out to play poker and smoke together.

Nemesis: One of the earliest villains that Tempest fought was the Headsman, a horrible serial killer who takes his victims’ heads. They have clashed a number of times, with neither one of them defeating the other. She’s never been able to catch him, for he’s as consummate a hunter as she is. They are well-matched, and Tempe has laid in her bed at night considering that he’s a dark mirror of her – a man who hunts the innocent, using his guns for evil.

OOC, The Headsman is a gun-using Weapon Master who is a well-trained human. He channels his murderous rage into hunting the most dangerous prey.

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Tempest Alejandra Greer - PL 10


Strength 3, Stamina 3, Agility 6, Dexterity 6, Fighting 7, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 1



Assessment, Benefit, Status: Member of the Greer Family, Benefit, Wealth (well-off), Improved Aim, Improved Critical 2: Standard Arrow: Damage 5, Ranged Attack 9, Skill Mastery: Insight, Ultimate Effort: Aim



Acrobatics 10 (+20/+16), Athletics 10 (+13), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+13), Expertise: History 4 (+6), Expertise: Tactics 4 (+6), Insight 6 (+8), Investigation 4 (+6), Persuasion 6 (+7), Stealth 4 (+10)



Blindsight: Senses 6 (training, Accurate: Hearing, Acute: Hearing, Analytical: Hearing, Counters Illusion: Hearing)

Bow and Arrow Tricks (Easily Removable)

. . Blunt Arrow: Affliction 5 (training, 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree: Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 15; Increased Range: ranged)

. . Explosive Arrow: Burst Area Damage 3 (training, DC 18; Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Increased Range: ranged)

. . Net Arrow: Affliction 5 (training, 1st degree: Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless, Immobile, DC 15; Alternate Resistance (Dodge), Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree)

. . Standard Arrow: Damage 5 (training, DC 20; Increased Range: ranged)

Cable Arrow: Movement 2 (training, Safe Fall, Swinging)

Catlike Balance

. . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 2 (training, Acrobatics +4 (+20))

. . Leaping: Leaping 2 (training, Leap 30 feet at 8 miles/hour)



Initiative +6

Blunt Arrow: Affliction 5, +15 (DC Fort 15)

Explosive Arrow: Burst Area Damage 3 (DC 18)

Grab, +7 (DC Spec 13)

Net Arrow: Affliction 5, +15 (DC Dog/Fort/Will 15)

Standard Arrow: Damage 5, +15 (DC 20)

Throw, +15 (DC 18)

Unarmed, +13 (DC 18)



Enemy - The Headsman: The Headsman is a serial killer who is a dark mirror to Tempest.

Identity - The Archer: Tempe has to maintain her secret identity and maintain her normal life.

Motivation: Responsibility: Tempest's father pushes her to be the hero he would love to be; he is pressing her into this life.

Relationship - Her Family: Tempe is afraid that her family will be hurt by her crimefighting, particularly her brother, Nathan, who is the only one who doesn't know what she does.






Dodge 14, Parry 14, Fortitude 5, Toughness 3, Will 10


Power Points

Abilities 60 + Powers 21 + Advantages 17 + Skills 27 (54 ranks) + Defenses 25 = 150

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