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[Dragonball Victory] Character profiles

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Tetsuko Ueda
Tetsuko Ueda wasn't born yesterday, but she was built only a few years ago. 3.25 years ago by her rounded reckoning, although she wouldn't bore anyone with exact numbers. Her original design was to serve as a test pilot for new aircraft designed by Capsule Corporation, as a bio-simulant android, she could withstand crashes and what-not but still feel some of the same effects of high-speed turns and extreme altitude a normal person would.

But, concerns regarding the Red Ribbon army changed matters, and Tetsuko and her sister Hoshiko were upgraded to be combat capable. Tetsuko herself was a shoe-in in regards to being placed in the "Security and Defense Concepts" division, as her particular nano-synaptic brain could adapt to changing tactical conditions as well as it did in piloting a hobbled aircraft in a crisis situation.

Tetsuko was programmed with useful field skills, and had placed into her arms a experimental "Magnetowave" emitter. Called as such as the system when fired not only hits the target, but against stronger opponents, it can take some of their energy along a magnetic field created by the beam that carries that energy back to Tetsuko. Also her internal flight system was upgraded from a simple repulsor that was used for safely landing from a bail-out to being able to fly as fast as the speed of sound, and an experimental quantum entanglement jump-drive system that gives Tetsuko the gift of teleportation.

Finally her skeleton was re-enforced with a nano-crys upgrade, that helped her already resilient endo-skeleton take the punishments expected if any RR Androids once again showed up. In addition her biosimulant muscle cells were upgraded to the Mark 5 "Yama" model, making her punches hit harder than jackhammers.

Over time, Tetsuko also was given an appearance upgrade. Seeing a chance for product PR, Tetsuko recieved a resculpt of her skin and body, making her quite photogenic, and she was given a marketing sub-routine so she would know ho to put her best face forward in selling Capsule Corporation android technology. Of course her original designer derided some of the choices the "Product Design Committee" came up with, but Tetsuko didn't mind the sudden increase of attention as she loves being around people anyways.


Personal Information

Tetsuko is a happy girl, always in touch with the human condition and taking her existance as a responsibility to do her best in all endeavors. She is not completely nieve, seeing that there are those that are "irredemable" but Tetsuko is the type to hold back if to give even the worst a chance to change. She keeps her cyan hair at a medium legnth, to accentuate her feminine, almost supermodel-esque body. Her piercing blue eyes suggest a soul is there, seeing the world with through high-grade eyes.

Tetsuko prefers to wear single-piece bodysuits, as they are fast to put on and take off and give an air of heroism that people seem to rally behind. She occasionally wears a Capsule Corporation utility flight vest over her suit, and boots that are put on the feet through self-tightening straps. Some think her marketing programming leads her to wearing Capsule Corporation clothing over other brands, but as an employee, she does have a corporate image to follow. Tetsuko has very little time to pursue hobbies, but when she gets time she is a good cook, known to take leisurely drives through the countryside, and nature hikes in the forest.


Tournament Record
2 wins, 1 loss

Furthest advancement: Quarterfinals


Notable battles (In order of most to least recent

 vs. Mizuko Shiokaze (Loss via Concession)

Mizuko Shiokaze used her ability to manipulate water to great effect taking Tetsuko past her engineered and intended limits, forcing Tetsuko to concede the fight.


vs. Aiko Mitsurugi (Victory by Ring Out)

Aiko was a pretty well built weightlifter, with one knockout under her belt already, but Tetsuko manhandled her so deftly not with brute force but with her knowledge of physics to show Aiko the dirt outside the battle stage like in her qualifier round showing. In almost record time again.


vs. Annie Crowley (Victory by Knockout)
Tetsuko never encountered magic before, and when Annie started showing her style of Pyromancy, Tetsuko was completely taken by suprise. After all creating fire from nothing violated the laws of thermodynamics... then again it was magic, and her magic was no match for Capsule Corporation's engineering. Tetsuko drained all of her energy and took her to the woodshed.


vs. Captain Awesome (Victory by Ring Out)
In what became a signature of Tetsuko's in the opening match of her first tournament, she deftly outsmarted the wanna-be superhero's one-trick pony of dash and slam, redirecting his momentum into a ungraceful ring-out in near record time.

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Name: Shiori Kiba

Profession: Miko of the Dazaifu shrine.

Age: 19


Description: A spritely, adorably perky young woman who never seems to be in a bad mood or poor spirits. She is of middling height, slim build and possesses great grace of movement. Her hair and eyes are nearly the same shade of chestnut brownm and she is rarely seen out of her traditional white kimono and red hakama even when off duty.


Personality: In addition to her bubbly optimism, Shiori is well known for holding perseverance most highly prized. She constantly tries to convince everyone around her never to lose heart, and to keep trying no matter what the odds are. Though too shy and humble to boast, Shiori has become convinced that the kami wish her to compete in the tournaments for some special reason, and she is determined to go as far as her talents and their interventions will carry her to see what that reason is!


Known Abilities: Shiori has several unusual skills and powers that she claims represent the favor of the kami, and their direct assistance in her battles. She has been seen to surround herself with a glowing nimbus that seems to help block attacks. She possesses superhuman speed and strength, and resistance to damage even without this nimbus. She is capable of emitting a 'beam' of bright white light that can burn and strike with physical force. In her final fight she seemed capable of forming this white energy into extensions from her fingers that functioned like blades or claws as well.


Tournament History:

 - Round 1: Shiori Kiba v. Grace Exla. Grace, a new competitor fresh from a prestigious worldwide MMA circuit is unable to so much as touch Shiori, and is worn down until she's too tired to prevent herself from being tossed out of the ring.


- Round 2: Shiori Kiba v. Ubulb. At first it seems Ubulb will give Shiori trouble, as a protoplasmic being it is difficult for her to injure or manhandle. However, it has great difficulty with her defenses as well, and she moves to a distance and uses blasts of holy energy to defeat it.


- Round 3: Shiori Kiba v. Indigo. An accomplished martial artist tutored by a master of a school, Indigo is able to trade blows with Shiori for several minutes before her divinely-inspired strength overcomes him with a brutal combination of blows.


- Quarterfinals: Shiori Kiba v. El Toro. Though Shiori absorbs and delivers a large amount of damage, the massive master of the Bull Style is able to knock her out of the ring.

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Name: Karmahl Syn

Profession: The Last of the War-Witche of the Neo-Genesis

Age: 18


Description: An attractive young girl of human origins, Karmahl is of average height and curvy but well muscled her long black hair with a white streak is worn with a warriors knot but loose on the sides.

She wears the traditional Garb of a Neo-Genesis War-Witch and often caries a staff or spear. She is always accompanied by her Twin NA-Tigers, Monte and Cristo, and her chaperon Frier Laznozen.1168298_bigthumbnail.jpg





Personality: Curious and naive Karmahl has led an incredible sheltered life knowing only the company of the Neo-Genesis Monks and her two NA-Tigers. She has poor social skills and is easily confused which leads to people thinking she is stupid, which is far from the truth. While she makes mistakes due to the inadequacies of her education she rarely makes the same mistake twice and she is a fast learner.


Known Abilities: Aside from her mastery of the martial arts Karmahl has several abilities granted her by the Great Foundry of The Neo-Genesis. She is capable of flight, has the ability to armor and shield her self as well as regenerate from extensive damage. Her arsenal of nano-sorcery include her devastating Ki Blast and her Apocalyptic Meteor Storm among others.


Tournament History:

 - Round 1: Karmamhl Syn v. Jangodon. A straight forward martial arts match Jangodon a new comer to the tournament circuit like Karmahl was no match for her. She defeated him easily withou the use of any special abilities.


- Round 2: Karmamhl Syn v. Hydara Bale. Hydara's Multiform abilities could have bested Karmahl had he had any skill to back them up with. However using the multi-form as a simple means to overwhelm her with numbers and brute force failed to take into account Karmahl's superior agility and skill in defeating enemies in mass attacks for in the olden days a war witch always went into battle out numbered. However Karmahl did have to use both her armor magic and her Shields.

- Round 3: Karmamhl Syn v. Yot. Yot is not a martial artist although he did acquit himself adequately as a fighter. An energy user with the ability to use teleport in combat situations gave Karmahl her hardest win when she had to use her Ki-Blast spell to take him out at range.


- Quarterfinals: Karmamhl Syn v. Orianon 6. Though evenly matched in martial arts skill orianon 6's ability to absorb incredible amounts of energy and redirect it back at his opponent overcome Karmahl's defense and she loses to a knockout.

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Real Name: Datura
Allegiance: self
Planet of Birth: Vegetasai

Gender: female
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 160 pounds
Apparent Age: late teens
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Tail Color: Brown

Appearance: Datura is a tall, attractive Saiyan woman. Whether a human finds her attractive is up to the tastes of the human in question: many men don’t like the muscle-bound physique natural to a Saiyan. She has the classic Saiyan coloration: Caucasian skin, black hair and black eyes.

Personality: If she looks like a typical Saiyan, Datura acts even more like a typical Saiyan. She’s arrogant and cross with those who haven’t earned her respect. For those that have, they find a different person: stern and stoic yet unfailingly polite.
Interests: Datura loves to fight. She also enjoys sparring, prizefighting, and brawling.

History: Datura was born in the lab like so many other babies. Unlike most, she was the Saiyan Empire’s first and last attempt at eugenics. Though successful in producing an attractive, strong female, none of the other embryos survived gestation, and Datura’s innate fighting ability wasn’t improved enough to make the process worthwhile.

Datura grew up in the government wildlands with the other kids who were raised with a ‘thrive or perish’ mentality. She leaned to care for herself, running with the packs of children who banded together to survive. Even those weren’t safe; Saiyans are always succumbing their natural competitive natures and often fought over food, shelter or for the thrill of battle.

When the ten-year-olds were rounded up for their general education, the handlers immediately took note of Datura. Even as a prepubescent, her coming beauty was apparent. She tested at the elite level and was trained accordingly, along with other elite-level children. Most of them were of the noble family, giving Datura and the other ‘common elites’ a glimpse at the upper-echelon life.

Once Datura had matured, trouble started. The princes of the royal family fought over her; a Saiyan’s passions always run hot and as their hormones began to race, the fighting grew worse. It was tolerated and even encouraged until the young males began to try to claim her as a mate. Their future mates were already carefully chosen for maximum genetic potential. The trainers decided to remove her before the King noticed and got involved. Datura was sent to Earth to train with the native Earth Saiyans; a move she protested. She still found herself removed to Earth.

There she trained hard. On some level, she knew why she was exiled from the homeworld, and she knew that she wasn’t likely to be allowed back, not unless she can lose some of her good looks. The Earth Saiyans were much calmer and able to handle their emotions. While she had suitors, they weren’t as fanatical as the ones on her homeworld and she was able to keep the focus on her training. Datura grew and strength and skill, and now she’s ready to show that to everyone.

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Full Name: Squatro Jones

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Weight: 160 lb.

Age: 20



  • Black
  • Noodle Dishes
  • Crazy Food Combinations
  • Fighting


  • Paperwork
  • Pink
  • Spicy Foods

Personality: Generally, Squatro is not hard going, going with the flow, though his occupation requires a hidden side of seriousness and even maybe ruthlessness if the job demands it. At heart he is a patriot for Earth and its people, having pretty much been raised to defend it from birth.


He has a distinctive laugh: "Ske-hehehehehehe."


Background: After the series of alien attacks hundreds of years ago, where individuals like Vegeta, Nappa, the Androids, Cell, and others proceeded to cause immense chaos and destruction - casually dismissive of official responses - it rankled the Government that civilians repeatedly saved the world.


They were good Samaritans, true, but there was the principle of the thing. This provoked a long program of training and developing a cohort of overt and secret powered agents who worked for the King and Earth, and likewise keeping an eye on such time as the Cosmos Tournaments.


Agent Squatro, a youth adopted as an infant by government officials and raised within the Program, has been tapped for this year's tourney, acting in plain view as a would-be competitor. Partly because he's an unknown, partly as a way of testing the potential already hinted at by his mastery of the Five Stars Style.

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