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[OpNet] Update from your friends at 2 Minutes Hate.


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Update from your friends at 2 Minutes Hate. The good people at Project Utopia have provided this information for our benefit. Exactly one minute after the message from the supposed Dr. Zorbo was broadcasted; the cities of Chicago and N.Y. City experienced an unexplained blackout. At exactly 59 minutes, 59 seconds after the broadcast, an unexplained occurrence happened over the city of N.Y. on the Empire State Building. The very few witnesses who observed it (a female cop on the roof at the time investigating a complaint of a possible jumper, 2 Novas with enhanced vision on the street, and a peeping tom with a telescope looking at a showering woman in the building) claimed to have seen a most extraordinary occurrence. They collectively claim to have seen a man clad in dark armor, helmet, and a cap on top of the building, babbling something.

The officer claims she heard “top o' the world ma, top o' the world,” repeated several times. The man was apparently holding a remote control in his hand, and just before he pressed the big, shiny red button on it, a shot rang out and clipped the remote out of the madman's hand. The witnesses then claim that a man with graying hair and thin mustache was seen holding the magnum revolver that shot the control. The witnesses claim that he had apparently arrived in a completely silent helicopter on the other side of the building. The two figures then engaged in a heated discussion that the officer could not hear do to a building-roaring coming mysteriously from the air. The two men then engaged in a physical conflict that started with simple fisticuffs, and then built to bolts of energy surrounding the two, clashing in an awesome display of (apparent) Quantum fire power. The officer claims she then saw a zeppelin appeared from the thin air above the two, with a strange devise humming with growing power. She believed it must have been invisible the whole time, though officials from PU debate the whole incident . The two men clashed until a seeming rip in space appeared behind the older man, who then grabbed and pulled in the other man into it. The “portal” then closed up after engulfing the zeppelin, leaving no evidence behind. Project Utopia claims that is was all an elaborate prank by a Nova or Novas with illusionary powers. They point to the lack of evidence and that the only incident that occurred was a black out, witch is easy enough for a relatively powerful Nova(s) to accomplish. The Project vows to capture the pranksters responsible for this incident and punish them under the full extent of the law.

30 people were killed in stampedes from panicked civilians running from the city. 5 people were shot on the congested highways by other angered motorists desperate to escape the city. 8 women and 2 men have reported being raped by rape gangs during the chaos on the streets. 20 small businesses were looted and 5 set on fire. 6 people were beaten to death in related riots. 2 officers where beaten to death as well trying to stop rioters. These numbers are being updated by the hour as officials take account of the damage. We wish the Project good luck in locating the criminal or criminals responsible. The damage was only half as bad in Chicago, where there was no “light show” to frighten and encourage such behavior.

For questions and comments, E-mail to Blood_gin69@yahoo.com for information from your friends at Utopia about thisincident.

- Project Utopia

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