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[OpNet] Dr. Zorbo the Second


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Maxwell Anderson Mercer. This message is solely directed at you.

Any fool reading this is wasting the last pathetic, precious moments of their life reading it.

When you and your "Gentle Man" crushed the very life from Dr. Zorbo, you had thought of him as dead, but YOU are the one who is dead. Dead wrong. Dr. Zorbo has clawed his way out of his grave. He now seeks, no, demands vengeance! He has returned, in me. I am his ultimate legacy and I am you doom M.A.M.

I have dreams of you Mercer. I see you Mercer. I my dreams, I see you. I see your broken body. I see the ground beneath you painted in you crimson vita. I see my hands holding you buy the neck. My hands. My bare hands I have crushed and broken you with. Every night for all these years I have dreamed this beautiful fantasy. Every night since my faz'er was taken from me.But the waiting is over.

I am truly my fazer's child, but I have learned from his mistakes. My vacuum tube canon is far more powerful and without the design flaws of my fazer's. And I shall demonstrate for you're... amusement, if you wish. If you do not wish to see the "demonstration", then you should begin looking for me. I know I will be looking for you.

Oh, but I am afraid that at least one city will have the distinct "pleasure" of witnessing my power. As retribution for your crime against my family, I will destroy one major American city in one hour. I will destroy another city after that unless you accept my challenge. The first city to go will ether be NY or Chicago. I know you are found of both of them, and to show I am not a monster I will allow you the distinct privilege of deciding witch one vanishes by the hour. If you do not chose, I will destroy them both. These pathetic sheep already belong to me, and are my to slaughter as I see fit, as any other beasts of burden. So the decision is your Mercer. Which city will it be? Better think fast.

You know where to reach me with your decision;. within this OpNet program's message board. Please do order your affairs.

And to the people of those two over crowded hives you call cities that hear this. I do so hope that you spend these last, oh so precious moments to be with loved ones, or doing things you have neglected, instead of evacuation. There is no way to evacuate out of a large city of that size when everyone else wishes to do so as well. In one minute your city will experience a convenient black out, ending all train and subway travel. I can almost hear the traffic jams now. The crushing of bone from the panicked cows. Ah.

Like pulling wings off a butterfly. Exquisite and Breathtaking.

(For questions and comments, E-mail to Blood_gin69@yahoo.com for information from your friends at Utopia about this incident.)

- Dr. Zorbo the Second, popularity rating 84 percent

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