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Cad Hugh

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Heh, who played this game? Also what do you think of it? Well I do play and like the game. It can be repetitive, then again what can't be. Yet I like the style and feel of the game. Also the variety of tools at your disposal is also a good thing. Plus it's free to play for the most part.

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While i realise this is bit of a necro, im currently playing it so i decided to reply. What could it hurt?

Warframe is a free MMO with a ton of content that hits the player from multiple directions. Its really a good deal of fun for a shooty looter with a parkour movement style.

There are tons of reviews on the web so ill just write i recommend this futuristic romp. 

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There's a lot to learn from the development of this game. From 19K players (daily peak) in 2013 to +150K in 2020, this game did an awesome job at increasing steadily and retaining their player base. I haven't played this game but I wish all the crowdfunding games I'm following can have this kind of community growth over time.

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Hm... I have over 1000 hours in this game. Pretty fun. 

- Very good graphically.

- Easy to pick up gameplay.

- Has a decent, maybe even very good story, depending on how you look at it and how DE handles their storytelling.

- Game allows for a degree of flexibility, the 'mods' system being well thought, though it needs a better balance.

- No real endgame, due to the lack of balance I mentionned.

- 'I joined for the gameplay, stayed for the fashion' kind of vibe.

- Overall decent community.

I'd give this 'in beta since 2013' game a solid 7/10. Maybe 8.

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