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[OpNet] Prodigy


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Andy Vance and the QNA can suck my dick!!

Hell, why a bunch of prissy little queens like that glorified waiter, his not so elite boyfriend and T2Ms resident bull dyke think they can represent anyone is a mystery. Vance and the rest mutter on about equality, but then get mired in all the political bullshit of maintaining a "positive" public image.

Well I say fuck that. For years I've taken the abuse that America throws at me, and I was at High School when "Ironskin" started his PC crusade, for all the good it did me. Now I'm "The Guy Who's Good At Everything", or alternately "The Guy Who Threw Away Millions Of Dollars In Sponsorship For Being Too Queer", and you know why that is.

Because I've got my principles, and I'm out proud and don't care if I upset middle America. So come on Vance, if you mean what you say how about you, me and Tommy Orgy get together and have a session on Rev Phelps tombstone. I'll even let your loser boyfriend watch.

- Prodigy, popularity rating 69 percent

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