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Various game ideas

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Okay I have a few ideas in my head that I want to do. Right now I am just going to shoot them off and see what sticks. I don't know yet if I am going to gm any of them or if someone else will. If I do gm then have patients with me, and I expect you to be active in the story. I am just sick and tired of getting into a game and not being able to get far into it due to drop outs.


Anyways there are a few ideas for rp's I want to do. Their theme is simple enough and something that can be worked on. Each one involves survival. I wanted to do a simple concept as well as to do something personal and deep in character development and involvement. Also these ideas will be brief and short due to the fact I do not want to create too much for an rp when it is not going to be run. Also I am not starting any game system yet due to the same reasons.


Monster Hunters:


A small country is being under threat by a powerful monster. It has wreck havoc among the country and the local ruler has given a massive bounty on it's destruction. You the players decided for some reason or another to hunt the monster. As such travel and exploration is a major part of it.


The game main concept is hunting and taking out that threat. Yet there will be a variety of smaller threats and problems that pop up. Either due to other animals and/or more intelligent creatures that are causing problems at different communities. This will be in a fantasy setting. I may do this more as a one shot story to get people into gaming or for something bigger.


Zombie rp:


The day was an average day for you. It was evening and school was over. The sky was clear and it was sunny outside. You were lead on a bus to go on a class trip to the local forest to go on a nature retreat for the weekend.


Everything went out without a hitch. You are in the middle of the forest. When it became dusk was when it occurred. That was when things went to hell. With out warning, they appeared. Things that what was once a stable of horror movies and video games, became real before your eyes.


This is a modern day setting. Players will play a group of survivors. They will face a variety of threats from both the living and the dead. I was hoping for a horror feel with a good dose of action and maybe comedy.



Post apocalypse rp:


This game will take place in a near future story. The world has collapse due to a major war. This war change both the landscape and the lives whom live in it. Few people survived unscathed. Those who did had to live underground due to the effects of the weapons used in the world.


It has been a 100 years since people stepped out from the ground. You are among the first few send out to see if the world can be rehabilitated. The reasons you were chosen were both by chance and by a choice among a list among fellow enlistees with skills similar to yours. The game starts on the last day before you are sent out to explore this new world.


Pirate story:


You are among the survivors of the merchant vessel The Lady's Luck. You were attacked by Nightfang, the infamous pirate order who is run by an even viler pirate only know as the Night King. Many of your fellow crew members died while fighting off the pirates only to have the ship blow up and sink in the end. You were a drift for days till seeing an island in the distance.


This is meant to be either modern day, golden age of pirates, or fantasy style game. Basically either a revenge, exploration, and/or survival style story.


Dance in the moon light:


You wake up in an old abandon mansion. You can smell the putrid stench of death everywhere. The smell of rotting corpses. You can feel and hear the floor creak below you. The only saving grace right now is that the place is dark say for the moonlight that illuminates the room you are in. There is a deep red covered on the walls, most likely blood. It reads a not so elaborate message. It says:


Hello, welcome to my party. I am sorry for the looks, haven't had time to get things fixed. I'll hope to be meeting you soon. Oh, and I wouldn't go into the darkness unless you want a swift death. Anyways I'll meet you soon bye.



Mecha or suits rp:


The sense of the game is a war style theme. A mysterious group has attacked the earth. No one knew who are what they are except that the things have attacked the earth. They are called gears by the general public due to their style. Yet that is deceptive name and their looks do vary and there are different types and styles. The characters are basically trained in used with an experimental weapons and suits to face them. It is going to be near future setting with an action theme.

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