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[OpNet] Decible


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I am Decible. I am a Nova. I don't care about the foolish squabbles between the short sighted Terragen, and the Machavellian Utopites. What I do care about is the poor little people caught in the middle...

If you are one of those people, and you are tired of being yanked two ways with no hope.... Listen:


Walk away from them both. Strike them down when they come to you with thier foolishness. You have the juice flowing in your

veins. Remind them of this, with agression to match thier own if that is what it will take to open thier eyes.

The Utopites, in thier Hubris, feel that they know what is best for you, and yours. Do they? I doubt it. Echoes of Hitler????

The Terragen, in thier arrogance feel that they are the pinnacle of Evolution. Hey, idiots? So did mankind, as recently as March 23 3:30 PM EST, 1998. Look what happened 1 minute later, eh?

Oh, heh, PS: My tour will start up soon, and I will have Comet and the Firestorm opening for me. We should put on one Hell

of a show, so check it out. (End of Shamless Plug

- Decible, popularity rating 58 percent

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