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Hi guys, just discovered something in chat... I can, with only a simple 1-4 word concept come up with, in a paragraph, the premise to at least the opening story of a campaign.

So... let's play a game.

Someone come up with a 1-4 word concept for a game, and I will come up with a story.

Let's Go! I will Quote you when I make the idea.

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Dead Party


You and the group wake up inside what seems to be a wrecked banquet hall. Smashed walls, torn wallpaper, smashed tables. As you struggle to get your bearings you see there is a window and look outside. The landscape is a blasted, burned and parched waste with smashed ruins where once beautiful masonry buildings once stood. Last you remember it was 1963... October... There was some chatter in the news about some stuff happening in Cuba, but there was always stuff happening with those commies. But now... you're still messed up from whatever sort of stuff you were drinking. That and it seems there's people shambling outside in the smoke-choked sky... their flesh seems to be coming off their bones and they look... horridly mutated!


The Cuban Missile Crisis happened, but instead of it ending peacefully it triggered a nuclear confrontation. While it wasn't like what could have happened in the 1980's, the entire eastern seaboard and parts of Europe and Russia are now nuclear wastelands. You and the group somehow survived and now must navigate through a wave of mutant zombies to eventually get out of the hot-zone back to some form of civilization.

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Not The Best Idea


In 2030, an artificial intelligence was created to better understand the human mind, this intellect started to absorb the collected store of all knowledge humanity has created for itself. In 2032, it found humanity wanting. Over the course of several years it started pitting competing interests against each-other to let them kill themselves off. One group, a PMC tasked with security of the very institute that created the A.I. Discovers the plot, and now are hunted by criminals, the police, the military, and everyone in order to take them down so it can continue it's scheme. Can the players counter the AI before it eliminates them?


NEXT?  B) 

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