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[OpNet] Kingslayer


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My fellow Novas, the world is changing. The lie of Aeon's "Nowhere Dream" will soon be apparent, and the truth will be known. Since our appearance, we have been used by the powers that be. They pay us to fight one another, so that they need not waste human lives in their pointless wars. They recruit us into their benevolent organizations, using us to their own ends. They offer us money in return for entertainment, offering us a chance to mortgage our souls for their own greed. If we refuse, we are suspected, watched, hunted and feared.

That time is at an end. It is apparent that Nova and human cannot share a world in peace. You may not understand yet, but in time you will. I will not allow the quiet campaign of Genocide to continue unquestioned. They have squandered their chances of peaceful coexistence, so now they will pay for their crimes.

You who are guilty know who you are, so now you can wait, and pray that justice will pass you by. Know this: it will not.

People are weak. They feel love, and hope, and fear. I feel nothing. I feel no pain, no fear, no remorse. I am the whirlwind, and I am coming for you.

- Kingslayer, popularity rating 83 percent

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