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[OpNet] The Mauler


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6 Pack and Eviscerator, I saw your pathetic asses on XWF Live and realized that someone needs to teach your a lesson. So your looking for a "beatdown"? Then you have found the originator of the beatdown, the master of pain, the soulcrusher himself, The Mauler. I don't care if it's in the XWF, on the grassy knoll or on Fred Rupert's freaking grave. I'll destroy both of you, regardless of whether Rocky $h!tface shows up or not. Your days are numbered. I will crush your soul, like I have done to so many other useless lifeforms. When I am done torturing you, I will remove the Vibrator's gimp mask and show his true form to the world. And then in I will drag your humiliated bodies through the streets for all the baselines to piss on. And only after your have suffered every possible humilation and form of pain known will invoke my soulcrusher. And I will return your to the hell from whence it came.

- The Mauler, popularity rating 64 percent

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