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Batman vs. Superman


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Those names should be in the opposite order and there should be an ampersand instead of a "Vs." :arge: Other than that, sure, I'll see it.


On the casting thus far: what I've seen of Jesse Eisenberg leads me to think that he'll do fine both as mad businessman Luthor and mad scientist Luthor also. He is apparently only a year younger than Cavill and having watched him in The Social Network I can 100% buy him as a deeply flawed genius undone by his own demons. I'm glad that they're giving Wonder Woman a role in the movie and I hope this means we're getting a Wonder Woman movie proper - sooner, rather than later. Affleck as Batman... honestly, if this was ten years ago I could see all the hate, but Affleck's had a hell of a comeback. And frankly, since it means the screenwriter of Argo is working on the script, that's a good thing, since Argo's script is tight as hell.


But I can't quite shake the feeling that this movie's a little too much, too soon. Not TOO too much - Avengers 2 is going to have the original six, plus War Machine, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and for the villains, Baron Von Strucker and Ultron (and whatever ties in with Guardians of the Galaxy.) But I joked about how the sequel to Man of Steel would be guest-starring Superman and the more people they announce, the less that feels like a joke. I could have stood for one more movie with Superman on his own. It wouldn't make a billion-plus dollars, but not ever movie needs to.


But frankly, "DC's three biggest superheroes in one movie" is a pretty minor problem to have.


On Sucker Punch, I never had reason to doubt that Snyder was trying to satirize how fandom looks at women, I just felt that he did a terrible job of it. Satirizing a story can easily turn into the same story that you're trying to mock. I prefer Man of Steel's attempts at telling a better feminist narrative by just having lots of women characters that aren't sexualized and who are awesome. (A female villain who doesn't wear a thong, fight with a whip, or orgasm when in pain? Be still my beating heart.) It beats a crappy story with a better one.

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