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[OpNet] Eddie


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There is absolutely nothing worse than organized nova groups to follow legal genocide. You know who I'm talking about ... The prissy little T2M, Project Utopia, Aeon Society, etc. Yes, I even loathe the Teragen. We were imbued not because we chose to be, but simply because it has purpose. Power without purpose is emptiness. However, power without responsibility is just stupid. All leaders of these groups remind me of one significant figure in history. Does anyone remember Hitler? I don't expect to be liked. I know I'm dangerous, but remember how dangerous anyone else can be. One bee can sting, a swarm is deadly, a plague of bees is a threat. We don't need these groups. Base yourself on actions than image. There should be no followers. There should be no leaders. Think for yourself. If you can't, you are simply to self unrecognized to exist.....

- Eddie, popularity rating 38 percent

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