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[Exalted] Manse Tracking

Heaven's Reach ST

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Going to be using this thread to track the various manses everyone has, it keeps things easier for everyone, I will also indicated unclaimed manses here.. at the moment this is a place holder, it's simply here as a commitment to start tracking all of them, I'm starting with the highest levels of them, I'll be adding more until such time as I bring it to current status, unclaimed manses will be indicated, allowing folks to indicate a claim, once I'm done, expect other celestial exalted who travel with you, and are allies, to lay claim to a manse now and again.


Solar Manse 5 (claimed by Karren): Stone of Inhuman Beauty (4), Oathstone(1)

Solar Manse 5 (Cleansed, Claimed by Dan): Stone of Final Rest(4), Beacon of the Unconquered Sun(1)

Solar Manse 5 (Claimed by Kestrel): Gem of Perfect Mobility(5)


Water Manse 5 (Claimed by Althea): Gemstone of Solid Water (4), Jewel of the Clever Merchant(1)

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