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Scion: The Long Night - [The Long Night] Where Do We Go From Here?


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The weeks following Swara-Ann's performance went by very quickly. The band held a rather small, yet still very solemn memorial for the fallen Scion of Raiden. Many stories were told about the fighter pilot's exploits and the series of hugely improbably but still no less epic events that had led to her legend being what it was.


While her body and her plane was returned to the Amaterasu to deal with in their own way, the investigation into the events surrounding her passing would eventually rule that while the riot was clearly incited, her own circumstances were more being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An unfortunate casualty of a panicked crowd.

The Aesir Scion, Disa Odinsdottir was gone by the time the band had eventually filed out of the venue. There was a number of questions asked of them about the events leading up to the fire and while they managed to clear their names of any suspicion of wrongdoing, the evidence simply was not there to pin the event on any particular individual or group of individuals.


Now, two weeks to the day later, the Band finds itself gathered together, facing the question that they all know on some level must be answered. Where do we go from here?

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