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[OpNet] Nathan Borgodan


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I do not wish to impart on a needless and unaimed discussion concerning personal feuds, but I do feel obliged to share my view of this often-quoted Slider conspiracy and the theories associated with the same.

As has often been the case in human history, including, but even reaching further back in time than, the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations, when a public favourite dies of an unnatural cause, the people cry for an object to blame. It is in the human, and I daresay, in all but the most emotionless nova natures, to do just so. Nevertheless, proofless accusation and public outcry, along with wanton, ill-aimed destruction of public and private property, is never a way to vent such frustration. If the mystery of the Slider-conspiracy is ever to be solved, systematic analysis of the facts presented, along with thorough and unhindered investigation, especially on the side of the Teragen AND Project Utopia, will most surely lead to the solving of this mystery.

If you wish to learn more about our organization, or you think you can contribute to any or all of the investigations currently under way, feel free to contact us : Borgodan Private Investigations at borgodan.usenet

We maintain offices in most major US and European cities, and you are welcome to visit us any time of day.

- Nathan Borgodan, popularity rating 1 percent

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