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[OpNet] Sasquatch


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You think novas big and beautiful ? You screw big, cuz me nova and me kick your ass. Me big buddyguard, an' you gonna stay 'way when you see me, cuz me gonna make you regret stepping up der line ...

So anyway, like der big Teraguys say, it's not like I like them any better than you do, but der's some rite in what them say. Look, me is like, almost 8 feet and me's got white hair all over and you tell me me's still human. Yeah, right. Me don't even fit in any limousine of any employer. Like that human, yeah...

That mayor from Tampa, well, he just big mouth no brain, and mebbe he just got what he deserved, before he made some big harm on any of us. You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout cuz me tellin' you why :

Like, you see dem big Team 2 more oh! and der kids think, when I grows up, me wanna be just like'em. Cuz, I bet my brother's son think just like that. Like, it's easy ´to be a nova and earn your living when you'r, like, twice as big as any other, or you look like der monster from der blue lagoon.

And then, I got like, nine inch nails for fingertips, and like, six inch nails for teeth, and still kids think me's cute.

Tell me that's easy.

Me's gonna whack you head down if you do.

that's Mr. Sasquatch for you, bugger !

- Sasquatch, popularity rating 59 percent

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