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[OpNet] Avenger


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My name is Avenger, and I am a nova and a Terat. I do not deny nor am I ashamed of my affiliation. As many of you may already know, I am wanted for murder in multiple countries. I admit to the premeditated slaughter of over 400 men, and I -will- kill again, of this I promise.

But is it wrong to flush your toilet? To put down the rabid dog who wounds your child? To end the life of a rapist? A child molestor? I do no more than this. I punish only those who will not take responsibility for their crimes -- only -for- those who need to be Avenged. I perform baseline humanity a service be eliminating it's most dangerous members. And for this, I am called a "murderer".

Learn this well, those of you who would prey upon the weak; Vengeance comes on swift wings, and nothing shall stay me from my course.

And to you, who killed Jennifer Landers, the nova known as Slider.

I will find you.

And I will kill you.

For the One Race, for Jenny, and for Me.

- Avenger, popularity rating 81 percent

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