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Lords of Gossamer & Shadow - [LoGS] Example Character Concept and Character Sheet


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Richboy and the Brat

I'm a fucking bum. Well, at least that's what I was before the Dwimmerlaik came to my world. Everyone, including myself, couldn't fucking believe that some assholes from another dimension, wielding goddamn magic of all fucking things, took us over in one night. We didn't even believe in aliens and these Dwimmerfucks came popping out of shadows like a goddamn horror show.

Well, they gave us a crash course in the truth of things for damn sure. The Dwimmerlaik never said much, but demanded everything of us. Our "greater" minds deduced some bullshit about a Grand Stair that these Dwimmer-asses came from or used to enter our world. I said bullshit at the time, but I digress. This theory gave people hope. We wrapped our minds around the idea that it wasn't magic after all and these Dwimmerguys had just really advance tech. Yeah well, it turns out it's fucking magic. We'll touch on that revelation in a little bit.

As rebel groups started to form, I was promoted from bum to a fucking leader of men (don't ask me how or why). As a joke about my previous life-style, I was nicknamed Rich Boy and my dog, the Brat. This mangy fucking dog has been with me ever since my ex-wife kicked my unemployed, alcoholic ass to the curb. The good thing about being homeless is that I never had to teach him to shit outside.

Anyways, I led groups against the Dwimmerlaik and ended up being fairly successful. Although, the Dwimmerlaik never let up and always caught onto us. My men that didn't get away, paid the price for all of us. I would say their screams will haunt me forever, but it's the smiles on the Dwimmerlaik faces as they caught up to us that will keep me up at night.

Eventually, some fucking genius developed a bomb that he said would tear the Dwimmerlaik's assholes right out of their mouths. It was a big fucker too and my dick still gets a little hard thinking about it. I was chosen to be in charge of the task force delivering the bomb into a fucking Dwimmerlaik fortress. Our logic permitted that was an important tactical structure of the Dwimmerlaik. Fucking geniuses, we were.

We never got inside the fortress, but set the bomb off as close to the damn thing as possible. Those Dwimmerfucks are fast, but not my thumb-on-the-button-ready-to-fuck-them-up fast. That's right, I lit that candle and saw heaven for a minute. Light and ash is all I remember as the bomb went off.

Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a door with the detonator still in my hand and the Brat barking up a storm. This was THE DOOR to my world as I would come to find out. The image flickered and faded as the frame crumbled to pieces. Remember that revelation I told you we'd touch on later... Fucking magic.

"Well Brat, we're homeless again."

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Character: Richboy



Psyche: 10
Strength: 20
Warfare: 65

Good Stuff: 3


Warden of the Grand Stair (10)


The Detonator:

  • Extraordinary Psychic Sense (4)
  • Mold Gossamer Matter (1)

The detonator has a red light that blinks whenever explosive material is within 100 feet. When activated, the detonator will make all explosive material within 100 feet... well explode. No gauge or indicator of how big the explosion will be or how close.

Flak Jacket:

  • Invulnerable to Conventional Weapons(4)

A simple flak jacket given to Richboy when he joined the resistance on his home world. For whatever reason, the flak jacket has become like a suit of armor ever since Richboy discovered the Grand Stair.


  • Deadly Damage (4)

Besides the Brat, this is Richboy's best weapon and always razor-sharp.

The Brat:

  • Double Vitality (2)
  • Combat Mastery (4)
  • Double Damage: Bite (2)

Richboy's loyal companion. The Brat was always a pisser, but has become a certifiable beast. Never housebroken.

Everlasting Cigar:

  • Cantrip: Flare (1)

The cigar is always lit and never burns out. When Richboy ashes the cigar, the flare cantrip is activated.

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