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Scion: The Long Night - [Scion - Long Night] Character Thread


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For the time being, until there is a section of the site dedicated to this game, I would like discussion of characters and ties between them put here.



We are going with the Legend 4 Option, meaning that characters are to be created using the rules out of Scion - Hero, with 20 Bonus Points to spend total. Characters begin at Legend 4 and players have the option of writing up a fiction about the legendary deeds their characters did to get from Legend 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4. These stories are worth 3 Bonus Points each. (So players who write up stories to cover both Legend increases will have 26 BP to make their character with.)


Players can either post their mechanical character sheets in this thread or send them to me in PM format though a quick breakdown of what is known to the group should go here.

For the character sheets themselves, I ask that mechanics and powers that are not specifically in Scion - Hero have the book and page number cited so I know where to look.

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Birth Name: Swara-Ann Osbourne
Calling: Entertainer
Known Relatives: Gefjon Osbourne (Father), Sif (Mother)
Nature: Visionary

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 140lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Distinguishing Marks: None

Personality: Swara is oblivious, but she doesn’t let that stop her from having a good time. She's perky, giggly and always down for having fun, even when it’s time to slice the arms off giants and make them beg for death. One thing to remember is that she is Aesir through and through and she takes the virtues of her pantheon very seriously.

While she may be a ditzy blonde, she is blessed with a perfect memory that has allowed her to learn advanced combat maneuvers as well as complex lessons in academics as well as sciences. While naive to a fault she will generally not succumb to things that would grossly violate her virtues or insult the honor of the Aesir… other pantheons are fair game.

History: Swara is a pawn in a grander scheme; she just doesn’t know it yet. Her father Gjefon although mortal at the time of her conception, was one of Frigg’s avatars. Eager to have a Scion that could assist her in taking down her beloved husband Thor, Sif never considered who her charming and loyal retainer might have really been.

With her son Baldur’s soul trapped in Helheim, Frigg hopes that between her charisma and Sif’s beauty a Scion of the two could grow powerful (and likable) enough to charm their way into Hel’s kingdom and plead for the ice queen to give Baldur back to Frigg as was foretold in the Prophecy of Ragnarok.

Later, what both Frigg and Sif discovered was that Swara-Ann was as dumb as a post, having inherited too much of her mother’s ‘ditzy cheerleader’ mentality. In fact, were it not for Frigg blessing her with divine intellect that allowed her a perfect memory, she never would have been able to be trained a Scion of the Aesir at all. While by no means smart, she is a functional idiot who has grown to be a potent warrior. Both Frigg and Sif are worried that her lack intelligence may get her into serious trouble.

Today Swara-Ann is a bit of a celebrity in the underground music scene. Her incredible voice, alluring dance moves and knock out body have made her popular in almost every nightclub and roadhouse bar that post-Ragnarok America has to offer. So far she hasn’t signed on to any major label, fearing that doing so would keep her from her duties to her mother, Sif. Thanks to a combination of too much serious training, thanks to her half-sister, Pruor and her obsession with Watch Woman comics while growing up, Swara-Ann fancies herself a modern day Bat-Girl or Huntress, swooping in to protect humanity from all the monsters of the night with her super powers and mystical abilities.

Birth Name: Swara-Ann Osbourne
Calling: Entertainer
Nature: Visionary
Pantheon: Aesir
Patron: Sif

Physical: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
Epic-Physical: Epic Strength 2, Epic Dexterity 2, Epic Stamina 2
Knacks: Strength (Holy Bound, Holy Rampage), Dexterity (Cat’s Grace, Lightning Sprinter), Stamina (Body Armor, Self-Healing)

Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 1, Wits 3
Epic-Mental: Epic Intelligence 1
Knacks: Intelligence (Perfect Memory)

Social: Charisma 3, Manipulation 3, Appearance 5
Epic-Social: Epic Charisma 3, Epic Appearance 3
Knacks: Charisma (Pied Piper, Boys Will Be Boys, Hapless Cool), Appearance (Center of Attention, Blinding Visage, My Eyes Are Up Here)

Virtues: Courage 2, Endurance 2, Expression 3, Loyalty 2

Abilities: Academics 1, Animal Ken 1, Art (Dancing) 3, Art (Singing) 3, Athletics 2, Awareness 1, Brawl 2, Command, Control, Craft, Empathy 3, Fortitude 1, Integrity 3, Investigation, Larceny, Marksmanship 2, Medicine 1, Melee 3, Occult, Politics, Presence 5, Science (Botany) 1, Stealth, Survival 1, Thrown

Birthrights: Gjallerhorn 1, Collapsible Crossbow 1, Nibelungen Ring 3, Armor of the Lawless 2, Guide 4.

Gjallerhorn (Relic 1)
-Gjallerhorn is Heimdall’s legendary sword. Since Ragnarok the God has withdrawn from the world, brooding in some dark cavern of the World or Overworld. Given to Swara as a gift the sword isn’t quite trustful of its new master since it still senses the power of its former master. So far, all the weapon will do for Swara is change itself from a sword to a drinking horn she can wear on her belt making it easy to carry about. The horn is always filled with slightly chilled mead and never runs dry. Hopefully Heimdall doesn't come looking for it. It has the statistics of a Spatha.

Collapsible Hand Crossbow (Relic 1)
-This is a standard crossbow pistol that collapses down for easy carrying. Its magical power is that it never needs ammunition. She likes going all ‘Huntress’ on people with it.

Nibelungen Ring (Relic 3)
-The fabled ring forged from the Rhinegold by the dwarf Albriech. This is a simple golden band that allows Swara access to the Fertility, Health and War purviews.

Armor of the Lawless (Relic 2)
After Ragnarok this ancient suit of brown leather armor was discovered in the ruins of Hollywood where an ancient Amazonian Scion known only as ‘Lucy’ was said to have worn it. No one knows who her divine patron was but the legends tell Ares was listed as one of her many enemies which leads many to speculate that she may have been one of Artemis’s adopted children. None of the Greek Pantheon claims ‘Lucy’ or her armor, in fact they nearly fall about into fits of laughter when the great Amazon’s ‘legend’ is mentioned. Ares just rolls his eyes and usually spits on the floor at the mention of this ‘legendary amazon’.

Swara doesn’t care if the legend is true or not, or what the Greeks think about their powerful Amazon Scion. All she cares about is that it protects her well and looks great on her, she just wishes it didn’t instill with the urge to throw Frisbees and scream “Aye-yie-yie-yie-yie!” The armor protects as leather armor but has +2 to both lethal and bashing soak.

Pruor, The Valkyrie (Guide 4)
Thor is all kinds of stank nasty badness these days and his daughter, Pruor isn’t too thrilled about it, and neither is Swara. While Sif couldn’t tend to her daughter’s needs daily she assigned Pruor to act as Swara’s guide, teacher and guardian. While Freya generally commands the Vlkyries, her absence has left them leaderless and scattered. Pruor and her half-sister have agreed that Thor will be brought to justice for what he’s done and his father Odin will join him in chains.

Boons: None

Join Battle: 4
Clinch: Accuracy [2]+5, Damage 5B[2], Parry DV —, Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy [2]+4, Damage 7B[2], Parry DV 3, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light: Accuracy [2]+6, Damage 4B, Parry DV 5, Speed 4
Gjallerhorn: Accuracy [2]+7, Damage 8L[2], Parry DV 6, Speed 4
Hand Crossbow: Accuracy [2]+6, Damage 3L[2], Parry DV - , Speed 5

Stamina: 1L / 3B
Epic-Stamina: 2L / 2B / 2A
Armor: 3L / 5B (-1 Mobility, 1 Fatigue)
Total: 3L / 5B / 2A (Armor: 6L / 10B / 2A)

Health Levels: Standard. (Ignore 2 dice worth of penalties)

Dodge DV: 5 (4 w/armor)

Willpower: 5
Legend: 4
Legend Points: 16

Misc. Equipment: Viking Shield (+1DVs), cell phone, lots of stuff like clothes and a ride.

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Name: Jaden Shea

Calling: The Punk of the West

Pantheon: Celestial Bureaucracy

God: Nezha

Nature: Bravo

Age: 17

Height: Tall

Body: Fit

Handedness: Left


As a young woman, Risa Shea held the quality of finding attraction and thrill in the company of ‘dangerous’ men. This led to an existence as arm and bed candy for a string of local gang leaders her age, until one night at a rather seedy underworld…. party, she met a brash teen male, new to town but able to cow the thugs around with just a look.

Risa had a week’s fling with “Long” before he disappeared. Several weeks later, Risa finally found her dalliances catching up with her in the form of the discovery she was pregnant. Her new parental status served to dissuade her usual paramours, and quickly faced the prospect of complete destitution until a kindly doctor took her in as a maid/assistant.

Her employment lasted not long after Jaden’s birth, as Risa reverted to form. The result was that Jaden was left deprived of a stable home for most of his life, and in dangerous and chaotic environs to boot. The result created a young disaffected malcontent on the streets. Finally, Jaden got in over his head during a gang alteration, and would have been brought down by superior numbers if a slightly older man hadn’t intervened, effortlessly mowing through the thugs.

Naturally, Jaden was more than a little pissed to meet his father only now, Scion that the Visitation made him notwithstanding. Nezha insisted that he had only learned a couple weeks ago, and spent that time searching relentlessly for his son.

Nezha ended up spending another few weeks with Jaden, connecting, helping teach refined combat skills and preparing him, which more than reconciled the two. After all, it was more than his mother had ever done for Jaden - and Nezha really did care about the welfare of his boy. Jaden Shea was 14 when he started his independent career as a Scion.

The following three years have cemented Jaden’s status as a rising hero, but also turbulent with his pantheon as a whole. Jaden puts his store in loyalty to friends, not obedience to rules - ones that he considered a waste of time. The Celestial Bureaucracy has not taken well to his autonomist ways, and one exasperated shen referred to him mocking as ‘The Punk of the West.’


Jaden, in his inimitable fashion, adopted the sobriquet as a title of pride.



Strength ••••, Dexterity ••••, Stamina ••••

Charisma •••, Manipulation ••, Appearance ••

Intelligence ••, Wits ••••, Perception •••


Favored: Athletics, Brawl, Control, Larceny, Melee, Thrown

Academics •

Athletics ••••

Awareness •••

Brawl ••••

Command •

Control ••

Empathy •

Fortitude •••

Integrity •••

Larceny •

Melee ••••

Occult •

Presence ••

Stealth ••

Survival •


Harmony ••, Intellect •, Loyalty •••, Valor •••


Relic •••• - Sword of the Huokang - [Counts as Katana that grants access to the Chaos, Fire and War Purviews and adds wearer's Legend to any single (Dexterity + Melee) roll.]

Huokang (meaning ‘Fire Pit’) is one of the classic alternative Chinese folk names for the Hell of Di Yu, and this sword granted to Jaden invokes the mayhem, burning, and conflict all associated with this name and that Underworld. It resembles a jian from the hilt, with a blade more akin to a medieval broadsword. The scabbard is decorated with images of the various punishments meted to denizens of the Ten Hells.

Relic • - Vest of the Sun Gang [Counts as Bulletproof Vest that mimics the effect of Sun • (Penetrating Glare)]

A gang-style vest with the stylized imprint of the Chinese sun - it apes the appearance of a gang that does not exist. It was however, worn by Nezha when he seduced Jaden’s mom, and the god spruced it up with some protective magic and seeing magic before giving it to Jaden.

Epic Attributes

Dexterity •••

Strength ••

Stamina ••

Wits ••


Body Armor (Sta) [Demigod pg. 57-58]

Cat’s Grace (Dex) [Hero]

Crushing Grip (Str) [Hero]

Divine Balance (Dex) [Demigod pg. 56]

Damage Conversion (Sta) [Hero]

Making it Look Easy (Str) [God]

Meditative Focus (Wits) [Hero]

Monkey in the Middle (Wits) [Demigod pg. 67]

Untouchable Opponent (Dex) [Hero]


Chaos •

Fire •

War •

Legendary Stats

Willpower ••••• •••••

Legend ••••

Legend Points: 16/16

Combat Stats

Join Battle: [2] + 7 dice

Total Soak: 8B/6L/4A

Dodge DV: 10

Unarmed, Light: Speed 4, Attack [2] + 9, Damage [2] + 5B, Parry DV 9

Unarmed, Heavy: Speed 5, Attack [2] + 7, Damage [2] +8B, Parry DV 8

Clinch: Speed 6, Attack [2] + 8, Damage [2] + 5L/B, Parry DV -, P

Sword of the Huokang: Speed 5, Attack [2] + 13, Damage [2] + 10L, Parry DV 9

Bonus Points Log

Strength +1 (4)

Willpower +4 (8)

Epic Dexterity +1 (4)

Epic Wits +1 (4)

Favored Abilities +3 (3

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Character and Sheet

Name-Alaric Reynes

Age- 28

Height- 6'3"

Weight- 175 lbs

Hair- Close cropped blonde

eyes- blue


Divine Parent- Beowulf

Pantheon- Aesir

Alaric Reynes is a hunter. Born in Northern England, he learned to hunt young, and he lives for it. Born to a nurse at St. Alicia Hospital, his mother spoke of his father fondly, despite his disappearance. It wasn't until long after her death that he met his Father, the Legendary Heroic figure, Beowulf.

His father charged him with protecting the world from the monsters of myth and legend, and gave him three relics of the past to aid him. Armed with Spear and Axe, he found he was quite good at slaying monsters, and made his way back and forth across the British Isles slaying what monsters he found.

After his legend had grown, his father appeared again, sending him across the Atlantic, to fight monsters there. He's made his way west at the wheel of an old toyota pickup, Settling for now in the Town of New Tombstone, where he's found the allies his father told him of before sending him forth, now perhaps they can be about whatever task the deities have gathered them for.

A gifted hunter he survives off the land, and seldom takes more than a few essentials offered by those he saves.He lives frugally, and for him, happily. This is all he knows, all he's known for awhile.


Nature- Survivor
Calling- Heroic Hunter

strength 3 dexterity 5 stamina 3
charisma 4 manipulation1 appearance 2
Perception 3 Intelligence 2 Wits 4

athletics 3
Awareness 2
Brawl 5
Empathy 1
Integrity 3
Fortitude 3
Melee 5
Occult 1
Presence 1
Stealth 3
Survival 5
Thrown 5
Marksmanship 3


Relic 2 " Wind Dragon" You fight fire with fire, and at the core of this spear is a Dragon's tooth from the Dragon Beowulf slew in ancient times. The spear grants access to the Sky Purview, and always returns to its owner's hand when called by them, no matter where it is.

Relic 3 Cold Shadow A old leather belt, set with three jewels of white, red, and darkest black, This belt belonged to an Aesir Scion of the past, most likely a child of Uller, and was taken from a treasure Horde By Beowulf many years before. it Grants access to Fire, Frost, and Darkness.

Relic 1 Eye of Depths A dark blue stone set in a silver ring, this ring belonged to a Scion of some forgotten Sea God who had perished, and was given as a gift from one of the towns Alaric upon completing his hunt in their lands. it grants access to the Water purview.

Relic 1 Skullsplitter An axe of some repute, this mighty axe is known for splitting skulls and wood, and has often been the last thing a monster saw heading for it before death claimed them. it grants access to the war purview.

epic attributes, knacks and purviews
epic strength 3 holy Rampage, crushing grip, Unbreakable tools
epic dexterity 3 untouchable opponent, Whirlwind Shield (demigod pg 56-57) Omnidexterity
epic stamina 3 Self Healing, body armor (demi-god pg. 57-58) Regeneration
sky 1 sky's grace
fire 1 Fire Immunity
frost 1 Frost Immunity (Ragnarok pg 35-36)
darkness 1 Night Eyes

Courage 3 Loyalty 2 Endurance 3 Expression 1

Willpower 6
Legend 4
Legend points 16

Misc equipment.- Alaric does carry basic survival gear one would need for extended forays away from civilization. He has a glock and a battered but steady Remington for mundane work, and if need be hunting. He did find a dependable old Toyota, The body's seen better days, but the engine runs well. When expecting trouble, he wears his grey leatthers. a light armor made for him back in the Isles.

estr 4
edex 4
estam 4
Relic 2
abilities 12
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Eilessa - Scion of Hermes
Calling: Vagabond
Nature: Trickster

Str ** Per *** Cha ****
Dex **** Int *** Man ****
Sta *** Wits *** App ****






Dodge DV 10
Parry DV 8 (spear/dagger) 9 (staff)
Soak: L2, B4 (+3L/B w/Roll With It) A1
Move: +4, Dash +8

Expression ***
Intellect ***
Valor **
Vengeance *

Willpower 6

Arts (stories) **
*Athletics ****
*Awareness ***
Brawl *
Empathy ***
Integrity **
Investigation **
*Larceny ***
Marksmanship **
Melee ***
*Occult *
Presence ***
*Stealth **

Boons 12/12
Epic Strength *
- Holy Bound
*Epic Dexterity ***
- Whirlwind Defense
- Untouchable Oppponent
- Roll With It
Epic Fortitude *
- Self Healing
*Epic Wits ***
- Eternal Vigilance
- Perfect Imposter
- Social Chameleon
*Epic Intelligence *
- Language Mastery
Epic Appearance **
- My Eyes are Up Here
- Detail Variation
- Undeniable Resemblence

- PSychopomp *

Relic- Igjallar **
- Psychopomp + Supersmartphone
Relic - Spear ***
- +1 Damage
- Magichangeable (changes size, can turn into staff or dagger)

Mundane Equipment
Peacemaker Revolver, Acc2, 4L(P), 20', 6rnds

Bonus Points 26/26
+1 Charisma, Dexterity, Stamina, 12BP
Epic Wits +2, 8BP
Knack: Undeniable Resemblence, 5BP
Awareness +1, 1BP



As the daughter of a truck driver, Eilessa learned to accept the concept of 'home' not being a place but a possession very young. Home wasn't somewhere you went to, it was something you brought with you, or found wherever you were. When she was older and had to go to school her mom rented a little place, but since she was away so often Lessa had to stay with friends as often as not. By the time she was in high school she was already quite able to handle herself.

From the start she loved being in motion. If not in a vehicle, then running or climbing or swimming. The only way she could keep still was to think of the Earth turning, hurtling her through space at unthinkable speeds. She was also possessed by apparently fathomless curiosity that drove her to explore every nook and cranny of the places she found herself. The better the lock, the more she wanted to see what was on the other side. It wasn't about theft...she just wanted to see. This curiosity and urge to pry extended to people as well, and Eilessa became quite adroit at ingratiating herself with folks to gain their trust and get them to open up. Hearts, minds, doors...it was all the same to her.

She wasn't quite done with high school yet when Lessa decided she'd had enough. She wanted to be her own boss....she was tired of having people telling her where she couldn't go, what she couldn't do. Like so many tragic people before her, she decided what she was really good at was performing, and set out to go to LA and be a movie star. Hitchhiking.

She'd gotten as far as Arizona before anything bad happened, but it happened with a vengeance. It was at night, and she'd dozed in the car to awaken not in Phoenix, but at some old building in the middle of nowhere. And tied up. And rather plainly in huge trouble.

Her charming host for the evening was a serial killer, whom unbeknownst to her was trying to use human sacrifices to gain the attention and approval of the Titans. Lessa, with her keen instincts for people was able to keep him talking long enough to get out of her ties, and make a break for it. The building was huge, like a maze, and he had the home turf advantage. Her phone had no signal, and the landlines in the few run-down offices she found weren't connected. He was hemming her in, slowly getting her backed into a corner, when she heard a phone ring.

There, on the counter of a workstation, was a very sleek, modern-looking smartphone of a brand she didn't recognize. But it had bars! And was ringing!

When Lessa answered it, a man's voice on the other end asked if she'd managed to defeat the psychopath yet. All she could do was stammer, upon which he advised her to take the confrontation to the roof. He also mentioned the police were on their way, but that he'd find her before they did. Then he hung up.

Without any better ideas, she did as the voice suggested and found a path to the roof. Her tormentor found her there, but through a combination of skillful needling and some evasive manuevers, managed to trick him into plumeting off the edge of the building just as the police pulled up into the parking lot outside.

Later on, when the police were done with her, a man drove up on a motorcycle. Lessa recognized his voice. He offered to buy her dinner and while at the diner introduced himself as the god Hermes, and her father. Though they talked for quite a time, he didn't have any epic quests for her. Those would come in their own time, he assured her. For now, he said, he just wanted her to survive. He left Eilessa a magic wooden rod that could extend in length to staff size, and grow a bladed tip to be either a dagger or spear...and he let her keep the cellphone too. His parting advice was that settling down to be an actress in LA was fine, but dangerous. Very public, and very easy to find. Besides...everyone knew the REAL celebrities were on the internet.

It was in Las Vegas that Eilessa decided he was right. She loved the open road too much to just put down roots in Tinseltown. As the divine gifts of Hermes didn't include a car or seven-league shoes or anything, she just stuck to hitchhiking. When she arrived somewhere, she was quick to make friends and find couches to crash on. Later on, as her powers began to manifest, this became even easier. These days Eilessa doesn't worry about money not because she has so much, but because there are better ways for her to get what she needs. In some ways she is the eternal freeloader...someone who's contributions and reparations are entirely intangible; at least until she scents the distinctive miasma of the Titans in the area. At that point she earns her keep with room to spare, along with some sweet YouTubes of the battles.
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