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[Chaos Trip Studios] Cities of Altered Earth (4E)

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  • Chaos Trip Studios is proud to present our first two setting books for Altered Earth. Cities of Altered Earth: Octagon and Cities of Altered Earth: Consortium are on sale now.

    Built deep in the Western Mountains, the mega-city called Octagon is a paradise for the idle rich and a living hell for the sweating masses. A chaotic mass of skyscrapers and mega-pyramids looms above the ruins of the old city, and terrible secrets lurk in the subterranean depths below. Octagon is the place where elections and trials are run like reality shows, and corporate executives settle disputes through gladiatorial combat.

    Octagon is a city full of both opportunity and danger. From the lawless streets of lowtown to the deceptively beautiful gardens of the penthouse level, adventure awaits those who are desperate or foolish enough to chase after it.

    This PDF contains:

    -History and general layout of the city

    -Encounter groups for different areas

    -Information on the most prominent factions in Octagon

    Located near the Inland Sea, Consortium is the largest city in the world. Nearly a quarter of a billion people struggle to survive in this vast maze of concrete and steel. The impoverished hordes are crammed into enormous habitation complexes while the political elite look down on their empire from above. Consortium is a city of fear, where order is kept through automated gun turrets and even thinking the wrong way could attract the attention of the secret police.
  • Consortium is not a place for the faint of heart. Those who have the right combination of cunning and bravery will find that opportunities for adventure abound, those who falter are destined for reeducation or worse.

    This PDF contains:

    -History and general layout of the city

    -Encounter groups for the police and military

    -Information on criminal organizations and outlawed religious sects

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