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[OpNet] Zoey "VIS" Galianos


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I understand certain individuals belonging to a global phelanthrophic organization have recently uttered statements concerning my very independence. I have also had to witness the untimely death of a government official of a city in Mexico. I do neither condemn nor accept these incidences as they stand. What I find myself forced to do is give a statement myself, and I hereby choose this public stage to do just so.


Now that I got your attention, I want to present a little example of why this childish "you hit me I hit you worse" behavior is intolerable.

Remember the two sons of Adam from your Sunday School classes ? Now, there's Abel, a fine young man probably destined to father a hundred children that might have changed the face of this our earth for a lot better. Then there's Caine, another fine young man, ambitious, accomplishing and rather unfortunate. He slays his brother out of jealousy, and gets exilation in return. I daresay among us, the erupted (and YES, it was indeed a very FRUSTRATED scientist coming up with that term), some might say, the fortunate few, slaying our siblings would put us into a, understandably put, pretty fucked up situation. But, and this goes out to the vast majority of merchandise-consuming middle-class couples with two children that spend exactly 31.4 hrs/wk in front of an OpNet screen, limiting YOUR sibling's potential out of fright, mistrust or incapability of selfless thought, WE still HAVE the power to change everything, and in that particular case, YOUR worst.

This is definitely NOT intended as a threat. I merely wish to open a few stubborn individuals' eyes to the naked truth that lives down their street. I was as shocked as anyone else at the violent and mindless slaying of the Houston Tornado, as well as the unfortunate, untimely death of Jenny "Slider". But, and I give this as a mental footnote for all of you who have read this far, let these incidents mark the time of enlightenment, or at least understanding, instead of having them stand as the startblocks of a war that would wreak havoc on the civilization, life and the world as we know it. The Earth was handed to us as a lease, not a gift. We should all show some sense of responsibility with that which is not ours to deal with.

- Zoey "VIS" Galianos, popularity rating 72 percent

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