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[OW M&M] A Quick Guide to the MegaCity

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This thread is for information about the MegaCity. Do not post ideas, queries or questions here. Please put those in the OOC thread so that we can focus the information in one place. Information and posts that do not contain community-approved information will be altered or deleted.

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The above link is to a Google map. Please refer to the column on the left to determine what each colored zone and each line represents. It matches this brief history:
In Character Information
The first heroes were publically revealed in the post-war boom of the 1950s. There were rumors that there were supers before that time, but such rumors have never been confirmed. The first three heroes to make names for themselves joined the fledgling Hollywood system, setting a precedent for those who followed. Though not all settled in LA – some set up shop elsewhere on the coast of California – normal people followed them, eager to collect the wealth that seemed to flow from the heroes.
Their presence revitalized the entire state. At first, it looked to be a boon to the area, especially LA that found itself hosting increasingly wealthy people. Even places like Compton and West LA were pulled into the wealthier bracket, but only by kicking out their poor residents, flattening their homes and rebuilding over the land. Those poor residents when north, creating the first houses of the future Slums. This was repeated in all the cities affected by the Mega-City’s sprawl; all of the poor were diverted to the widened sprawl that began to choke the area north of LA. This became a haven for crime, drugs, prostitution and all the usual trouble caused by poverty and lack of opportunity.
As the civil rights and counter culture movement spread in the 60’s, the heroes got involved. One of them set up an eco-focused business in San Francisco, sparking a strong ‘green’ movement that slowly picked up steam. By the nineties, the Green Zone was firmly established, swallowing the SanFran metro and two national parks to the south of San Jose.
Sacramento became the main source of the business and expanded as a government center. More people meant more government and more money, and the public and private sectors grew because of that. Gradually the B-Zone was established; it also spawned the Burbs, as middle-class citizens built new homes close to their work but outside the heavily populated B-Zone.
In the early 2000’s, Jalil Fathi gathered the funding for a high-speed rail to address the problems of connecting the growing city. The result was the TransCity line, a rail that stretched almost six hundred fifty miles north and south. After he'd made back the money on the TransCity Line, he relinquished control to the consolidated MegaCity. Other lines were built, some privately owned and operated but most publically funded and operated.
Some concept art...
The slums:
The Green Zone:
The Innovation Circle:
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